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3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.4

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 917KB | Downloads: 2337594 18 Sep 2013

3ivx is a toolkit offering support for MPEG-4 videos, MPEG-4 audios and for the MP4 file format.

AMV2 Video Codec 3.00i

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 684KB | Downloads: 60395 24 Jan 2013

AMV2/AMV3 Video Codec is a high speed compression tool working in both lossless and lossy mode.

DivX 10.8.9

POPULAR License: Shareware | Size: 4MB | Downloads: 4498531 20 Oct 2020

DivX 10 is an advanced codec which enables you to convert and play almost any video file; it also allows high quality DivX HEVC video creation and video streaming.

DivX Pro 6.2

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 7.06MB | Downloads: 271434 9 Sep 2004

DivX Pro is a collection of powerful tools allowing you to enjoy the advantages of the DivX compression technology.

Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 5.3

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 2.9MB | Downloads: 588401 1 Apr 2016

Elecard Video Decoder Package enables you to perform data de-multiplexing and decoding and to receive and decode streaming video.

MagicYUV 2.3

License: Shareware | Size: 3MB | Downloads: 17737 22 Sep 2020

MagicYUV is a free, new lossless codec for the 4K and multi-core era.

MainConcept DV Codec 2.4.16

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 4.67MB | Downloads: 81854 5 May 2005

MainConcept DV Codec is one of the best options for editing DV video. By using this tool, you will ensure that no video quality losses will occur.

MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 1.83MB | Downloads: 481226 17 Aug 2004

Encoding motion JPEG files becomes fast and easy with the MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec, an application which also allows you to view files created on another computer.

Morgan M-JPEG Codec 3.99.115

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 500KB | Downloads: 63874 1 May 2014

The Morgan M-JPEG Codec is an up-to-date tool allowing you to play MJPEG files in any DirectShow-based application.

nVIDIA PureVideo Decoder 1.02-223

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 21.1MB | Downloads: 340125 28 Jun 2006

The nVIDIA PureVideo Decoder enhances your video experience by offering you home theater quality and fluid images for DVD, video and TV playback on your PC.

Screen Capture DirectShow Filter 2.0.3

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 3.4MB | Downloads: 17768 22 Jun 2016

The MediaLooks Screen Capture DirectShow Filter allows you to capture images from your computer screen while enjoying a wide range of features.

YMPEG 3.5 beta

OBSOLETE License: Shareware | Size: 853KB | Downloads: 66201 4 Jun 2015

YMPEG is a VfW application whose main advantage is its ability to encode video provided by any software. is known also as All website reviews, graphics, design and logo are Copyright © 2004-2021