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Hennie Oosthuizen
on 28 January 2022
I really hope this will be the solution , even MP4 Videos I downloaded from YouTube; play with no sound and output file doesn't go to the Target Output Folder (!?) I know that's not your fault :)
Review # 136
on 21 January 2022
Really worked, thanks a lot.
Review # 137
Steve S
on 18 January 2022
We have 8 Win 10 machines in our office.

2 refused to open heic unless paying for the codec.

all computers are the same and were purchased at the same time from the same manufacturer. made no sense. this codec download fixed the issue instantly.

thanks a bunch
Review # 138
Mohamad Khalil
on 16 January 2022
It works. Reliable.
Review # 139
on 15 January 2022
Quick, easy, works. Free.
Review # 140
on 12 January 2022
Its not for free, asked me for payment.
Review # 141
on 07 January 2022
Several weeks unable to view mp4 images, now all sorted!!! A thousand thank you's!!!!!!!!!!!
Review # 142
on 18 December 2021
excellent and very lite application, full of useful features and options.
I have been using it since 2005.
Review # 143
Francesco Margaglione
on 01 December 2021
Un vero incubo non funziona. Sviluppatori la terra vi aspetta.
Review # 144
on 29 November 2021
The player is awesome it's the best to date that I have used, But after the Nov 26th Update the player is not showing any video. It's playing the audio file of the video though.
Review # 145
on 25 November 2021
I have had problems used APE in foobar2000...
Review # 146
Dic Trickle
on 09 November 2021
Worked great 7 or 8 years ago paid the loot and a pain in the BUTT, I used to get entire albums now I will get 1 or 2 songs off of an album!

Would not waste my money if I were to do it again!
Review # 147
on 26 October 2021
While at the beginning of the year I used version 40203.0_x64 and this worked great, I attempted to use the same version on a newer updated computer and it failed to load (error 1168 - element not found).

I then thought I would just use the newest version 42701.0_x64 and while it loaded without issue, I could not open HEIC photos.

Any help would be appreciated as to what is going on. I removed any packages previously and attempted again.

It will install however still no dice on this working to allow photo viewer to view the photos.
Review # 148
on 20 October 2021
Can I get a uninstall option? I'm tryna install another one and it keeps saying "uninstall the [previous one]" but I don't know how to?
Review # 149
on 12 October 2021
Thank you very much
Review # 150