myFFmpeg 3.0.8
on 09 June 2017, reviewed by: Wiley


d2d1.dll error! so depressing. I was hoping this would help me with fast conversions. other codecs don't do as much.


myFFmpeg 3.0.5
on 06 June 2017, reviewed by: Jeffrey


Lets get the basics out of the way: myFFmpeg is GREAT.

... Very positive experience with this tool and their support was beyond my expectations. In the past I used many apps doing movie converting but not one comes even close to what myFFmpeg achieves.

Dead gorgeous UI revealing a lot of options to fine tune everything.

Having said that, in most cases I only use the default presets with great success. Rarely I have to change options but if it is necessary, it is easy to do.

myFFmpeg no doubt is the best app for a few $ .


ZVR Converter 1.0
on 30 May 2017, reviewed by: Simon Leung


Good tools and easy to use.


Orbit Downloader
on 19 May 2017, reviewed by: Alex


I find it very useful and easy to use.


mp3DirectCut 2.23
on 12 May 2017, reviewed by: WHO OPODER


Great tool. But now Ativirus alert: Infected with Virus (troia)

Admin's Note: it's false positive!


Adobe DNG Converter 9.10
on 06 May 2017, reviewed by: saif


its really useful tool to convert media files.


Kodi 17.2-2017.05.02
on 05 May 2017, reviewed by: jonathan


works great on all platforms, if you know how to tweak it. email me for tips.


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 30 April 2017, reviewed by: hedge music corp


quick time alternative is a good choice if you want the quick time codec only for work with a lot of programs (adobe After Effect).


WavePad 7.04
on 22 April 2017, reviewed by: gmacmusic


Excellent audio editor.

User friendly,feature rich, great integral part of any Audio production set up/tools. I utilize it as my primary editor along with my production daw.

Integrates with all vst and direct x plugins. one of the best Audio Editors on the market in my opinion.


Gom Player 2.3.14
on 18 April 2017, reviewed by: Jaosn


Does not play MXF files - everything played on a network will lag and be choppy.


Kodi 17.2-2017.04.02
on 07 April 2017, reviewed by: dallu




DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41.322
on 31 March 2017, reviewed by: isam alkhatib


Hi all
i found a bug in the application when using the combination of windows media player and extended screen to 4:3 from (General tap) choices... the text appears in the middle of the screen and nut in the bottom of the screen no matter how you try to change its position the (override placement ) choice in this matter,is not working as proper as it should.

This app is really cool but , Kodi is one of the best live streaming apps around. Much better than ...
well i was testing this out and i found this very cool glitch (i think it's a glitch) using ...
One of the best, if not the best UI I ever used for ffmpeg. Awesome support too. Very highly ...
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