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What You Need to Know about HandBrake 1.8.0 Release

20 May 2024
HandBrake 1.8.0 is out and packed with new features and enhancements. Here’s what you need to know.
Screenshot of av1-upgrades-android-video-with-videolan-s-libdav1d-codec.htm

AV1 Upgrades Android Video with VideoLAN's libdav1d Codec

26 Apr 2024
Libdav1d is now available on Android 12+ devices with the March 2024 Google Play System Update or newer.
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Say Hello to Jpegli: Google's New Image Magic

12 Apr 2024
Jpegli is like a supercharged version of your regular image compressor. It makes your pics smaller without messing up the quality.
Screenshot of ffmpeg_7_0_release__upgraded_codecs_and_multi-threaded_cli_tool.htm

FFmpeg 7.0 Release: Upgraded Codecs and Multi-Threaded CLI Tool

10 Apr 2024
In the latest release of FFmpeg version 7.0, several significant changes have been introduced to enhance the multimedia experience.
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DivX Releases Long-Awaited Update, Bringing Enhanced Features

28 Mar 2024
In a recent update, DivX Software has announced the release of its latest version, DivX 11.
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Sovereign AI: How Nations Are Taking Control in the Digital Era

29 Feb 2024
Learn about Sovereign AI and how nations are harnessing artificial intelligence to address specific challenges while maintaining control over their data and algorithms.
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Khronos Introduces AV1 Decoding in Vulkan Video

19 Feb 2024
Khronos Group just made watching videos online even better! They've added support for AV1 video decoding in Vulkan, which means smoother streaming and better quality videos for you.
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Feel the Beat: Uphear Brings Your Sound to Life!

29 Jan 2024
It transforms your audio experience by eliminating background noise and delivering pristine sound on Crosscall's rugged devices.
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TechSmith Introduces Camtasia 2024.4.2

23 Jan 2024
TechSmith's latest release, Camtasia 2024.4.2, is offering a polished and efficient video editing experience.
Screenshot of innovative_launch_of_high-performance_3d_video_codec.htm

Innovative Launch of High-Performance 3D Video Codec

19 Jan 2024
A new 3D video codec, AVV, offers improved performance by compressing 3D content without compromising quality.
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Where Advanced AI meets Practical Design

17 Jan 2024
Explore the practical brilliance of the Samsung Galaxy AI S24, where advanced AI meets straightforward design.
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VidCoder Launches Stable Version: VidCoder 9.17

15 Jan 2024
VidCoder, the renowned open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application, has officially launched its stable version.
Screenshot of a_closer_look_at_staxrip_2_32.htm

A Closer Look at StaxRip 2.32

8 Jan 2024
Bug Fixes, UI Tweaks, and Tool Updates.
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MKVToolNix v82 Release Highlights

3 Jan 2024
MKVToolNix 82 brings several new features, enhancements and bug fixes.
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GOM Player+ 2024: Your Essential Media Player

3 Jan 2024
GOM Player+ 2024 is designed to make your video and audio time even better.
Screenshot of tinymediamanager_5_0_released_with_enhanced_features.htm

tinyMediaManager 5.0 Released with Enhanced Features

2 Jan 2024
tinyMediaManager 5.0 Introduces Enhanced Features for Streamlined Media Management.
Screenshot of yt-dlp_s_2023_12_30_update_introduces_enhanced_video_downloading_capabilities.htm

yt-dlp's 2023.12.30 Update Introduces Enhanced Video Downloading Capabilities

1 Jan 2024
For both experienced users and those new to yt-dlp, this release presents a captivating range of improvements.
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The Newest Stable Release: FFmpeg 6.1.1

31 Dec 2023
The Newest Stable Release: FFmpeg 6.1.1, Introduces Powerful Features and Critical Fixes.
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Xiaomi Takes a Drive into the Electric Vehicle Arena

29 Dec 2023
Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is making waves in the electric vehicle market with the recent unveiling of its first electric car, the SU7.
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US Alleges Chinese Involvement in AI Data Stealing

27 Dec 2023
The United States has recently accused China of engaging in a systematic campaign to pilfer AI secrets.