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Screenshot of lc3plus__the_advanced_audio_codec_for_enhanced_quality_and_flexibility.htm

LC3plus: The Advanced Audio Codec for Enhanced Quality and Flexibility

Updated: 4 May 2023 | Views: 349 | Comments: 0

LC3plus audio codec offers improved quality, flexibility, and low power consumption for various applications.

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VVC H.266: The Next-Generation Video Codec Revolutionizing Online Video Streaming

Updated: 23 Apr 2023 | Views: 546 | Comments: 0

With its advanced algorithms and ability to deliver high-quality video at low bitrates, VVC H.266 is set to revolutionize online video streaming.

Screenshot of mainconcept_and_fraunhofer_iis_enable_immersive_audio_in_live_encoder_and_ffmpeg_plugins.htm

MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS Enable Immersive Audio in Live Encoder and FFmpeg Plugins

Updated: 15 Apr 2023 | Views: 394 | Comments: 0

MainConcept and Fraunhofer IIS are allowing users to create and stream realistic and engaging immersive audio content.

Screenshot of amd_s_alveo_ma35d_accelerator_enhances_intelligent_video_encoding.htm

AMD's Alveo MA35D Accelerator Enhances Intelligent Video Encoding

Updated: 8 Apr 2023 | Views: 334 | Comments: 0

It uses AI and machine learning algorithms for fast processing, reduced energy consumption, and high-resolution video output.

Screenshot of google_extends_license_agreement_with_fraunhofer_iis_for_aac_codec_range.htm

Google Extends License Agreement with Fraunhofer IIS for AAC Codec Range

Updated: 6 Apr 2023 | Views: 223 | Comments: 0

Google extends license for AAC codec range with Fraunhofer IIS, enabling continued use in their products, including YouTube and Google Play Music.

Screenshot of youtube_goes_av1__unbeatable_streaming_quality_at_lightning_speed.htm

YouTube Goes AV1: Unbeatable Streaming Quality at Lightning Speed

Updated: 3 Apr 2023 | Views: 346 | Comments: 0

YouTube's adoption of the AV1 video codec provides higher video quality and faster streaming speeds, setting a new standard for the streaming industry.

Screenshot of hybrid_neural_avatars__a_game_changer_for_digital_media.htm

Hybrid Neural Avatars: A Game Changer for Digital Media

Updated: 30 Mar 2023 | Views: 290 | Comments: 0

A hybrid approach is changing digital media by creating realistic avatars using both machine learning and 3D modeling techniques.

Screenshot of unleash_audiophile_sound_on_the_go_with_the_fiio_m15s.htm

Unleash Audiophile Sound on the Go with the FiiO M15s

Updated: 29 Mar 2023 | Views: 394 | Comments: 0

It has been designed to cater to the needs of audiophiles who desire the highest quality sound while on the move.

Screenshot of apple_s_secret_weapon_for_streaming__ai_video_compression.htm

Apple's Secret Weapon for Streaming: AI Video Compression

Updated: 28 Mar 2023 | Views: 324 | Comments: 0

Apple acquires WaveOne, an AI-powered video compression startup that could revolutionize video streaming.

Screenshot of qualcomm_s_aptx_and_aptx_hd_codecs_go_free_for_android.htm

Qualcomm's aptX and aptX HD Codecs Go Free for Android

Updated: 27 Mar 2023 | Views: 353 | Comments: 0

Wireless audio quality and signal latency have been improved with the release of Qualcomm's aptX and aptX HD audio codecs as open source software for Android devices.

Screenshot of nvidia_boosts_geforce_video_encoding_for_simultaneous_streaming.htm

Nvidia Boosts GeForce Video Encoding for Simultaneous Streaming

Updated: 25 Mar 2023 | Views: 1079 | Comments: 0

Nvidia's improved GeForce video encoders allow users to produce high-quality video content without performance issues.

Screenshot of marshall_electronics_upgrades_four_camera_models_with_ndi_codecs.htm

Marshall Electronics Upgrades Four Camera Models with NDI Codecs

Updated: 22 Mar 2023 | Views: 294 | Comments: 0

These cameras are sure to be a popular choice for broadcasters, videographers, and event producers.

Screenshot of would_you_give_dyson_zone_anc_headphones_a_try_.htm

Would You Give Dyson Zone ANC Headphones a Try?

Updated: 20 Mar 2023 | Views: 325 | Comments: 0

Dyson has recently launched its Zone ANC headphones, promising to revolutionize the listening experience.

Screenshot of velos_ends_patent_pool_for_hevc__simplifying_video_codec_licensing.htm

Velos Ends Patent Pool for HEVC, Simplifying Video Codec Licensing

Updated: 13 Mar 2023 | Views: 434 | Comments: 0

Velos' decision to end its HEVC patent pool simplifies the licensing process for video codecs and...

Screenshot of oneplus_launches_buds_pro_2_light_edition.htm

OnePlus Launches Buds Pro 2 Light Edition

Updated: 7 Mar 2023 | Views: 398 | Comments: 0

OnePlus has launched its latest earbuds offering, the Buds Pro 2 Light Edition, as a cheaper alternative to its premium Buds Pro 2 earbuds.

Screenshot of av1_takes_the_lead_in_the_codec_wars.htm

AV1 Takes the Lead in the Codec Wars

Updated: 6 Mar 2023 | Views: 328 | Comments: 0

AV1 is quickly maturing and experiencing accelerated adoption, despite being just over four years old since its release.

Screenshot of mqa_s_next-generation_high-resolution_audio_headphones_are_set_to_arrive_.htm

MQA's next-generation high-resolution audio headphones are set to arrive.

Updated: 28 Feb 2023 | Views: 368 | Comments: 0

MQA's next-generation high-resolution audio headphones are set to arrive, but not in the current year.

Screenshot of av1_support_is_being_introduced_to_reels__by_meta.htm

AV1 support is being introduced to Reels, by Meta

Updated: 25 Feb 2023 | Views: 418 | Comments: 0

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has been working on bringing AV1 support to its platforms.

Screenshot of lyra__a_new__high-quality_and_very_low-bitrate_speech_codec_from_google.htm

Lyra, a new, high-quality and very low-bitrate speech codec from Google

Updated: 15 Mar 2021 | Views: 3192 | Comments: 0

Connecting to others online via voice and video calls is something that is increasingly a part of everyday life.