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on 26 March 2023
I am very grateful to you. Everything is working. Thank you!
Review # 76
Gaurav Kumar
on 18 March 2023
It works like butter, totally free:)
Review # 77
on 14 March 2023
oh my god. why was this not the first result on HEVC plugins. it actually works good, thank you so much.
Review # 78
on 11 March 2023
Thank you! Works perfectly :D
Review # 79
on 07 March 2023
Wow! It works like a charm. I can now view photos from my iPhone to my PC.

Thank you so much for sharing.
Review # 80
on 15 February 2023
good front-end for FLAC and WAVPACK.
Review # 81
on 13 February 2023
Thank you very much! Works like a charm.

As others, I was also hating the idea to have to pay for something that should already be delivered with windows.
Review # 82
on 08 February 2023
I have been using this for well over a decade, I have recommended it to hundreds of customers of the company I work for, neither I or any of these people have ever encountered an issue with it, always works like a charm.

That speaks for itself.
Review # 83
on 31 January 2023
May be a stupid question, but how do I go about installing this?
Review # 84
on 23 January 2023
To uninstall. Open PowerShell in Admin mode and type this command.
Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.HEVCVideoExtension | Remove-AppxPackage
Review # 85
on 22 January 2023
Worked like a charm!!
Review # 86
on 13 January 2023
Great product and easy to use
The ability to create a bootable USB drive, mount any size of file made easier.

DVDFab has been my go to image mounting software application since the early days in computing.

The ease and user friendly interface makes it the best overall performer on the market.
Review # 87
Bubba Jaay Arias
on 04 January 2023
Best customer support of any company I’ve ever dealt with. They were very fast in addressing my issue.

Unlike many other companies, they seem to care.

CODECS admin's Note: This could be a review posted by a DVDFab employee.
Review # 88
Zohaib Khan
on 30 December 2022
I always loved using DVDFab Virtual Drive as my straight forward image mounting tool.

Not sure if DVDFab will finally update this freeware tool once more but in the meanwhile i found Virtual CloneDrive to be a similar and useful alternative that is working on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1909.
Review # 89
on 29 December 2022
Fabulous software! It helps me run my ISO disc images. It really works. I will give DVDFab FIVE Stars!!!
Review # 90