How do I install and use ffmpeg on Windows?

We're going to post a list of useful tutorials and guides for newbies and also advanced users.


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As you may know, FFmpeg is a collection of different projects (libraries and tools) able to process multimedia content such as audio, video and subtitles.

But first of all, let's see how to download and install this amazing toolbox. You can always get the latest version from one of these pages:

1. FFmpeg page - listed by
2. GyanD's builds

Due to its versatility, FFmpeg is being used behind the scenes in many media-related projects:

- myFFmpeg



and exhale's GUI, just to name a few GUIs listed by us.

Here is a nice myFFmpeg video tutorial, published by Ken Olson that will show you:

1: How to combine a Video and Audio File;
2: How to Selec Audio Tracks.

And check also this guide:
How do I use rav1e and FFmpeg to create high quality video files?

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