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MPC Video Renderer 0.4.9
on 20 September 2020, reviewed by: ChickenzTime


Yeh, I don't care for this, it's missing the CPU/GPU/RAM utilized info in the Display Stats.


on 18 September 2020, reviewed by: Jezusmina


crappy adware.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 16 September 2020, reviewed by: IntelliMoo


My player of choice again (because PotPlayer added a stupid ad popup), now that somebody finally got smart and finally fixed the audio output bug with the "MPC Audio Renderer" (well, fixed meaning they just added a setting to avoid filling all speaker channels "when upmixing" -- but it should be called "when resampling").


Zoom Player 15.10 rc3
on 26 August 2020, reviewed by: unknown user


ZPM is the most flexible multimedia player you can get for Windows.

If it doesn't suit you, then you are just unable to configure it. Best zooming, best time stretching, best filter stacking, best keyboard shortcutting... fast and without making any compromises.

I recommend the legacy install method to make it full portable and you are ready to go after a new OS installation. Ignore unmaintained language packs, this will confuse yourself and it's just making ZoomPlayer buggy - the almost only negative point plus it's not free (use a kg, try it, then to hell buy it or not...).

I hate commercials and just want to make you a little more clever than the mainstream.

I have about 30 other well known software players on disk and I try to be up to date with all of them but ZPM on my main PC has my love. XMPlay my heart. ;)


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 19 August 2020, reviewed by: Anon


when u play video h265 with mpcbe it will stuck if u rewind or forward the videos.

it looks like rewind and forward haven't function stuck. fix man.


Freemake Video Converter
on 07 August 2020, reviewed by: Sergio


Full of ads, requires "registration" and giving an email (still waiting for more spam to arrive) and requires paid registration to remove watermark.

Uninstalled (not before 2 nagging screens offering $10 and then 70% discounts. Not interested at all.


Gom Player 2.3.55
on 07 August 2020, reviewed by: Cliff


Not worth the time to download.

Proper DVD codecs are missing and there is no help trying to find what needs to be fixed.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 04 August 2020, reviewed by: Savvy


it can't play video hevc h265 normally, why?? mpc hc is king for h265. i hope u can fix that soon...


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.31823
on 03 August 2020, reviewed by: Kuro


I'm used to watching my videos on the Movies and tv app of windows 10 so it did the trick for me. THANKS!!!


A's Video Converter 7.13.2
on 28 July 2020, reviewed by: Carl


fastest encoder i had ever used.


on 09 July 2020, reviewed by: mac


i have downloaded 1.1,5.7 and upgraded with my licence key from and it worked fine, but now it's crashed again.

i have emailed mp3jam again but all you get is the same standard email. i have given it two stars at a push. once you have upgraded it says now you download like a maniac!!!!!

can somebody please bring back mp3rocket


Satsuki Decoder Pack 5.4.2
on 21 June 2020, reviewed by: Jorge


El mejor pack de codecs para Windows.

Lo he usado durante años y funciona muy bien. Lo he probado en Windows Vista, 7 y 10.


x265vfw 3.3.1
on 10 June 2020, reviewed by: memex


Many thanks for the updates.

still using with virtual dub.


FxSound Enhancer 13.28
on 03 June 2020, reviewed by: Max


Installed on my Toshiba Encore WT8-A-103 with Win 10.

Extraordinary audio improvement: it was enough to connect a pair of Panasonic RP-HJE355 earphones and listen to a Youtube music track from the browser to finally enjoy a more dynamic and powerful audio on low frequencies.


Adobe DNG Codec 2.0
on 27 May 2020, reviewed by: Konstantin


Easy setup. Works perfectly. I recommend this software.

Freemake has a built in feature to fail after a few downloads and their disguised fix tries to force you to buy the paid version.

I proved this by switching to another down loader to acquire the same video and it did not fail. Not once did i do this ...I did it four times.

What makes these people think persons like me can't figure this out ?


mpv player 0.32.484
on 18 May 2020, reviewed by: Thirumurugan R


Excellent video and audio player. It has been updated frequently. My fav video player :)


Wavosaur 1.5.1
on 15 May 2020, reviewed by: Forite


Most powerful free editor of the world.


PotPlayer 1.7.21202 beta
on 01 May 2020, reviewed by: ChickyBoom


Nice full-blown media player. The TON of config settings can be overwhelming, but everything needed works well.

Wish check for update included beta versions. Decline the PUP! (a star off for that archaic inclusion)


PotPlayer 1.7.21190 beta
on 18 April 2020, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


For new users: PotPlayer is an excellent multimedia player for Windows, DirectShow based.

The player was originally made with the code of the great MPC player by a very good korean developer, but as now (2020) PotPlayer has a stable development while MPC-HC is in maintenance mode, with just some small bug fixes.

Respect to MPC-HC or MPC-BE the korean player has much more settings and functions, faster and more precise seeking, timeline preview like YouTube that works very well, much better than MPC-BE.

The streaming of Internet videos is more reliable than MPC-HC or MPC-BE because PotPlayer by default use its own splitter and audio-video decoders. They're FFMPEG based like LAV Filters. But LAV filters are more optimized for disk content, not streaming.

Attention: as for April 2020 PotPlayer try to install unwanted PUP program during the set-up, but You can (and should) just click on ''Refuse' and everything is fine.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 18 April 2020, reviewed by: dan


great, works immediatly :) it installs in C: / Program Files / WebP Codec, scanned with microsoft antivirus, no virus whatsoever.

Great, love it.


PotPlayer 1.7.21188 beta
on 17 April 2020, reviewed by: Scree


PotPlayer is one of the best media players available today.

Yes, it does suffer a bit from feature overload and settings mess (some are even darn confusing), but it is definitely full-featured and offers many nice perks other players do not.

Just be sure to not install the PUP included in the installer!


on 07 April 2020, reviewed by: Lou Dynowicz


There are no words to rate this software, what was once fantastic is Now Unsustainable Garbage, I wish there was a company that governs this sort of garbage on the Internet so they could take appropriate action and either take them off the internet or have them fix it at once.

I don't know if Microsoft is involved with this software If they are they should be fined up the goozoo.

Yesterday it was working on a windows seven machine and it was great, and then all of a sudden goodbye, no listening and no downloads there was just a pretty picture of MP3Jam couldn't do anything with it.

Like I said before this system $uck$ and whoever is involved with this interruption of service I hope that this will happen to them only worse. Thanking you individuals who will be reading this opinion of mine and hoping its MP3Jam organization.

Hi Lou. I know how you feel i got same problem.However !! just tried right clicking on MP3Jam shortcut. Then opened the Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Let it do its thing in Auto Mode. Then try the app. it says running in Windows 8 even though i am using Windows 10. Who cares its now working again.Give it a try . Hope it works for You.

on 21 Apr 2020, by chris


PotPlayer 1.7.21151
on 31 March 2020, reviewed by: nonW00t


Generally good player, but man does it have configuration overload.

Also takes a lot of disk space compared to, say, the fully equivalent MPC-BE.

Bundling a PUP in the installer is a drawback!


on 31 March 2020, reviewed by: Lou Dynowicz


I started working on this computer with MP3JAM, guess what it started working starting on Friday Night , Into Saturday and Saturday Night and Guess What , Including Sunday.

I Thought that MP3 had received an immunization for the Corona Virus Which I thought was great. On Sunday today 03.30.20 Guess What The Virus came back and can not play or download any music.

I guess we will have to inform to all the individuals that use MP3Jam not to eat the Jam part, Its filled with this virus and wait for a real immunization for it.

I hope it will be quick and satisfactory and once again thank you individuals whomever you are that let me stay on the MP3Jam system for that long, I hope you will continue, but this software the way it is right now really $uck$.

Try 4K Video Down loader, free version. Or you can get the paid-for version with no adds.

I have the free version and it works OK for me.It downloads music and videos.I also have the Free YouTube Download v. 4.3.19 Premium.

Cost me about 29.00, but the customer service is good if there are any problems.I also use YouTubeMusic .com, free version in conjunction with YouTube Premium - its really good.

It outclasses any musicvideo downloader Ive come across to date-:)

on 04 Jul 2020, by ChasMick


MPC Video Renderer
on 30 March 2020, reviewed by: nonW00t


Hard to tell if this is necessary in any way.

MPC-BE's own EVR(CP) renderer is perfectly adequate when set to proper max settings.


WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 21 March 2020, reviewed by: Gasa


Works quite well on Win 10 64bit, images are assigned to Photo Viewer automatically, also checked it before with VirusTotal and no problem.

Only a small thing, that pictures appear to be a bit darker than normal, but still okay.


Tray Radio 14.0
on 05 March 2020, reviewed by: pascal


trojan Win32/Zpevdo.A

Admin's Note: Another false positive from our beloved Windows Defender. The file is clean.


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.23254
on 29 February 2020, reviewed by: Ali


I just wanted to view hiec files on win 10 and it did the trick.


Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater 1.3
on 23 February 2020, reviewed by: user


Hitman Pro 3.8 anti malware utility has found this tool to be bundled with malware (PUP).

check it out by yourself, thanks.


MediaTab 1.4.1
on 13 February 2020, reviewed by: MichelF


Text output items could be made in french.


Freemake Video Converter
on 06 February 2020, reviewed by: jOHN ALBERTONE


Free version is watermarked. This holds you hostage until a ransom price is paid.

I no longer use this. And many times I used to donate to this site. There are truly kinder downloaders available.

I dare them to print this. Thank you.


VLC Media Player 3.0.8
on 28 January 2020, reviewed by: nonW00t


VLC may have been one of the first universal type multi-platform players that could handle everything without the need for a system-polluting codec pack, but it sure never felt like a true Windows program.

Clunky UI, convoluted settings, and general lack of niceties found in other modern players really hold it back (even though it "just works" for most folks).

Not to mention taking forever between versions. Will 4.0 ever be released?? And finally have seek bar preview, for example? Maybe someday VLC will be a worthy alternative again.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 19 January 2020, reviewed by: IntelliMoo


My player of choice, now that MPC-HC is dead [at least officially], VLC refuses to implement seek bar preview [maybe finally in 4.0?], and PotPlayer is just too damn messy & complicated for its own good.

-- Note there is an audio output bug with the "MPC Audio Renderer" (required to use for proper sounding time stretching): I have found that if the audio sample rate has to be converted from 44100 to 48000 for a stereo source file, the audio output will be erroneously upmixed to all surround speakers instead of remaining stereo; if the sample rate of a stereo source file is already 48000, then the audio output remains correctly stereo.

This bug does not occur with the DirectSound renderers, but unfortunately audio time stretching is no good with those.


FLAC Frontend 2.1
on 18 January 2020, reviewed by: Mane


Me gusta mucho el código flac.


Zoom Player 15.0 rc2
on 27 December 2019, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


Zoom Player is a DirectShow 32 bit only (no 64 bit version yet..) Windows player; it's reliable, quite fast, with really few bugs, works perfectly with madVR (high quality video renderer) and MPC Wasapi Audio renderer.

The menu is rich of options (in a positive way), in advanced mode it's probably one of the players with more possibilities of real custom settings (ex. Zoom Player can change the Pixel Aspect Ratio of the display in a very precise way, not many players have this function as for 2019).

IMHO the GUI (graphic user interface) could be a bit improved, but it's really a minor point. All in all a very good video player.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 15.3
on 26 December 2019, reviewed by: Rangga




on 15 December 2019, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


For new users: KMPlayer was made originally with the code of MPC and FFDSHOW, but when the developer sold the software to Pandora TV, slowly it became a useless video player.

It's full of big and small bugs, the interface and settings refer to Windows 2000 in a bad way, old filters, old plugins no more used, stutter and jitter, audio and video out of sync, a mess. madVR is not well integrated.

Also, the 32 bit version is no more recommended from the KMPlayer team itself on their forum 'cause is full of unwanted ads, also while playing video in windowed mode!

They advice to use the 64 bit version, which is a clone of MPC-HC, with the same options and very similar GUI.

So, my advice is: please don't use this software, please prefer capable video players like MPC-HC or MPC-BE or Zoom Player or JRiver, made by honest and competent developers.


Freemake Video Converter
on 02 December 2019, reviewed by: Renji


Do not buy this software.

Impossible to contact them directly through email, chat or telephone even you can put up with a bureaucratic runaround if you have an issue.


Freemake Audio Converter
on 28 November 2019, reviewed by: Dr H


The old version (2017) was free and unlimited.

This "upgrade" limits you to 3-minute files, unless you pay them $20-$40.

Yeh, I don't care for this, it's missing the CPU/GPU/RAM utilized info in the Display Stats.
crappy adware.
My player of choice again (because PotPlayer added a stupid ad popup), now that somebody finally got smart and ...
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