PotPlayer 240514 / 240613 beta

4.68 from 22 Reviews

Are you tired of wrestling with clunky, outdated media players that sap the fun out of your entertainment time? Well, fear not! Say hello to Daum PotPlayer – your ticket to a seamless, joy-filled media experience!

What makes PotPlayer so irresistible?

Smooth Sailing with a Stylish Interface: Bid farewell to confusing layouts! PotPlayer dazzles with its sleek design, making navigation a breeze for everyone, from newbies to seasoned pros.

Play Anything, Anytime: Got a funky file format that's been giving your current player a headache? PotPlayer's got your back! It's a master at juggling all sorts of media formats, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Mix and Match with Customizable Settings: Want to be the master of your media universe? PotPlayer lets you tweak everything from playback speed to subtitles, so you can tailor your experience just the way you like it.

No More Glitches, Just Glorious Playback: Sick of those annoying stutters and freezes ruining your movie marathon? PotPlayer keeps the show running smoothly, even when you're streaming in HD.

Codecs? Got 'Em All!: Forget about hunting down elusive codecs – PotPlayer comes pre-loaded with a treasure trove of them, so you can dive straight into your favorite media without missing a beat.

Advanced Tricks Up Its Sleeve: Ready to take your entertainment to the next level? PotPlayer's got some nifty tricks, like 3D playback and screen capture, to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Stay Fresh with Regular Updates: PotPlayer's always on the ball, rolling out updates like clockwork to keep your experience fresh and fabulous. Say farewell to the fear of being left out and welcome the latest features with open arms!

Pros: What makes Daum PotPlayer stand out?

Daum PotPlayer boasts a sleek interface, versatile format support, customizable playback options, smooth performance, and built-in codecs.

Cons: Are there any drawbacks to consider?

While PotPlayer offers numerous benefits, some users may find its extensive features overwhelming, and occasional stability issues have been reported.

How to Get Your Hands on PotPlayer?

Ready to embark on a media adventure like never before? Simply hit that download button and let the PotPlayer magic begin! Installation's a breeze, and before you know it, you'll be lost in a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

Life's too short for lackluster media players. Embrace the excitement and endless possibilities of Daum PotPlayer – where fun meets functionality in perfect harmony! Download PotPlayer today, and let the good times roll!

The Open Codec for PotPlayer supercharges your media player by adding extra codecs. After installation, PotPlayer can decode AAC, AAC LATM, AC3, EAC3, TrueHD, MLP, DTS, ensuring smooth and seamless functionality.

- Daum PotPlayer 1.7.22129 portable, offline installer - 7z and zip file are the same, only the size is different, because 7z has better compression ratio compared to the zip format. They contain both versions of PotPlayer (x32&x64) and above mentioned, Open Codec for PotPlayer.
Reviews & Comments
PotPlayer 1.7.21202 beta
on 01 May 2020
Nice full-blown media player. The TON of config settings can be overwhelming, but everything needed works well.

Wish check for update included beta versions. Decline the PUP! (a star off for that archaic inclusion)
PotPlayer 1.7.21190 beta
on 18 April 2020
For new users: PotPlayer is an excellent multimedia player for Windows, DirectShow based.

The player was originally made with the code of the great MPC player by a very good korean developer, but as now (2020) PotPlayer has a stable development while MPC-HC is in maintenance mode, with just some small bug fixes.

Respect to MPC-HC or MPC-BE the korean player has much more settings and functions, faster and more precise seeking, timeline preview like YouTube that works very well, much better than MPC-BE.

The streaming of Internet videos is more reliable than MPC-HC or MPC-BE because PotPlayer by default use its own splitter and audio-video decoders. They're FFMPEG based like LAV Filters. But LAV filters are more optimized for disk content, not streaming.

Attention: as for April 2020 PotPlayer try to install unwanted PUP program during the set-up, but You can (and should) just click on ''Refuse' and everything is fine.
PotPlayer 1.7.21188 beta
on 17 April 2020
PotPlayer is one of the best media players available today.

Yes, it does suffer a bit from feature overload and settings mess (some are even darn confusing), but it is definitely full-featured and offers many nice perks other players do not.

Just be sure to not install the PUP included in the installer!