Reviews by Jim Doe

foobar2000 1.1
Jim Doe
on 24 August 2010
A -MUST HAVE- player for every person who respects himself!!

1:Supports an awful lot of different formats

2:With the proper components you can bypass windows mixer and set the output as an ASIO DEVICE,WASAPI OR KERNEL STREAMING!! How COOL is that!!!

3:Feel free to configure Foobar in your own specific way

4:Great management of your music library and mass tagging options(by using just a component!!)

5:Many encoding formats and options

6:Almost non-existent memory footprint

7:For those of you feeling uncomfortable to use the player ~please~ check out the guide and the charts at Wikipedia,under:Music player comparison (software)

8:If you are still not sure about this,return to your familiar player..We can handle the loneliness of the TOP!!!

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LAME MP3 Encoder 3.99 alpha 10
Jim Doe
on 20 August 2010
O.k. Much has been said about Lame encoder..These are the facts-so far:

1.Lame is the best (lossy) mp3 encoder existing this moment!!It's last STABLE version (3.98.4) surpassed in quality even encoders you pay for..Brilliant people are working onto its next versions (3.99-4.00) so as to make our lives better..RESPECT this!!

2.It's FREE,supporting the most popular format on the planet

3. It works sweet with Audiograbber,EAC and a lot of other 'hosts'

4.The Lame executable and the DLL that comes with it (when you download it) cannot run by themselves-usually you put them in the folder of the application you are using for music transcoding /playing

5. Although boring..Try to READ the installation instructions or tutorials where necessary.

6.Clean your system of old codecs,codec packs and everything else that might decrease its performance or get in the way of neutral software functionality and make things complicated-driving you crazy

6.Re-Install the software you use for transcoding and point again the right path to the Lame exec. and DLL

7.Lame encoder comes with certain "switches".Learn how to use them (it's all in the "read me" document) and you will be able to SHAPE the encoding process in the EXACT WAY YOU LIKE!!

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