QT Lite 4.1.0
on 27 September 2013, reviewed by: Don Wiss


This needs to be updated to the most recent Quicktime base components. The most current is now 7.7.4.


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.0.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 26 September 2013, reviewed by: sound level low



There is a problem with sound level is low compared with Windows media player.

Thank you


on 25 September 2013, reviewed by: User


IMO kmplayer is fastest. It also has got a secret advanced option section.


Freemake Video Converter
on 25 September 2013, reviewed by: opoder

#557 is worse than the previous versions!

- Bad to edit .ts files. The program consumes a lot of processing (CPU usage) and, yet, is slow, VERY SLOW!

- There is no option to chose Stereo/JointStereo in mp3 audio.

What seems to being updated are the adwares inside the installer!


on 20 September 2013, reviewed by: Hate Ads


Good in past! and now one of the bad one. full of ads


on 18 September 2013, reviewed by: sanjula dasan


The best video player ever. any video, any audio, any time, any where just in one click. everyone can trust.


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 16 September 2013, reviewed by: Joey


Thank you very much! like someone else here said, nothing has worked but this for DIVX! sweet


on 14 September 2013, reviewed by: VIKRAM VARMA


The best Media Player i have used for years n still addicted to it. Using from past 6 n half years. simply superb n excellent :)


Daum PotPlayer 1.5.40105 beta
on 14 September 2013, reviewed by: tim


Very good media player. As good as old KMPlayer. But it lacks the multi-subtitle function as in KMPlayer


AudioShell 1.3.5
on 12 September 2013, reviewed by: DJ DangerousNile


Greatest Tag Editor on the Market!

Really Simple and Easy to use, Great for adding an Image to a Mp3 File!!! 10/10 The Best! @DangerousNile


DivX 10
on 12 September 2013, reviewed by: jason


divx10 SUCKS! wont play ANY audio from ANY of my video files.

plays video perfectly but not a bit of audio and when I go to audio preferences and click on the correct track to use which is MPEG-1 Layer-3 audio (which is MP3 btw...the MOST USED form of audio probably on the PLANET at the moment) divx10 does not recognize it...

are you serious?!?! and i cannot find a solution for this problem ANYWHERE!

stay away from divx10!!!


Freemake Video Converter
on 09 September 2013, reviewed by: T Allen


The application works well converting formats and allows trimming the overall length of the video.

I will caution you that it loads a huge amount of adware/malware and tweeks your browsers with add-on/tool bars etc. despite unchecking boxes during the install process.

It sucks lots of CPU usage and it slowed Firefox to a crawl. Microsoft Security, Avast, and SuperAntiSpy did not pick the junk up. I was only able to rid the computer of the stuff with Malwarebytes. I have removed the program from my computer.


K-Lite Codec Pack Update 10.02 2013-08-27
on 06 September 2013, reviewed by: Arlac


For many years, I have been using this K package and also installing it on every computer that I fix, EVERYBODY I know LOVES KAZAA LITE CODEC PACK :D

Works 100% all the time, with every feature that I could wish for.. and for FREE, Thank you kazaa lite creators!!


DivX 10
on 06 September 2013, reviewed by: don


lost all sound on all my video files, how do i get back?


PlayFLV 1.00
on 31 August 2013, reviewed by: Abri Swanepoel


BE CAREFUL. This can cause problems on PCS. Rather download and use VLC player, much smaller, user friendly and works well.


ConvertXtoDVD final
on 29 August 2013, reviewed by: eric


I like this software, the latest version works so well I can no longer get rid of it.


VLC Media Player 2.1 beta 3
on 27 August 2013, reviewed by: DbaiG


VLC media player is really nice app. It plays almost any media file. I remember I initially installed it because I could not play my file in another player. Then I came across more such files which were not playing in other media players.

Finally, I started playing all files in it. If there is any file which VLC is not playing, then you can be assured that it won’t play in other media players either.

It is like all-codecs-in-one player!



Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 24 August 2013, reviewed by: ghani




K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10
on 21 August 2013, reviewed by: Vincent


During installation the DivX installer showed up, witch was strange since the reason to use this codec pack is to avoid installing the crapware so I canceled it. Later windows notify me that security center was disabled and security essential as well.

Later installed AVG and discovered that regular program files were infected.

Vincent you are right is this pack had the dmw.exe virus and the data.js virus that logs and transfer data from you PC while disabling antivirus software.

on 25 Jan 2014, by Mj


Flash Video Splitter
on 19 August 2013, reviewed by: spike


how do i install it?


Matroska Pack Full 1.1.2 final
on 19 August 2013, reviewed by: Dutch


Shite. does not install. Leaves a dialog box that only a restart can get rid of.


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 17 August 2013, reviewed by: Shug


So easy, my divx said i needed ac3 software, i downloaded this and restarted the video and hey presto, I have sound. Nothing else to it


DivX 9.1.3
on 15 August 2013, reviewed by: Spozum


This is truly awful nuts.


VLC Media Player 2.1 beta 3
on 15 August 2013, reviewed by: The Director


Always reliable and plays almost everything. The only exception is digital tv files recorded using Arcsoft Total Media in which I have to use Media Player Classic.


Windows Movie Maker 2.6
on 11 August 2013, reviewed by: john




iPhone PC Suite
on 06 August 2013, reviewed by: Andrew


This software is a backdoor trojan for Chineese hackers so they can contriol your computer for varuious purposes. DO NOT INSTALL!

Its a great itunes alternative that does not have the restrictions of Apple iTunes and has a lot of easy to use tools that are not available with iTunes.

Pretty much everyone in Asia and other international countries uses this instead of iTunes, since China pretty much restricts access to iTunes and Google through the internet. This version is the most updated version, which does not have an English language pack.

A version a bit older has the English version but does not sacrifice many of the newest features.

on 22 Sep 2013, by Dustin Jones


DVD43 4.6.0
on 04 August 2013, reviewed by: OscarE2


After a long time since the question. First download the DVD43 Plug-In. It is for 64 bits, too. Click on the setup "exe" file, as administrator, alternative click... menu. And... Thats it!


Sync iOS 2.0.8
on 31 July 2013, reviewed by: echo


Love this product! I can not find other software to do so many things like it.

It helps me backup and sync my videos, music, photos....between my laptop and my iPod Touch 5 with ease. Also, it supports converting videos and making ringtones for my iPod Touch 5.

What an amazing freeware!


DVDStyler 2.5
on 31 July 2013, reviewed by: Hagan


DVDStyler v2.0
I have used this free product for the last two months or so and find it very good and easy to use it interface wise with only a couple of problems necessary to work around. I.E. Play All works just fine but choosing a chapter/scene if you can get to it directly only plays that chapter not the remainder of the disc. Troublesome.

As others do I usually burn to an .iso/disc image file then use Win8 explorer managed burn to create the disc as v2.0 balks on most occasions at direct disc burning.

Downloading v2.5 today hoping menu duplicates and scene select plays are corrected or bettered but for free software on the whole I very much like DVDStyler.

Trying others like Sony DVD Architect, complicated, but DVDStyler seems a keeper for simplicity, efficiency & price.


MP3 Parser DirectShow Filter
on 28 July 2013, reviewed by: Michael


Thank you for this


SopCast 3.8.3
on 28 July 2013, reviewed by: Marco


Be aware that even if you uncheck ask toolbar, it will still install the ask toolbar.
2 processes running in the background continuously.


And after trying to install Sopcast when it was already installed (to check the ask malware uncheck options), suddenly I got this process running twice:


Please remove this malware from free-codecs!



Daum PotPlayer 1.5.38932 beta
on 27 July 2013, reviewed by: Poxy Pig


This is an amazing player which appears to be able to handle anything thrown at it.

I would have given it 5* but for the confusing preferences, some of which are incomprehensible in the way they work (or not). Features such as aspect ratio are completely baffling in the way they are used.

Very similar to The KMPlayer by the same developer which also suffers from a confusing plethora of settings.


ACDSee Free 1.1.21
on 27 July 2013, reviewed by: Mohamed Eqbal


nice to see its FREE!


Media Preview
on 26 July 2013, reviewed by: gamerx


good software. I was looking for this a long time. hope it continues!!!


StaxRip 1.1.9
on 21 July 2013, reviewed by: mike


This is an excellent piece of conversion software.

I wanted to do a simple thing of converting the (6Gig) .avi file (from Premiere) to a divX file that would play directly on a TV.

With a little bit of practice I got StaxRip to give me a high quality (900Meg) divX file without errors, watermarks or ads that played perfectly on the TV.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 10 July 2013, reviewed by: Dipayan


It is awesome.....better than normal MPC-HC in looks & user experience....

also fixed the bug of not responding or crashing when trying to seek any video decoded by external decoder.....normal MPC-HC many times crashes when seeking frequently, but MPC-BE never crashes....

thanx for this nice player!!......

only one thing, requesting the uploader that try to update the MPC-BE player frequently when normal MPC-HC update itself...

looking for the next stable version, try to update the player..


AviDemux 2.6.4
on 09 July 2013, reviewed by: Carol


I use this program to convert from FLV, etc to MP4. It does a great job and is very fast.

My only complaint is, if I convert to AVI they will not play on any of my DVD players. I have to use another program to convert them to AVI, and those programs are much slower.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.5
on 09 July 2013, reviewed by: Perl


Great pack, the latest version helped me playing some files on Windows XP.

It would be nice to have file association with media files.


SUPER 2013 build 56
on 08 July 2013, reviewed by: PePaXY


Downloading, installing, run and EXPIRED!


DC-Bass Source Mod 1.5.2
on 07 July 2013, reviewed by: Maurice


It simply does not work on my system.

I am using XP Home Edition SP3 with LAV Filters and MPC-HC. It is hardly surprising that I was not be able to play Shoutcast streams with MPC-HC but when I attempted to open a URL with DC BASS Source Mod loaded in Graph Studio it still did not work.

It should in theory connect directly to the input of an audio renderer, but I tried it with four audio renderers on my system and Graph Studio could not find suitable intermediate filters to connect them.

After much Googling the only post in a forum about this decoder that I could find was made by the developer, so I assume no one else can get it working. I wonder what magic the K-Lite pack uses to get it working?

Use the original DC BASS Source instead.

I believe theres something seriously wrong with your system then, because DC-Bass Source Mod can handle SHOUT- and Icecast-streams no problem.

In MPC-HC too! Have you read the readme? To force the use of DC-Bass Source Mod in MPC-HC you could perform the registry trick, but perferring it as external filter might also be sufficient.

For Icecast-streams on http:dir.xiph.org you can simply copy+paste the m3u-url in MPC-HC.For SHOUTcast-streams on http:www.shoutcast .com that wont work.

You have to download the pls-file, open it in Notepad and copy+paste the direct url in MPC-HC.

on 16 Sep 2013, by CoRoNe

  • KMPlayer

  • everytime i install the the km playewr at the last moment of extaction it gets stopped automatically saying porunegud ...
  • MP3jam

  • nothing works after latest download.
  • LAV Filters

  • Read a lot of formats but the seeking on video (the splitter.ax, i suppose) is laggy and throw ...
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