Today | Freeware | 34.1MB | Media Utilities | 80694 Downloads | Top Rank 293

Nero DiscSpeed (formerly Nero CD-DVD) helps you test the functionality of your recorder and check both blank and burned discs.


Today | Freeware | 22.8MB | Media Management | 8826 Downloads | Top Rank 672

4K Video Downloader is a fast and reliable tool which allows you download video and subtitles from online platforms.


Today | Freeware | 24.1MB | Video Editors | 3258 Downloads | Top Rank 778

4K Video to MP3 is a simple to use tool for extracting audio from video files avoiding complicated and confusing options.


Today | Freeware | 15.5MB | Digital Radio & TV | 8053 Downloads | Top Rank 692

Get the phonostar Player and listen via the internet to thousands of radio stations from all over the world: Pop, Rock, HipHop, Dance, Classical - whatever music you like...


Today | Freeware | 4.4MB | Audio Encoders | 113087 Downloads | Top Rank 251

Exact Audio Copy extracts music by making 1:1 copies of your audio CDs and it also offers a wide range of extra features: creating ID3 tags, compression, detecting errors and so on.


Today | Freeware | 19.8MB | Mobile Devices | 5416 Downloads | Top Rank 738

Sync iOS is a user-friendly application which allows you to transfer files between your PC and your iOS device (iPad, iPod and iPhone).


Today | Freeware | 1MB | Burning Tools | 5119 Downloads | Top Rank 745

Any Burn is a compact CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning utility which offers free and complete burning capabilities for all categories of users.


Today | Freeware | 28.7MB | Blu-ray/DVD Backup | 18176 Downloads | Top Rank 557

BDtoAVCHD is able to create an AVHCD disc (DVD5 and DVD9) from Blu-ray or MKV; the video is compressed to get the 4.7 GB size without affecting quality.


Today | Freeware | 9.8MB | Media Players | 99066 Downloads | Top Rank 262

MPC-BE (aka Media Player Classic - Black Edition) supports various audio, video and image formats without needing extra software or codecs.


Today | Freeware | 19.3MB | Media Players | 297622 Downloads | Top Rank 138

PotPlayer (or KMPlayer Reloaded) is a complete media player rendering almost any type of format without needing to install codec packs on your computer.


Today | Freeware | 6.7MB | Graphics | 33280 Downloads | Top Rank 446

Light Image Resizer (formerly VSO Image Resizer) is a software tool enabling you to change the resolution of your photos or to move them within your hard drive.


Today | Freeware | 1.6MB | Other Tools | 75019 Downloads | Top Rank 305

uTorrent is a fast and easy to use BitTorrent client with many useful features.


Yesterday | Freeware | 4.9MB | Media Utilities | 2158 Downloads | Top Rank 808

VirtualDVD helps you emulate CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and use various image formats such as IMG, CUE, CCD, BIN or ISO.


Yesterday | Freeware | 3.8MB | Subtitle Tools | 40019 Downloads | Top Rank 417

Sublight is a user-friendly application which helps you to search for subtitles online by using various criteria or to upload your own subtitles.


Yesterday | Freeware | 12.2MB | Audio Encoders | 222724 Downloads | Top Rank 166

CDex is an intuitive application which allows you to rip music from audio CDs.


Yesterday | Freeware | 34.3MB | Media Players | 6013181 Downloads | Top Rank 14

KMPlayer is a versatile media player supporting a wide range of audio and video formats.


Yesterday | Freeware | 17MB | Media Players | 160266 Downloads | Top Rank 196

Adobe AIR combines HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Flex technologies to create applications for every device, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and TVs.


Yesterday | Freeware | 2.1MB | Media Management | 36481 Downloads | Top Rank 432

EMDB is a small-size piece of software helping to organize your movie collection.


Yesterday | Freeware | 21.9MB | Media Players | 114765 Downloads | Top Rank 246

SMPlayer is a complete media player, which supports almost any video and audio format, without needing external codecs. It also plays and downloads YouTube videos.


16 Dec 2014 | Freeware | 2.1MB | Audio Encoders | 57669 Downloads | Top Rank 355

FreeRIP allows you to extract audio tracks from CDs and to create output in the most popular formats.


16 Dec 2014 | Shareware | 32MB | Blu-ray/DVD Backup | 6232 Downloads | Top Rank 722

Blu-ray Converter Ultimate is a software tool for converting and burning decrypted Blu-ray videos to a variety of formats, from DVD to iPad.


16 Dec 2014 | Freeware | 1.3MB | Graphics | 6147 Downloads | Top Rank 723

Greenshot is an application which enables you to take screenshots using multiple methods and options.


16 Dec 2014 | Shareware | 7.8MB | Audio Editors | 53130 Downloads | Top Rank 368

REAPER is a complete software tool for recording, arranging, editing and playing audios, and it also supports batch conversion.


16 Dec 2014 | Freeware | 1.1MB | Subtitle Tools | 284461 Downloads | Top Rank 143

SubRip is a compact application enabling you to extract subtitles from DVD files and to save them as text files.


16 Dec 2014 | Freeware | 2.7MB | Video Encoders | 60085 Downloads | Top Rank 347

x265 Encoder is enabling you to encode your videos into the H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) format.

  • SmartRipper

  • It outputs vob files to computer speedy and with time set by chapters :)
  • Helium Audio Converter

  • It converts any 24-bit file into 16-bit file without notice. I lost a lot of 24-bit original recordings!!!! Never ...
  • BSPlayer

  • This is a risky player to download. It contains Adware and Trojans. Once installed will cause the PC to ...
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