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DVD-Cloner 7.70
on 28 November 2010 , reviewed by: Ken

# 1

Using an older version 7.00 with Vista and have yet to get a watchable copy of anything! This goes back to when I first got it and it was the latest version...should have demanded a refund then!

Every copy is full of skips,lines,pixilation and some entire scenes are missing or out of order! I'm quite computer literate and this product just doesn't work. I normally use the free dvdshrink on the same computer and it makes copies so perfect you can't tell them from the original.

Only problem is it can't crack certain RCE protections. Maybe if you want to spend 30-40 bucks every 6 months for an upgrade it may work but mine never did. Been using the same version of dvdshrink about 6 years now if they could update it to overcome the few protections it struggles with it would be far superior to this worthless product.




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Installed within a sec. and works just fine. Thanks.
Does exactly what I want, Thanks!
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