AOM AV1 Encoder 3.8.1-302

The AOM AV1 Encoder, also known as the AOMedia AV1 Encoder or just AOM-AV1, stands as the official AV1 encoder/decoder, leading the charge in video compression technology.

However, while it offers unparalleled compression efficiency and remarkable visual quality, it's essential to acknowledge its limitations, notably its slower processing speed and the absence of extensive multithreading capabilities.

For better performances, we suggest you to check SVT-AV1, an encoder optimized for high performance and scalability.

As the official encoder for the AV1 Codec, it represents the combined efforts of industry leaders within the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), working together to improve video streaming and distribution methods.

In terms of functionality, the AOM AV1 Encoder package encompasses both encoder and decoder components, providing users with comprehensive tools for video compression and decompression.

Within the package, users will find the aomenc.exe utility for encoding video content into the AV1 format and the aomdec.exe utility for decoding AV1 encoded videos.

The AV1 format is designed to offer superior compression efficiency compared to previous codecs like H.264 and VP9, enabling higher quality video streaming at lower bitrates.

This open-source format aims to provide compatibility across a wide range of devices and platforms while reducing bandwidth usage, making it a promising solution for the future of online video delivery.
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