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Freemake Video Converter
on 19 June 2019, reviewed by: Worst


It is not free.It is very slow if you don't pay.

In addition,it cannot recognize my RTX 2060,saying my computer does not support CUDA,so I think it is outdated.

NEVER use it,just use HandBreak,which is really free and fast.


K-Lite Codec Pack 14.9.8
on 05 June 2019, reviewed by: isam


one thing I have noticed in the windows media player that is if you play mkv file with subtitles in srt format in the same directory of the mkv file, then nothing displayed on the screen but it doesn't happen with mp4 files and srt subtitles files.


Freemake Video Converter
on 29 May 2019, reviewed by: Barti


Does what is prommised, if you pay. Not free unless you want their logo permanently plastered accross your screen.


on 20 May 2019, reviewed by: Kat


It hasn't worked for weeks regardless of this latest version. Very sad, as I have used this app for a couple of years now. Please fix.


FLAC 1.3.2-2019-05-04
on 15 May 2019, reviewed by: Dmitry


The very last version from developers was updated 2017.01.01 )) Today is 2019.05.16. Think.

Admin's note: It's latest git version, compiled by NetRanger.


Gom Player 2.3.40
on 10 May 2019, reviewed by: Stephen Roesner


I wish it had a rating or worthless liars.

It says it can play m4v files but when I try to play my apple itunes m4v file it does nothing - and support wow just incredible basically a robot sending the same email over and over.
If you want to throw away our money then buy buy buy otherwise go somewhere else this software is basically a minor video player you get with any computer.


MediaInfo 19.04
on 02 May 2019, reviewed by: lione


Can't display media infos (like bitrate, length, etc) any more after i updated (Windows 7), so i uninstalled it.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 23 April 2019, reviewed by: Yunta


Deleted by antivirus program as infected. Probably not safe to use.

Admin's Note: it has been checked and is clean.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 02 April 2019, reviewed by: Martijn


Works perfectly and easily for showing webp thumbs.


Media Player Classic - HC
on 01 April 2019, reviewed by: dega


One of the best player. Works on all windows platform and minimal resources of processor and memory.


VSDC Free Video Converter 2.4.7
on 25 March 2019, reviewed by: Mark Sims


Very nice software , powerful and very efficient .

The installer does not work, so I had to extract it's contents using Universal Extractor.

I copied MLScreenCapturePXT.dll to System32 and registered it with the command "regsvr32 MLScreenCapturePXT.dll".

Then I laboriously made the default registry settings using the notes supplied in the help file. I opened the property page from GraphEdit, but I found that only the Track Foreground Window option would work.

If I selected Get From Window there would be nothing in the drop down dialogue box and the Pick Window button does nothing.

I did manage to record a a video using this filter in conjunction with VirtualDub but the CPU usage topped out at 100% and there were dropped frames galore.


4K Video Downloader 4.5
on 09 March 2019, reviewed by: John Lester


Keeps going bonkers and trying to download all kinds of random videos at the same time.


1Click DVD Copy
on 09 March 2019, reviewed by: Richard




ID3 Tag Editor 3.5
on 26 February 2019, reviewed by: Archuleta Christmas


5 out of 5 Stars, easy peasy.


Media Player Classic - HC 1.8.4-9
on 23 February 2019, reviewed by: koBMR


Absolute complete garbage.

Unable to parse subtitle directories, has over 200 hotkeys that must be cleared individually,. virtually non-existent support or even knowledge of the program amongst the support.

Avoid at all costs.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 22 February 2019, reviewed by: FirstStateMark


Took a while to install but it works. Running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.

Would like a log to see just what got installed and where.


MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4
on 19 February 2019, reviewed by: Phil


I find it very powerful and helpful.


jetAudio 8.1.7
on 16 February 2019, reviewed by: James


Been using Jet audio for about 12 years now, it is the best media player around.


FastStone Image Viewer 6.9
on 16 February 2019, reviewed by: Watany


Amazing better than ACDsee and it's for free, Thanks.


XnView 2.47
on 16 February 2019, reviewed by: Watany


Amazing, I love it.. Thanks.


jetAudio 8.1.7
on 13 February 2019, reviewed by: ray tracer


One of my favorite features with JetAudio is being able to set inpoint and outpoint for video segments, such as when learning a guitar part.

It's also frame-accurate so you can step through frames as desired.


Splash 2.3
on 07 February 2019, reviewed by: Rodrigo Amaral Ferreira


best player shot to watch HD movies.


SPlayer 4.0.13 beta
on 30 January 2019, reviewed by: bililing


Good news...Splayer reborn from the ashes...i will accompany.


EZ CD Audio Converter 8.1
on 14 January 2019, reviewed by: thexfile


The developer keeps improving EZ CD Audio Converter. 👍


dBpoweramp 16.6
on 11 January 2019, reviewed by: thexfile


The developer(sthingy) is focused on Apple software for now.


LAV Filters 0.73.1
on 10 January 2019, reviewed by: Ricardo Reyes


I watch the video tutorial from youtube about codec for powerpoint, downloaded the LAV Filters 0.70 and follow the step by step instructions and it really works.

Thank you so much it solves my problem on my presentation. keep the good work and more power!

Efficiency : verry good. Space occuped : small.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.3 beta
on 11 December 2018, reviewed by: skot013


There is a jagged when saving a DVD image. Ask the administrator to fix it.


Lagarith Lossless Video Codec 1.3.27
on 06 December 2018, reviewed by: scylla


I have recently started using VirtualDub2 to "improve" poor quaity videos - mainly with brightness/contrast, sharpen, and levels to lighten nighttime scenes.

I found that several of the available codecs produced results that could not be read in MovieMaker or Freemake Video Converter, but Lagarith is fine - and, moreover, quite fast!

I am very grateful to the author and to VirtualDub's shehk for making it available.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 11 November 2018, reviewed by: Martina


Did not install properly and the webp pics do not show up at all. Win 8.1 64 here. disappointing.


Alcohol 120% 2.0.3
on 12 October 2018, reviewed by: Luis D


Long time using it, best image software.


Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta
on 06 October 2018, reviewed by: thexfile


Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta is what i'm testing. Memory 52.7 MB CPU is bouncing between 0.0 - 0.3 %.


PotPlayer 1.7.14566 beta
on 06 October 2018, reviewed by: memex


i just love pot player, a great solid player i use about 75% of the time.


on 29 September 2018, reviewed by: Andrew


Been using XMPLAY for over 10years.. its a small and compact mp3 player.. never saw the need to use winamp or anything else.


Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller 31.0.118 beta
on 28 September 2018, reviewed by: Neil Bhisma


Not so difficult to uninstall it, if you want to uninstall Adobe Flash Player first you have to find "Adobe Flash Player"in the program list, double-click to open the uninstall dialog check your browser,if you are using Google Chrome also includes a built-in version of Flash Player.

Editor's note: some promotional links have been removed from this post.


Adobe AIR 31.0.96
on 13 September 2018, reviewed by: Nana Fred Gyansie


Adobe Media Player is the best.


on 08 September 2018, reviewed by: pepa


Antivirus program Avast called the program a virus and moved it to a viral chest!


VLC Media Player 3.0.3
on 18 August 2018, reviewed by: Berman


I have been a VLC user for quite some time and believe it to be the best video player available. Videolan recently released the latest version (3.0.3). I was pleased to discover that it supports closed captioning.

I sometimes have trouble hearing what people say, particularly when they have an unfamiliar (to me) accent or they mumble (which happens a lot in TV shows and movies).

One minor downside of the new version is that fast-forward at 8x doesn't work any more -- it worked perfectly in version 2.2.6. Fast-forward at 4x sort of works. It trundles along for a few seconds, then the picture freezes. If you wait a while, it will restart, but not where it left off. It restarts where it would have been if it hadn't frozen.

Another option is to quickly backspace 3 seconds when the picture freezes and, in most cases, it will get by that freeze point. It's a fairly minor point (after all, how often do you want to fast-forward at 4x or 8x?) but I do use it from time to time to catch reception errors on recorded TV programs that I haven't yet watched at normal speed before passing the program on to someone else.

Going through a one- or two-hour program at 8x takes long enough -- 4x obviously takes twice as long. Anything less than that is pretty much not worth the time. I hope that they correct this in the next version -- but that could be a long time coming.

They tend to leave a rather long time between versions. Nevertheless, VLC is a terrific video player and that one quirk is not enough to lower my rating.

They fixed it. I got version 3.0.4 today. 4x, 8x and even 16x all work.

on 05 Sep 2018, by Berman


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100
on 22 July 2018, reviewed by: Dayro


Gracias por permitirnos descargar estos codecs, indispensables para obtener el mejor sonido en nuestros equipos.

It is not free.It is very slow if you don't pay. In addition,it cannot recognize my RTX 2060,...
one thing I have noticed in the windows media player that is if you play mkv file with subtitles ...
Does what is prommised, if you pay. Not free unless you want their logo permanently plastered accross your screen.
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