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Media Player Classic - BE 1.5.5 beta
on 19 January 2020, reviewed by: IntelliMoo


My player of choice, now that MPC-HC is dead [at least officially], VLC refuses to implement seek bar preview [maybe finally in 4.0?], and PotPlayer is just too damn messy & complicated for its own good.

-- Note there is an audio output bug with the "MPC Audio Renderer" (required to use for proper sounding time stretching): I have found that if the audio sample rate has to be converted from 44100 to 48000 for a stereo source file, the audio output will be erroneously upmixed to all surround speakers instead of remaining stereo; if the sample rate of a stereo source file is already 48000, then the audio output remains correctly stereo.

This bug does not occur with the DirectSound renderers, but unfortunately audio time stretching is no good with those.


FLAC Frontend 2.1
on 18 January 2020, reviewed by: Mane


Me gusta mucho el código flac.


Zoom Player 15.0 rc2
on 27 December 2019, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


Zoom Player is a DirectShow 32 bit only (no 64 bit version yet..) Windows player; it's reliable, quite fast, with really few bugs, works perfectly with madVR (high quality video renderer) and MPC Wasapi Audio renderer.

The menu is rich of options (in a positive way), in advanced mode it's probably one of the players with more possibilities of real custom settings (ex. Zoom Player can change the Pixel Aspect Ratio of the display in a very precise way, not many players have this function as for 2019).

IMHO the GUI (graphic user interface) could be a bit improved, but it's really a minor point. All in all a very good video player.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 15.3
on 26 December 2019, reviewed by: Rangga




on 15 December 2019, reviewed by: Ziggy1978


For new users: KMPlayer was made originally with the code of MPC and FFDSHOW, but when the developer sold the software to Pandora TV, slowly it became a useless video player.

It's full of big and small bugs, the interface and settings refer to Windows 2000 in a bad way, old filters, old plugins no more used, stutter and jitter, audio and video out of sync, a mess. madVR is not well integrated.

Also, the 32 bit version is no more recommended from the KMPlayer team itself on their forum 'cause is full of unwanted ads, also while playing video in windowed mode!

They advice to use the 64 bit version, which is a clone of MPC-HC, with the same options and very similar GUI.

So, my advice is: please don't use this software, please prefer capable video players like MPC-HC or MPC-BE or Zoom Player or JRiver, made by honest and competent developers.


Freemake Video Converter
on 02 December 2019, reviewed by: Renji


Do not buy this software.

Impossible to contact them directly through email, chat or telephone even you can put up with a bureaucratic runaround if you have an issue.


Freemake Audio Converter
on 28 November 2019, reviewed by: Dr H


The old version (2017) was free and unlimited.

This "upgrade" limits you to 3-minute files, unless you pay them $20-$40.


MPC Video Renderer
on 05 November 2019, reviewed by: kingofpower


This is the best video renderer among Built-in D3D11 video renderer (potplayer), Sync renderer - Gothic (MPC-HC) and MPC video renderer (MPC-BE). Other video players that cannot use LAV filters definitely have poor video quality.

In the past, potplayer was the king of video player. The main reason is her built-in D3D11 video renderer can use the full advantage of D3D11. But now, we have another better choice.


1by1 1.93
on 02 November 2019, reviewed by: aldabe


the best audio player ever. simple, straightforward and outstandingly small.

Recently MPC-BE has been causing recent Nvidia display driver to crash/restart when run with a video. Hopefully that ...
I think Light Alloy is best player on market.
Slow and creates 2x bigger files!
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