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LAME MP3 Encoder 3.98 alpha 6
on 16 August 2006 , reviewed by: grimpr

# 1

THE BEST! mp3 encoder this side of the universe.

For superb quality mp3's head to,grab the latest speedy compile of LAME 3.98a6,download CDEX/Audiograbber as ripper software,put the lame_enc.dll in the directory of the rippers and choose Variable Bitrate,Method New,VBR 2,Joint Stereo...your mp3's will be around 224kbps but the quality i promise you is excellent!

Kudos to developers for proving that LAME encoded mp3's still provide excellent quality and best compatibility compared to more recent codecs like Mpeg4-AAC,Ogg Vorbis.




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Recently MPC-BE has been causing recent Nvidia display driver to crash/restart when run with a video. Hopefully that ...
I think Light Alloy is best player on market.
Slow and creates 2x bigger files!
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