Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d
on 04 August 2012, reviewed by: iamaf0rk


Any ETA on a Win764bit release?


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 30 July 2012, reviewed by: dpg



today i installed QT Alternative because QT had stopped working (once again!) due to y deleting of other Apple stuff i thought did not need.

so now thanks to QT Alternative, i can open .mid files, but.... they are silent ? o_0 what did i do wrong ?

thank you for any insight :-)


ps: i tried to ask this on the forum but could not register for some reason (never received the confirmation email)


Free Studio 5.6.3
on 24 July 2012, reviewed by: Ben


Norton 360 promptly deleted it.


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.1.0 Full, Standard and Basic
on 24 July 2012, reviewed by: Jeff of americandigitalmedia


This k-lite codec pack is really great. I am using this on my laptop. And it is quiet good. I've never experience problem playing my video's.


VSO Downloader
on 23 July 2012, reviewed by: The Dictator


Great product! Very fast downloading!


Media Preview
on 23 July 2012, reviewed by: ENRIQUE


Este plugin es excelente. Funciona de maravilla en mi windows 7 home premium 64 bits !!!. No se si habrá otro mejor pero este es excepcional !!

gracias FREE-CODECS !!!


CDDA Reader
on 22 July 2012, reviewed by: Julio Deocares


Luego de muchos meses de búsqueda, esta era la pieza del rompecabezas que me faltaba, si!!!, este codecs le permite a media player classic, identificar tracks de audio DTSWav,que están como una imagen de disco montada con Daemontools lite, luego de que Media Player Classic identifica las pistas, AC3Filter hace un SPDIF passtrought de 16bits a 44100KHz!!!

y listo DTS desde mi PC a mi MuTeKi, todo virtual! sin disco físico de música!


GSpot 2.70a
on 19 July 2012, reviewed by: Mantrhax


Awesome little utility, now, just waiting for full .mp4 support.



LAV Filters 0.51.2
on 18 July 2012, reviewed by: Ben


Its a wonderful filter for playing all kind of video and audio. Nvidia CUVID works flawlessly and its performance is just awesome. I feel now this LAV is better than ffdshow.

Highly recommended for the best playback.


trakAxPC 3.01.1
on 15 July 2012, reviewed by: sivaprasad


Excellent, No.1 Video Editing tool for windows xp, all in 1, lite, fast....


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.0.2 Full, Standard and Basic
on 15 July 2012, reviewed by: RIZWAN


latest version of k-lite codec have not a facility of thumbnail view.


Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.265
on 13 July 2012, reviewed by: isidro


Very poor, bad synch, lots of frame drops in full screen unless you have new hardware. Same hardware plays fine full screen MKV, AVIs in HD.

I wonder if an older version is better.


ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 08 July 2012, reviewed by: gary


Cleared up annoying audio sound distortions/unwanted noise for a couple of months,but back to square one now.

Program seems to require update for windows 7 which I could not find.


K-Lite Codec Pack 8.9.8 Full, Standard and Basic
on 04 July 2012, reviewed by: Greg


Translations from MPC-HC are only included in the Mega codec pack, not in Full and Standard.

Thanks, Greg.

on 09 Aug 2012, by Bill


K-Lite Codec Pack 8.9.8 Full, Standard and Basic
on 03 July 2012, reviewed by: Bill


I can't change the language in mpc-hc. I can only see English. Without this problem, k-lite is very useful when I play video.
by the way, can I use it at school?


DivX H.264 Decoder
on 01 July 2012, reviewed by: Jeff


I was looking for something other than ffdshow for mpeg4.

I always use ffdshow but wanted a smaller utillity to keep pc cleaner and less configuration. This was a quick straight foward install with no configuring.

Picture looks great and pc processes videos with ease. Highly recomend using this.


Media Player Classic
on 23 June 2012, reviewed by: leigh


this player works just fine.....if you like watching your dvds upside down! The picture is clear, doesnt lag, but HUGE problem, my picture is upside down , and apparently no way to correct it.


CD/DVD Capabilities Viewer 1.0.005
on 22 June 2012, reviewed by: Joseph Destree


Does exactly what it says, love it!


1Click DVD Converter
on 22 June 2012, reviewed by: JOhn


The software works okay, BUT the support stinks. Dont buy
Once you install this software on your system DO NOT UPGRADE any hardware in your system, If you do you will HAVE to buy another key. thats another 49 bucks for something you already own.


MP3 Repair Tool 1.5.2
on 21 June 2012, reviewed by: alex


Claimed it repaired my mp3 file... did absolutely nothing.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.9.0
on 15 June 2012, reviewed by: Danny


Read the K-Lite FAQ and you will find a solution.


iPhone PC Suite
on 14 June 2012, reviewed by: Tai


I love this program!!

it replaced itunes for me which i was having real trouble with on my PC! but i wanting to know does anyone on here know how to change the app language that it gives you? I am a failure at reading Chinese ^_^; lol


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.9.0
on 14 June 2012, reviewed by: sprinter


LAV filter causing no sound when try fast forwarding rmvb movies

Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo
Video: RealVideo 4 848x480


on 13 June 2012, reviewed by: shoopy


Super easy to use. And the quality is excellent.


DVD43 4.6.0
on 08 June 2012, reviewed by: RON




IrfanView 4.33
on 07 June 2012, reviewed by: Jim


I wished that I could help Bill.
(I have Win 7 and just installed that version of IrfanView, without any problems, right into my Program Files (x86) folder.) I would guess, uninstall and check you install options, carefully?

My problems is with the Slideshow Mode and their Full Screen Options (Full Screen / Slideshow). None of them seem to be working or holding within Full Screen Mode? :(


AC3 Filter 2.3a
on 05 June 2012, reviewed by: Zahid


Worked on my Windows Vista PC, using DivX Plus Player!


MediaInfo 0.7.58
on 04 June 2012, reviewed by: ismail


I like it, but this version makes Windows Explorer crash when I over mouse cursor over mp4 files for tooltip (only with mp4).


VoxWare MetaSound Audio CoDec
on 03 June 2012, reviewed by: David ProjecKt


What the Heck? I was so pleased to be able to finally play a concert video hidden on a CD from 2000--after following advice and downloading KMPlayer. But it only worked once!! I can not recreate the conditions, nor can I get it to work on XP Windows Media Player. That device continually tells me that I do not have the correct codec.

Like Christina (15 July 2009), I would like to have WMP recognize the codec. Tweak Tools from K-Lite also could not help. I have been able to get the VIDEO to play in WinAmp, but with NO AUDIO... HELP!! PS. Does all of the advice about .inf files and copying to the C: drive no longer apply now that we have .exe files?

I could not get any of the advice about "voxacm file set up," nor "Run as Administrator" to apply to my situation. Is that advice out of date?


madFLAC 1.10
on 23 May 2012, reviewed by: jsimone


Installed madflac 1.10 as per instructions here, but some .flac files will not play at all even though they play just fine with Goldwave.

I am using win7 64 bit home premium.

Use - DirectShow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC, and WebM 0.85.17777. W7 x86 and 64 bit. Work fine for all bitrates till 32bit192kHz

on 03 Jun 2012, by FLAC


on 21 May 2012, reviewed by: stoic23


I always love the KMP Player , n loved this new version too . Easy to use , easy shortcuts , like the look n its varied options .

Just that , i am facing problem with .avi files .
Plz fix it .


AC3 Filter 2.2a
on 19 May 2012, reviewed by: Dave


Downloaded and worked!! Really happy :) :)


Media Preview
on 19 May 2012, reviewed by: djb247365


For me, this is a smaller, yet more effective alternative to K-Lite Codec Pack, simply because of the fact it does a better job at thumbnailing media files than the Icaros Thumbnailer that is now bundled with K-Lite, which is still relatively buggy.

The software is clean, no adware, no virus, a quick install, and is pretty simple to use. Very happy I found this.

I hope it continues to stay updated! Thanks Free-Codecs!


MKVToolnix 5.5
on 18 May 2012, reviewed by: shahid


Best app to to modify mkv audio, can delete audio and subs or add another. very easy to use.


SPlayer 3.7.2437
on 18 May 2012, reviewed by: GriZZly


Good Player But bearly one year without a new Version.

Somebody know something about this Project?


#1 DVD Ripper 8.1.1
on 17 May 2012, reviewed by: aab


5 minutes of ripping time before buying?
no way
no point in doing anything but uninstalling and deleting


XMedia Recode 3.1
on 12 May 2012, reviewed by: jack


There seems to be a small mix-up with .wma audio. When you choose WMA codec v7 (wma1) it converts into WMA codec v8 (wma2) and vice versa.


DVDStyler 2.2 rc2
on 09 May 2012, reviewed by: Don


For me,DVDStyler 2.2rc has only one main problem.
The completed DVD "will not" play on any of my Region 1 players,(Cannot Read Error).

The disks do play consistently on my PC. I have checked all the settings over and over especially, NTSC, 720x480. I have used other authoring software and the DVD's play fine but, I really like DVDStyler's useful menu features.

All the menu building and burning stuff works very well. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I have about 80 *.avi files to process but, No Joy. I need to mass produce DVD's and DVDStyler seemed perfect for the task. Bummer.My rating is between excellent and bad. Sorry


Don,You have to use DVD -R for DVDStyler to burn a readable disk. I have found this out by experimenting.

DVD +R cannot be read in DVD palyers. Also, PAL is in the IFO file as a result of this.

I suspect that DVD +R is the default for PAL burning.Art

on 09 Oct 2012, by Art


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 09 May 2012, reviewed by: MJK


I want 2 install a more desirable program,, can Anyone tell me how 2 "uninstall" This, program.. have done multiple searches, on my computer, it comes up empty... however, it appears in my system info..

I am running Vista Home Premium. Help!!!

MJK, on Windows, type this in StartRun:regsvr32 u l3codecx.ax- this will unregister this codec.

on 15 May 2012, by Kim

what about deleting this program in XP? the same?

on 30 Jul 2012, by keewee


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 08 May 2012, reviewed by: Alain


It silently "updated" itself to a full quicktime bloat ware install WITHOUT my concent.

Had to manually uninstall it along with some other components, then I had to hunt on my computer and suppress several leftover folders and files.
Finally, had to run a registry and system scanner to completely remove it.

I will never install ANYTHING Apple on my PC EVER!!!

We really need a NON-Apple quicktime player.

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