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ed sez
on 09 May 2024
One Word Comprehensively sums up MPC-BE Portable:

Review # 1
on 09 May 2024
Review # 2
on 08 May 2024
It is best for me.
Review # 3
on 01 May 2024
this is the good software
Review # 4
on 30 April 2024
it's wonderful!
Review # 5
on 22 April 2024
3.8.0 ready>

Author's reply: Updated, thanks!
Review # 6
on 20 April 2024
New GPAC release is v2.4 (released 2024-04-17)

Author's reply: Updated, thanks!
Review # 7
on 19 April 2024
Is it compatible with Windows 10?

Author's Answer: It works only with Windows 11.
Review # 8
on 17 April 2024
It a great software
Review # 9
unknown user
on 17 April 2024
I'd like to take up the cudgels for Crap Cleaner. Sure - the installer manipulates your Windows firewall to tunnel home and tries to trick you into things you don't need. Software and driver updaters are things with no real purpose and stink like the installer. The new owners have deliberately made a crap program out of it! That's right! I still hear people say things like "Ahh, CCleaner - you'll ruin your system with it." I think to myself that anyone who manages to do that shouldn't think they're particularly clever. Either the CCleaner version was out of date or the users were too blind or too stupid to use CCleaner correctly or not able to reboot Windows quickly. A reasonably secure Windows with a sober user has no problems with CCleaner!

CCleaner has been running portable and "clean" for a good 20 years. For a long time it was the only tool (apart from the console) that could uninstall a lot of bloatware from Windows XP etc. and if you wanted to quickly clean your registry of residues from installers and driver corpses, it was the tool of choice. If you take a closer look, there were/are even more useful "extras" under Extras for free. Overwriting once is enough for the hard disk wiper. Just wanted to mention it.
Is Crap Cleaner a must have? Nope! But it is still useful to have it as a portable version.
Review # 10
ed sez
on 11 April 2024
This is a Must have......Media Player.

In any language, download it and use it!
Review # 11
on 04 April 2024
i have been looking for a software like this for months, but never found anything that could do the job i wanted.

when this software came along, i was totally amazed by it.
Review # 12
Ev Williams
on 28 March 2024
Yay to the mp3 world!
Review # 13
on 20 March 2024
Ainda não baixei, mas estou tentando baixar.
Review # 14
on 15 March 2024
good good good good!
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