AV1 Codec 1.2

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AV1 is an open, royalty-free, next-generation video coding format from the Alliance for Open Media Video, designed to replace Google’s VP9 and compete with H.265/HEVC.

With a focus on superior compression efficiency, AV1 aims to deliver a notable 30% improvement over VP9/HEVC, while maintaining reasonable encoding and playback complexity.

With AV1 Video Extension you can play AV1 videos on your Windows device.

Why Choose the AV1 Codec?

Superior Quality:
Experience crystal-clear video playback with the AV1 codec's advanced compression technology.

Efficient Compression:
Enjoy high-quality video without worrying about large file sizes, thanks to the efficient compression capabilities of AV1.

Stay ahead of the curve with AV1, the next-generation video codec designed to meet the demands of modern multimedia content.

Seamless Integration:
Integrate the AV1 codec seamlessly into your favorite media players and enjoy enhanced video playback without any hassle.

Additionally, the AV1 Video Extension adds support for the AVIF image format, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience for AVIF files on Windows.

Update: AV1 Integration on YouTube

YouTube has recently integrated AV1 into its platform, utilizing a sophisticated algorithm to determine the optimal codec for each video.

While streaming in HD with AV1 is currently limited to select videos due to resource requirements, AV1 is employed for SD resolutions up to 480p, with VP9 utilized for higher formats.

Experience the future of video streaming with AV1 on YouTube. Check how to play Youtube videos with AV1 codec.

AV1 Codec 1.0 - compiled by Chocobo1 includes x64 executables for Windows: aomdec.exe and aomenc.exe (AV1 decoder and respectively encoder).

Enhance Your Multimedia Experience with AV1 Decoding

Interested in optimizing your video experience with AV1 decoding?
Read our guide on Improving Your Video Experience with AV1 Decoding to learn how to unleash the full potential of this next-generation codec. Discover tips and tricks for seamless playback and explore the benefits of AV1's advanced compression technology.

Learn How to View AVIF Image Files on Windows

Looking to view AVIF image files on your Windows device?
Our guide on How to View AVIF Image Files on Windows provides step-by-step instructions for opening and enjoying AVIF images. Dive into the world of high-quality image viewing and unlock the full potential of the AVIF format on your Windows system.

Download AV1 Video Extension for High-Quality Video Playback.

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AV1 Codec 1.1
on 06 December 2023
thank you for codec!
AV1 Codec 1.1
on 18 July 2023
GOOD codec!