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To Farook: Idiot ! That`s all i have to say to you ! Koepi's Xvid is great and fast. Delivers a great Quality and is the only one i use to compress my Videos i filmed along with the Lame MP3 compressor. Just downloaded Nic's version to try it out and to see for myself if there is a difference. I thank Koepi for his work and hope he keeps it up. Even works great for HDTV Material i filmed and delivers the Quality i was looking for. Support XVid !!! :-)




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i have downloaded 1.1,5.7 and upgraded with my licence key from and it worked fine, but now it's crashed again. ...
El mejor pack de codecs para Windows. Lo he usado durante aƱos y funciona muy bien. Lo he ...
Many thanks for the updates. still using with virtual dub.
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