eac3to stands as a reliable solution for converting and processing audio formats. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a valuable asset for audio enthusiasts, filmmakers, and sound engineers.

Some Features of eac3to:

- Versatility:
eac3to supports a wide range of audio formats, including AC3, EAC3, DTS, TrueHD, and FLAC, offering users the flexibility to work with diverse audio sources.
- Precision and Control:
eac3to provides precise control over audio streams, allowing users to extract, convert, and manipulate audio according to their specific needs.
- Quality Preservation:
The tool is designed to maintain audio quality during the transcoding process, whether converting between lossless formats or compressing audio for specific platforms.
- Multifunctional Toolkit:
In addition to transcoding, eac3to offers functions such as demuxing, downmixing, and fixing synchronization issues in audio streams, making it a versatile toolkit.

Changes to eac3to 3.49:

* Fixed -destpath option when it is the last option on the command line.
* Stopped eac3to from generating the log file twice.
* The new rules for the log file location are:
The -log path is used if present.
If -log is absent then the -destpath path is used if present.
If -log and -destpath are both absent then the current directory is used.
* Removed automatic invocation of thdmerge.exe for technical reasons (eac3to performs delay correction for AC3 but not for THD, leading to a misaligned thd+ac3 file when the THD stream has a delay).
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