VLC Media Player 3.0.21

3.95 from 60 Reviews

No matter if you're passionate about movies or music, VLC (VLC Media Player) provides the necessary tools for a smooth media experience on your device.

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With VLC Media Player, you can play virtually any media file format, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, and more.

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and enjoy uninterrupted playback of your favorite content.

Plus, VLC's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and customize your playback experience according to your preferences.

Key Features of VLC Media Player:

Does VLC Media Player support a wide range of audio and video formats?
Yes, VLC Media Player supports a vast array of audio and video formats, ensuring compatibility with virtually any media file you encounter.

Are there advanced playback controls and customization options available?
Absolutely! VLC Media Player offers advanced playback controls and customization options, allowing users to tailor their media playback experience to their preferences.

Does VLC Media Player come with built-in codecs for hassle-free playback?
Indeed, VLC Media Player comes equipped with built-in codecs, eliminating the need for users to download additional codecs separately and ensuring smooth playback of various media formats.

Is VLC Media Player compatible across different platforms?
Yes, VLC Media Player is cross-platform compatible, meaning you can enjoy its features not only on Windows but also on Mac, Linux, and other operating systems.

Does VLC Media Player receive regular updates for enhanced performance?
Absolutely! VLC Media Player is continuously updated and improved to provide users with the best possible performance and functionality, ensuring a seamless media playback experience.

Download VLC Media Player now and take your media playback experience to the next level. Whether you're watching movies, listening to music, or streaming online content, VLC has you covered.

Enhancements in VLC Media Player version 3.0.21 include:

- Improvements in Opus ambisonic support for enhanced audio experiences.
- Fix some ASS subtitle rendering issues
- Fix Opus in MP4 behaviour
- Fix VAAPI hw decoding with some drivers

For a comprehensive overview, refer to the complete list of changes.

Don’t be intimidated by the surprises that VLC Media Player can reveal; the application is extremely user-friendly and it won’t complicate things unless you want to explore its advanced features.

Stick to the simple interface and use basic, intuitive commands and you’ll have a reliable and easy-to-use media player just for yourself.

Update to VLC Media Player 3.0.21 today!

Reviews & Comments
VLC Media Player 3.0.19 final
on 16 October 2023
It is not perfect, but is GREAT to play!
VLC Media Player 3.0.8
on 28 January 2020
VLC may have been one of the first universal type multi-platform players that could handle everything without the need for a system-polluting codec pack, but it sure never felt like a true Windows program.

Clunky UI, convoluted settings, and general lack of niceties found in other modern players really hold it back (even though it "just works" for most folks).

Not to mention taking forever between versions. Will 4.0 ever be released?? And finally have seek bar preview, for example? Maybe someday VLC will be a worthy alternative again.
VLC Media Player 3.0.3
on 18 August 2018
I have been a VLC user for quite some time and believe it to be the best video player available. Videolan recently released the latest version (3.0.3). I was pleased to discover that it supports closed captioning.

I sometimes have trouble hearing what people say, particularly when they have an unfamiliar (to me) accent or they mumble (which happens a lot in TV shows and movies).

One minor downside of the new version is that fast-forward at 8x doesn't work any more -- it worked perfectly in version 2.2.6. Fast-forward at 4x sort of works. It trundles along for a few seconds, then the picture freezes. If you wait a while, it will restart, but not where it left off. It restarts where it would have been if it hadn't frozen.

Another option is to quickly backspace 3 seconds when the picture freezes and, in most cases, it will get by that freeze point. It's a fairly minor point (after all, how often do you want to fast-forward at 4x or 8x?) but I do use it from time to time to catch reception errors on recorded TV programs that I haven't yet watched at normal speed before passing the program on to someone else.

Going through a one- or two-hour program at 8x takes long enough -- 4x obviously takes twice as long. Anything less than that is pretty much not worth the time. I hope that they correct this in the next version -- but that could be a long time coming.

They tend to leave a rather long time between versions. Nevertheless, VLC is a terrific video player and that one quirk is not enough to lower my rating.