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VirtualDub2 19.41867
on 08 May 2018, reviewed by: Toaru Neko


VirtualDub2 is a must-have. The main features are:

1. extract single or sequence of images from video.
2. encode video from any format to neraly any format.
3. deinterlace DVD video from 29.97i into 59.94p.
4. many other.


ALLPlayer 8.0
on 01 May 2018, reviewed by: dede999


Very poor video player.


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 29 April 2018, reviewed by: Zul


This is superb....thanks made my day complete.


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100
on 24 April 2018, reviewed by: Imteyaz


LAME3.100 is the best MP3 encoder for trimming or converting audio files to MP3 format @ 128 KBPS CBR.

Nope. Fraunhofer still sounds considerably better at 128kbps CBR compared to LAME. Much better using VBR encoding.

on 16 Sep 2018, by Fraser

Works perfectly and easily for showing webp thumbs.
One of the best player. Works on all windows platform and minimal resources of processor and memory.
Very nice software , powerful and very efficient .
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