Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.7

Updated: 16 Apr 2021

4.12 from 26 Reviews

MPC-BE (aka Media Player Classic - Black Edition) is a version of the well-known lightweight software Media Player Classic (MPC), developed by Guliverkli.
It supports various audio, video and image formats without needing extra software or codecs.

MPC-BE has been created by Russian developers and compared to MPC–HC it has some additional features and various bug fixes.

Users benefit from an option for removing tearing, multi-monitor support, color management, On Screen Display info, and various pixel shaders.

The player is available in 22 languages.

Furthermore, MPC-BE offers improved support for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, due to the 64-bit build; it can play and record television when a TV tuner is installed, it supports most subtitle types and it provides support for EVR/EVR CP.

Alterations compared to MPC–HC include added, changed and fixed features. For instance, added features are the support for opening CUE format files, support for displaying subtitles from stereoscopic pictures, VSFilters.

Changes include handling of AC3 packets, the possibility to move subtitles during playbacks and the folder of the last opened file being selected for saving playlist.

Many features have been fixed as well, and bugs like crashing when the user tries to search for a video decoded by the external decoder have been eliminated.

The system requirements of MPC–BE are a SSE capable CPU and the latest DirectX 9.0c runtime.

Overall, the interface and the user experience have been greatly improved compared to its predecessor.

Media Player Classic Black Edition is far from the Windows Media Player program which is the base for MPC, but easiness of use has remained the same, showing that modern-day players are accessible to all users.

Changes to MPC-BE 1.5.7:

- VSFilter is excluded from the project.
+ AviSplitter
- Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.
+ MP4Splitter
- Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.
- Added support for SpeedHQ codec.
- Added support for shifting tracks in time using the 'elst' atom.
- Added the ability to get a list of keyframes from the 'sbgp' atom.
+ MatroskaSplitter
- Added support for 'MPNG' (PNG) codec.

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4.12 from 26 Reviews


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.7 beta
on 06 April 2021 , reviewed by:

You used to put a blue color to the buttons for this player, it was looking so gorgeous, please use ...


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.7 beta
on 25 March 2021 , reviewed by:

MPC-BE 1.5.7..6126.x64 Portable - larger file: Plays Great....

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