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on 28 February 2024
this is a very good programme!
Review # 1
on 27 February 2024
No trim, crop, or rotate included in this program!

Author's Note: You are right, it has been rewritten. Thank you for comment! ;)
Review # 2
on 21 February 2024
This program is good!
Review # 3
ed sez
on 13 February 2024

MPC-BE is still the BEST media player, on the block, and even in the whole neighborhood.
High Quality!
User Functionality is Very Friendly.

Freeware, while still available on line; makes this Player A Must.
Review # 4
v b s manyam
on 12 February 2024
i like to this software.
Review # 5
on 09 February 2024
Review # 6
on 06 February 2024
very good Bulk Image Downloader!
Review # 7
on 05 February 2024
It's a good program.
Review # 8
Un cumparator
on 04 February 2024
O mare porcarie! Bani aruncati pe fereastra...Cand a aparut prima data versiunea powerdvd 22 puteai viziona si filme 4k.

Apoi au venit cu minciuna ca nu mai poti viziona cu acesta ci cu versiunea powerdvd23 ca sa dai alti bani! Pai daca am platit pentru o versiune pe viata trebuia sa beneficiez gratuit de urmatoarele care se doreau a fi imbunatatite! Ei sunt mai rau decat tiganii nostri: nesimtiti si mai hoti ca romanii!

Cu o configuratie hardware corespunzatoare si software de asemenea primesc mesajul:" There is a dis with an unsupported format in drive H"! Pai cu dracu? Filmul este : "Elvis (2022) 4k UHD cumparat din Romania si cu versiunea powerdvd 22 mergea apoi nu a mai mers. Acum cand scriu acest comentariu il pot vedea doar cu DVDFAB Player fara a face nicio modificare in computer nici software nici hardware!

Cum va explicati? Pe ce mi-au luat banii magarii de americani? Asa ca stati linistiti si nu cumparati acest software care nu e bun de nimic.

Pueti vedea cu el doar DVD si bluray full hd de dinainte de 2018! Atat!
Review # 9
on 03 February 2024
very good product. i recommend it.
Review # 10
on 29 January 2024
Hi, guys!
I'm not yet sure how this program works. I need to try it out.
Review # 11
on 27 January 2024
best AI software
Review # 12
on 25 January 2024
Thanks for sharing it w/ us.
Review # 13
on 25 January 2024
Previous version handled .webp without issue.

Production release of .2289 will not open .webp, static or dynamic versions, 'sorry could not load'.

Interestingly .webp is not listed in the associations table, something has gone awol.
Review # 14
on 12 January 2024
CCleaner has been a game-changer for me.

The interface is user-friendly, the cleaning process is thorough, and my PC's speed has noticeably improved.

The registry cleaner is a bonus, and the privacy controls show they respect user data.

It's a must-have for anyone wanting a hassle-free, effective solution for PC maintenance.
Review # 15