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on 23 September 2022
No instruction, how to installing?
Review # 106
ed sez
on 02 September 2022
MPC-BE Portable

It's a Great Player, it's functions have a good style, the quality is Tops.

It is a main function on a PC, for video and audio.
Review # 107
on 25 August 2022
Melhor programa que eu encontrei até agora.
Review # 108
on 07 August 2022
Worked fine on Win 10 64 bit, after downloading both the Image Extensions and the Video Extensions.

Irfanview promptly opened the HEIC files.
Review # 109
on 31 July 2022
Thank you very much! Good days to you all, and best regards.
Review # 110
on 30 July 2022
I bought an insta360 One X2 and I'm having trouble with the studio app. I can't pay for the codec that it's recommending because I'm not from the US.

I'm super glad that I found this. Thank you so much for sharing this app.
Review # 111
on 18 July 2022
wasn't aware of this product, for years I can't play hevc in acdsee . if I only knew this was a windows issue...
Review # 112
on 16 July 2022
Thanks, it's huge help.

I can't pay this extension on Microsoft Store because they're still not fckng accepting my country currency when Google, Steam, EPIC already supported it.
Review # 113
on 16 July 2022
Have been using Klite for 7 years. Klite is the best by far from any other.
Review # 114
on 09 July 2022
not working, HEIF and HEVC Media Extensions both are not working.
Review # 115
on 05 July 2022
7.45.05 still unstable garbage.
Review # 116
on 02 July 2022
audio perfetto inegualiabile.
Review # 117
on 20 June 2022
it works. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
Review # 118
Amit Shirasao
on 09 June 2022
Besides it is free. Microsoft charges $0.99 for it.
Review # 119
on 29 April 2022

If it doesn't work, go to Microsoft store and press on Library and update it :)
Review # 120