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Aud-X surround codec 1.24
on 24 January 2009 , reviewed by: michael james

# 1

this is a very important note for aud-x users. using the vdub mod (version 1.6) for aud-x, enable full processing mode for multichannel stream and save it as a WAVE. Next encode the PCM multichannal wave into an AUD-X mp3 file.

If you attempt to encode your DVD or multichannel video file directly in vdub you WILL get sync issue and audio corruption.

AUD-X and x264 with Vdub/mod are the perfect enocding tools for your movie archiving needs. Nothing else comes close for free or pay!

Of course a quad core setup with minimum 2gigs dual channel ram is recommended but if you got your own HTPC and hate normal TV or any TV with ads....make your own movie archive! I currently have over 600 cinema movie titles and over 15 TV series.




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