Google Video Player
on 22 January 2014, reviewed by: Nischaay Vaidya


Google video player should play all video formats available in market. and it should have converter. can convert any video format to other video format.

It should be able to play in email also, if video send to person via gmail.


Free RM to MP3 Converter 1.12
on 16 January 2014, reviewed by: Jim


I had 30 old .rm files and all of them converted except 1 (the largest one 2MB). All files that converted were between 350K - 900K in size.

When the program hit the corrupt file, it posted the error: Cannot read from file source!

Then at the bottom it said "Please update to DirectX 8.1" - I think it safe to say that the problem had nothing to do with Direct-X as it worked fine on all my other files.

Thank you Mr. Author!


VirtualDub 1.10.5 beta 2
on 14 January 2014, reviewed by: meagain


With FLV plugin VD can losslessly cut or encode FLV to AVI - if video codec used in FLV also installed.

MKV, MP4 etc - all works with plugins, but only synchronization problem was reading Webm format :/


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.2
on 11 January 2014, reviewed by: Skypilot


This version does not handle the bookmarks correctly for a DVD file with Video_Ts folder.

At least not on my configuration. Worked fine in 10.0.5.


AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD 7.4
on 09 January 2014, reviewed by: FRANK


AnyHD worked well during the trial periods. But now that that period has expired my computer can not play blu ray movies any longer.



DC-Graphic EQ Filter 1.10
on 08 January 2014, reviewed by: Chris


Only works on 32-bit OS, failed to load or crashed mpc-hc on Win7 and Win8 64-bit.


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 08 January 2014, reviewed by: Xuvs


Amazing!! Tried a few others and none worked apart from this one, Thank you so much!


SMPlayer beta
on 07 January 2014, reviewed by: Ram


SM Player is very good but incapable of playing longer video files above 250mb...whether it be wmv, mp4, flv or others which it plays worse.

For smaller video files, excellent

You are not serious, right...? It has no file size limit and its not very hard to check.

Some people could be put off by this disinformation.

This site should have thumb down button.

on 01 Feb 2014, by pecazp


SMPlayer beta
on 02 January 2014, reviewed by: Bolt90


This player IS reliable, and has de-blocking filters and other filters easily accessed from the menu bar including during playback.

It always seems to come in handy, even though I license several payware players.

This player is feature rich. Much appreciated...


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.2
on 28 December 2013, reviewed by: Chocobar


Does this one has virus as reported by Vincent ??

Anybody noticed anything strange after installation like their anti-viruses are disabled or infections detected by their antiviruses ??


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.2
on 28 December 2013, reviewed by: Gamma


Video stops playing in the middle, the graphic simply freeze or doing some weird loops but the sound continue to play.


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.2 Full, Standard and Basic
on 25 December 2013, reviewed by: hanky


At the moment its pants........ wont even load to library, just keeps freezing. well p'd off. really really really hate with a vengeance this crappy windows 8 (8.1)


DFX Audio Enhancer 11.112
on 22 December 2013, reviewed by: Rob Cunningham


I use Foobar2000 thru Soundblaster X-fi USB box and BoomBass in ear headphones.
I play mainly lossless music files such as wav flac and ape
I can discern no difference whether the DFX is switched on or off.

Form your own conclusions


JPEGView 1.0.31
on 15 December 2013, reviewed by: donuknowme


Just as fast as needed. My new default viewer.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.9
on 13 December 2013, reviewed by: Helena


I loved the old version, with the new version I can't see the subtitles. Hate it. Put the old version available to download.


Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin 1.0.3b (for Winamp)
on 12 December 2013, reviewed by: Sherif Ayad


Tara is a very good software but could not work completely with Realplayer 16 I am sorry for saying that even after re-installing realplayer and winamp and nothing changed.

I am waiting for feedback and reply.

Best Regards,
Sherif Ayad


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.1.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 08 December 2013, reviewed by: Jennifer M


thank you thank you thank you

I could hear the video on my windows 8 computer but couldnt see anything. every thing I read every where else was confusing and a pain in the ass and or cost money. this is simple it works and it didnt install a bunch of extra crap.

I had videos that were irreplaceable that I couldnt watch because of stupid windows 8 but thanks to you I can now watch them again!

I posted this link to Facebook to spread the word and help others with this confusing mess. thanks again!!!!

p.s. if it helps anyone reading this I downloaded the full mirror version


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.1.5
on 06 December 2013, reviewed by: sALMAn


Best version so far is version 6.1 and newer 8.7. All version after those old version has quite a bugs.


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 05 December 2013, reviewed by: Pronoy Singh


I could never see a video without Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Now its great. its called Home Cinema Theater.


mp3DirectCut 2.19
on 01 December 2013, reviewed by: Jaja


I have been with mp3 for more than 15 years now an I think it's okay to say I am some kind of experienced user ;-)

In small words: Mp3DC rocks!

Extremely fast and reliable for single track as well as for massive batch jobs.



Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 01 December 2013, reviewed by: OPODER


Plays various types of files on it, light, stable and is FREE.

Thank you, MPC-HC team!


Freemake Video Converter
on 29 November 2013, reviewed by: opoder


Freemake Video Converter

Progressively worse ...
Now, in addition to slow and put adware on your system, it puts a LOGO at the end of the rendered video.


DivX H.264 Decoder
on 28 November 2013, reviewed by: anton


virtual dub doesn't not see this codec


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.1.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 27 November 2013, reviewed by: Elgo Oglive


Why does it install AVG toolbar and Chrome?

Why is Chrome hidden from Windows explorer but not from the command prompt?

Is this some kind of rootkit?

Because you dont read when you are clicking Next or OK... Thats why.

on 28 Nov 2013, by Common Sense


QT Lite 4.1.0
on 27 November 2013, reviewed by: tapi0


Is this dead or can we get update to this?

I like to continue using this more than original QT.

Newest version is still 7.7.4


Subtitle Workshop 6.0a
on 25 November 2013, reviewed by: Hans


Super, Great..Thank You !!!!!


AVI FourCC Changer 1.00
on 22 November 2013, reviewed by: budda


do they ever upgrade this ? now is almost 2014


Light Alloy 4.7.4 final
on 20 November 2013, reviewed by: Osmann


Very good program. All files open. Excellent design, simple use.


AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10
on 13 November 2013, reviewed by: Scott Olewiler


worked perfectly - you can enter any frame rate you want, click APPLY, and the result is instant.

If you have a movie where the video lags more and more behind the audio as the movie progresses, or the opposite, then this is the perfect tool to fix your movie in a second.


Windows Live Movie Maker 16.4
on 13 November 2013, reviewed by: sammyson


Very smooth and easy to use


AviDemux 2.6.6
on 07 November 2013, reviewed by: WHBCstudio


This program was a lifesaver! Fixed a faulty record (audio sync off 5 frames) I could edit and it did a wonderful job encoding.

Great program!


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.1 Full, Standard and Basic
on 04 November 2013, reviewed by: dhie



What a great stuff, thanks to you who created this damn great!!!


GeoVision CCTV MPEG4 Codec 8.4
on 04 November 2013, reviewed by: Roy


La version 8.1.2 funciona perfecto en w7 profesional 32bits. saludos y gracias


on 02 November 2013, reviewed by: AHSAN G HASAN


The old version was good. Big RHS pane is a pain in the neck. Video quality is also poor.


Cucusoft Video Converter Ultimate 8.18
on 31 October 2013, reviewed by: Caroline


Initially, when it worked, I was satisfied. However, several weeks ago it stopped working.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling; when I launch the installer, it says an instance of the program is already running.

I've emailed Cucusoft's tech support seven or eight times over the past month, and always get a scripted answer, which tells me to do what I've already done. Sent them screenshots, etc - never get past the 1st tier support. Save yourself a lot of grief; get *advertising* Ultimate Video Converter.

It's faster, has as many conversion options, and their support staff appear to respond to questions (I've emailed two so far and have received usable answers within an hour).


AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) 2.55
on 26 October 2013, reviewed by: Moosa


is autoGK Work With Windows 8?

Yes it works with Win8 (8.1)

on 29 Nov 2013, by Ronnie

I cant get it to work with Windows 10, unfortunately. I would really appreciate any suggestions?

on 03 Oct 2015, by Brian


on 25 October 2013, reviewed by: Alfredo Menezes


This new version, 3.7.0 was a stepbackwards. I was a KMP user for 5 years a now I moved to MPC Classic.

It has no adds, has no album art column, does not want sell any product and its installation does not change anything im my computer.

I tried to hide the album art column and use KMP has a player only, like the old versions but I didnīt get it.


K-Lite Codec Pack Update 10.0.9 2013-10-09
on 24 October 2013, reviewed by: Zuhayr


Since Version 10.0.6, when playing some FLV files, audio plays only on right channel. Please fix this.
Apart from that, i have been using this Codec for six years now; Best Codec!

Super pack!

on 01 Nov 2013, by Anthony

This is probably some problem on your side you must check out.Cheers

on 16 May 2014, by anonman


SubtitleCreator 2.3 rc1
on 22 October 2013, reviewed by: Stephen


It might be a nice program but why a semi-naked woman on the opening screen?

If you HAVE to put an image there let people select it during installation. Not everyone in the world likes such things.

It just goes to show that you (the author) think of nothing else. Sad...


AnyDVD & AnyDVD HD beta
on 21 October 2013, reviewed by: Sawuwaya


I have used the trial version and the beta version, both worked like a champ.

I have PURCHASED the full suite of and downloaded the free programs of Slysoft's programs and I love them all.

AnyDVD HD works and rips my Blue Rays and DVDs to my hard drive and it has never failed me yet. It is updated monthly and checks the servers everytime I use it to see if the movie I am ripping to my hard drive has the latest code for that movie.

It was well worth the lifetime subscription price that I paid for it almost five years ago. No other program can touch AanDVD HD.

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