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dBpoweramp 17.2
on 10 December 2020, reviewed by: Ray


I upgraded to dB's latest software (Version 17) and it couldn't read the first 2 discs I was ripping for my music server, and they weren't obscure discs.

It looks like it dumped AppleMusic as a metadata provider (or vise versa).

The ripping processes has also slowed down.

My advise is don't waste your money on the downgrade from v.16 to v.17


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.33242
on 06 December 2020, reviewed by: Thumbnail


I use a media player with its own codec packs - only wanted this because H.265 files did not have thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

Passed the scan on and seems to be legit, thumbnails were working instantly after install.

Rating 5/5 for Version 1.0.33242 on 2020-12-05


Zoom Player 15.6 beta
on 25 November 2020, reviewed by: bililing


Top media player!


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.32762
on 04 November 2020, reviewed by: kr_13


It can open the file, but the loading speed is very slow. Can't wait for a newer version.


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.32762
on 28 October 2020, reviewed by: Bhaskar Jyoti


Great!! Keep this website & Great development for free and Keep Alive.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.6 beta
on 18 October 2020, reviewed by: YechnoYabble


Recently MPC-BE has been causing recent Nvidia display driver to crash/restart when run with a video. Hopefully that got fixed in some hours!


Light Alloy 4.10.3
on 17 October 2020, reviewed by: Jack


I think Light Alloy is best player on market.


A's Video Converter 7.13.5
on 07 October 2020, reviewed by: PePa


Slow and creates 2x bigger files!


K-Lite Codec Pack 15.7.5
on 01 October 2020, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


The K-Lite Codec Pack is THE perfect choice for dealing with audio and video codecs on Windows enviroment (both DirectShow and Microsoft Media Foundation); I use it from a lot of years, never had a problem, never a conflict.

The Pack is based on the solid MPC-HC as default player and LAV filters as the core for the codec part.

The Codec Tweak Tool and GraphStudioNext are also great tools for changing all the intricacies of the filters, also for WMP.

Great user support too, and this is very remarkable for a free software.


MPC Video Renderer 0.4.9
on 01 October 2020, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


The MPC Video Renderer is born from the old EVR Custom Presenter; IMHO this new renderer need to be polished, improved.

The scalers for example are just standard and text book Bcubic, Lanczos and Catmull Rom; on an Intel based system with HD4400U IGPU the visual quality is not comparable to the vanilla EVR with Intel DXVA Context Adaptive Scaler (Lanczos4 based, with edge detector filter, antiringing filter in upscaling only, sharp without obvious ringing).

Also, the video jitter is higher respect to vanilla EVR or madVR.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.6 beta
on 28 September 2020, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


MPC-BE 1.5.5 x64 is surely (together with the great MPC-HC) the perfect choice on a Windows enviroment for users in search of a reliable, fast, mature video player.

The support from the russian developers is excellent, they fix bugs just in some hours, very fast and competent.

The internal decoders and splitter are very well integrated, there's no need of LAV filters.

The new MPC video renderer is yet a young project but we must support it as an alternative to EVR vanilla and madVR.


LAV Filters 0.74.1-75
on 28 September 2020, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


The LAV filters are the de facto standard for Windows users when dealing with audio and video codecs; the developer is talented and its filters (FFMPEG based) are focused on high quality direct playback from hard disk, less on video streaming content.

The D3D11 interface, together with madVR, are a solid video rendering path for the new 10 bit videos.


MPC Video Renderer 0.4.9
on 20 September 2020, reviewed by: ChickenzTime


Yeh, I don't care for this, it's missing the CPU/GPU/RAM utilized info in the Display Stats.


on 18 September 2020, reviewed by: Jezusmina


crappy adware.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 16 September 2020, reviewed by: IntelliMoo


My player of choice again (because PotPlayer added a stupid ad popup), now that somebody finally got smart and finally fixed the audio output bug with the "MPC Audio Renderer" (well, fixed meaning they just added a setting to avoid filling all speaker channels "when upmixing" -- but it should be called "when resampling").


Zoom Player 15.10 rc3
on 26 August 2020, reviewed by: unknown user


ZPM is the most flexible multimedia player you can get for Windows.

If it doesn't suit you, then you are just unable to configure it. Best zooming, best time stretching, best filter stacking, best keyboard shortcutting... fast and without making any compromises.

I recommend the legacy install method to make it full portable and you are ready to go after a new OS installation. Ignore unmaintained language packs, this will confuse yourself and it's just making ZoomPlayer buggy - the almost only negative point plus it's not free (use a kg, try it, then to hell buy it or not...).

I hate commercials and just want to make you a little more clever than the mainstream.

I have about 30 other well known software players on disk and I try to be up to date with all of them but ZPM on my main PC has my love. XMPlay my heart. ;)


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 19 August 2020, reviewed by: Anon


when u play video h265 with mpcbe it will stuck if u rewind or forward the videos.

it looks like rewind and forward haven't function stuck. fix man.


Freemake Video Converter
on 07 August 2020, reviewed by: Sergio


Full of ads, requires "registration" and giving an email (still waiting for more spam to arrive) and requires paid registration to remove watermark.

Uninstalled (not before 2 nagging screens offering $10 and then 70% discounts. Not interested at all.


Gom Player 2.3.55
on 07 August 2020, reviewed by: Cliff


Not worth the time to download.

Proper DVD codecs are missing and there is no help trying to find what needs to be fixed.


Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 04 August 2020, reviewed by: Savvy


it can't play video hevc h265 normally, why?? mpc hc is king for h265. i hope u can fix that soon...


HEVC Video Extension 1.0.31823
on 03 August 2020, reviewed by: Kuro


I'm used to watching my videos on the Movies and tv app of windows 10 so it did the trick for me. THANKS!!!


A's Video Converter 7.13.2
on 28 July 2020, reviewed by: Carl


fastest encoder i had ever used.


on 09 July 2020, reviewed by: mac


i have downloaded 1.1,5.7 and upgraded with my licence key from and it worked fine, but now it's crashed again.

i have emailed mp3jam again but all you get is the same standard email. i have given it two stars at a push. once you have upgraded it says now you download like a maniac!!!!!

can somebody please bring back mp3rocket


Satsuki Decoder Pack 5.4.2
on 21 June 2020, reviewed by: Jorge


El mejor pack de codecs para Windows.

Lo he usado durante años y funciona muy bien. Lo he probado en Windows Vista, 7 y 10.

MPC-BE Large File.....It seems that the mpc-be dot executable file of the Odd number size, works ...
I would like to thank NetRanger for compiling this package. 👍
Damn, my college uses this video format. Extremely outdated. 2007 here we go!
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