MPC Image Source

MPC Image Source is a free and open-source DirectShow filter that brings graphics image support to video players.

By utilizing the Windows Imaging Component, this filter enables users to seamlessly open and display graphics images within their preferred video player software.

It is recommended to use MPC-BE or a newer version for optimal performance.

With MPC Image Source, video players gain the ability to handle various graphics image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, DDS, HEIF/HEIC, AVIF, ORF, PEF, JPEG XL, JPEG XR and more.

By incorporating MPC Image Source, users can now effortlessly integrate graphics images into their video playlists, allowing for greater customization and visual engagement.

Latest Changes to MPC Image Source:

- Corrected the issue related to opening certain JPEG files.
- Enhanced compatibility for RAW image files originating from cameras.
- Improved detection and handling of HEIF, HEIC, and AVIF file formats.
- Now uses MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32 for additional compatibility format because MEDIASUBTYPE_ARGB32 is not supported by Haali VR and madVR.
- Fixed operation of IMediaSeeking interface. Now the player can control how long images are displayed.
- Fixed shrinking of very large images.
- Set the default value for the "Max. non-scalable size" option to 8192 for compatibility with video renderers using Direct3D 9 or DXVA2 on some video adapters.
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