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The DXVA feature only works with hd3850 cards and "higher" types as far as I know @ KEZIA.
Take a look here:

http://nunnally.ahmygoddess .net/watching-h264-videos-using-dxva/

I got an ATI HD3850 (AGP!) and I can decode several H264 1080p videos even simultaneously, without any performance-loss. So FFDSHOW really kicks a** in my opinion! ;)

So, by the way, will there be a feature to EN-code H264 videos with DXVA in the coming FFDSHOW-Builds? 'Cuz that would be god-like...




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it works very well.
The x64 version offered for download here is actually a Portable release. No installer is used.
My biggest complaint is that no matter which classical music station I pick, CALM radio takes over with its ...
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