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I was just trying to play an MPEG video, went to search for the codecs,I didn't intend to make a movie or make money from it, got to this site. It said freeware very boldly, when installed it, it forced me to register, when I go to register, it asks me for some big money.
Isn't this a con firm? Just waisted my precious lunch hour at work. Now if I possibly wanted to buy this in the future, I surely won't buy it from this firm.

Hi Sid:* You need to be careful when you install software. Never register even Freeware, they will almost always invariably ask for money or donations. If software is Freeware, there should never be a registration.

Never leave a valid Email unless you want SPAM.Hope you are having better luck with this codec today. ☺

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it works very well.
The x64 version offered for download here is actually a Portable release. No installer is used.
My biggest complaint is that no matter which classical music station I pick, CALM radio takes over with its ...
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