Reviews by Frank

DivX 10.8.5
on 16 January 2018
DivX at one time was a great 'codec' and I loved it using Dr.DivX to convert files into DivX Home Theater files. I purchased DivX starting at version 4 and continued to upgrade from there.

DivX 6 was great with Dr DivX 2.0 converter. However, DivX network ended Dr DivX (and later ended support for Dr DivX 2.0) while pushing their crappy DivX Converter that did little to nothing. The Dr. allowed for 'one click' DivX conversion to 'limit the file size'. Even though the DivX Converter claims it will, it will not. I've sent at least 4 complaints about this and they have never fixed that issue. Why? Probably because h264 is better than the DivX codec. However, not everyone needs, or even cares for HD 1080, or UHD 4k video.

All I want is to create DivX files that are DivX Home Theater compliant, burn them to a 'single 700MB CD' like I could easily do with a 'single click' in Dr DivX and play them in my stand alone DivX Home Theater Certified DVD Player. Lastly why do they continue to call it DivX when they removed the DivX codec from DivX?

If the file is not being encoded using DivX codec, but rather h264, Xvid, or some other codec, then it cannot be a DivX file.

I would not recommend DivX 10 to anyone.

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