Opus Audio Codec 1.1
on 26 March 2015, reviewed by: ritm


LoRd_MuldeR builds not working after upx unpacking.


K-Lite Codec Pack Update 11.0.5
on 25 March 2015, reviewed by: MUFTAKiS


MediaInfo doesnt work!! its just open then close immediately in version 11.0.5


JLC Internet TV 1.2.1
on 14 March 2015, reviewed by: Hazim


I like it thak you for this great program.I love it very much.


foobar2000 Free Encoder Pack 2014-11-29
on 01 March 2015, reviewed by: Cary


It does not "conveniently install in a sub directory of foobar". The executable just runs, asks for admin privileges, and then silently does nothing. No error, no message.


VirtualDub 1.10.5 beta 7
on 09 February 2015, reviewed by: OPODER


I follow the VDub and AviSynth since emerged (long, loooog time ago :D).
VD is easy to use, because menus. But both are powerful.

Yes, it have small problems, but VDub is a great video edit!.
With filters you will make great effects. You can restore the colors and bad images!And you can stack effects Wow!

Remember: BETA is not a stable version. Then, do not judge by a beta ;)


BDtoAVCHD 2.3.2
on 09 February 2015, reviewed by: OPOPODER


A very good application!
But requires Java (for BDSup2Sub) :(


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 08 February 2015, reviewed by: Tien


Really works in windows 8.1 64bits, thanks!


MKVToolnix 7.5
on 01 February 2015, reviewed by: OPODER


Great tool!
I was unable to extract a subtitle. On the "Extract" says he is not yet functional



AviDemux 2.6.8-1
on 21 January 2015, reviewed by: Cuelebre


Very good software but... why it appears as updated on 21/01/2015 when the last official update is from 23/03/2014?

Editor's note: The nightly build has been updated ;)

This web is fantastic, but I think you should explain on title which is really the new version. For instance, there are people not interested on nightly builds.

on 22 Jan 2015, by Cuelebre


Codec Tweak Tool 5.9.5
on 18 January 2015, reviewed by: alex


I suddenly lost the ability to make CUE files when backing up discs. Used the codec tweak tool, all is fixed now !!!

Super easy -- WORKS GREAT !!!!


MPEG4 Modifier 1.4.6
on 16 January 2015, reviewed by: danbow


What do this program? I try, but do not understand, sorry. :)
For example, avi file with the deformed frame size (sprained heads). VirtualDub can correct it with filters and full recode video.

By means of this program, without recoding, it is possible?

later edit:
Yes. It works for me only with nero decoder, now all understandable. Thanks for Your nice tool and excuse me :)


ProgDVB 7.07.9
on 11 January 2015, reviewed by: OPODER


ProgDVB 7.07.9:

- Unstable!
- Very slow.
- Freeze.
- Exits unexpectedly.
- X86: Does not detect channels. x64: Detects but does not display/render.
- Everytime you set a thing, it asks to restart! If you click yes, it freeze.


FLAC Frontend 2.1
on 11 January 2015, reviewed by: OPODER


Great Frontend! Now (2.x) tester is inside the main FE.
Thank you for this fe!


Adobe Flash Player beta
on 08 January 2015, reviewed by: Trish


This software is as bad as any virus you can get.

It constantly crashes, freezes up your computer, wastes valuable hd space and changes your computers settings to secretly gathers information from your computer, is a huge target for malicious programming and updates almost as regularly as it crashes.

This is the worst software used by the web today. It is the worst software I have ever used.


on 22 December 2014, reviewed by: Name


Stopped making a Temp file 2 months ago. Problem or change in updates? Now have


SmartRipper 2.41
on 07 December 2014, reviewed by: Astro Boy vob


It outputs vob files to computer speedy and with time set by chapters :)


Helium Audio Converter 2.0.461
on 03 December 2014, reviewed by: Ayumi


It converts any 24-bit file into 16-bit file without notice.
I lost a lot of 24-bit original recordings!!!!
Never use it with Hi-Res audio files.


BS.Player 2.67
on 15 November 2014, reviewed by: Neven


This is a risky player to download. It contains Adware and Trojans. Once installed will cause the PC to crush and restart.

I tried it twice but had to uninstall it. Any cleaner software (SpeedyPCPro, CCleaner...)will clean half of the program from PC. This is how much it is "safe".

Until it gets cleaned and all bugs eliminated I will not use it.


KMPlayer beta 6
on 08 November 2014, reviewed by: Hugh


Original was good and all were up to last update when lots of videos that would play now do not (CODECS?)

Screen too dark or no video only sound and some with no sound but all will play in VLC.

Annoying ad screen to right of main viewing area cannot be dispensed with on start up and one has to manually dismiss by toggle switch on top bar.

BAD update and I would not recommend to install


CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.5
on 05 November 2014, reviewed by: Vicente


I found it very useful to use CamStudio Lossless Codec 1.5 in Hypercam2 program. These codecs gives the best results whrn I have to record the desktop in Windows 8.1.



Wavelet Kompressor 2.7
on 31 October 2014, reviewed by: Blanka


FYI: Only does .wko, .jpg, .jpeg and .bmp image files.


BergWave 20040711
on 31 October 2014, reviewed by: Blanka


When opening the vfwbw.inf file to install ...a notepad opens instead of installing the program :(


Dirac Splitter
on 31 October 2014, reviewed by: Blanka


No installation file in download


on 30 October 2014, reviewed by: Name


could not update it and would not copy Sex Tape.


uTorrent beta
on 24 October 2014, reviewed by: Ahmet Turan


Terrible adware. After installation, stuck with some "v9" as default search page. Could remove it only by system restore.

Version 3.3.29625 works without problem.


RealPlayer Cloud 17.0.13
on 06 October 2014, reviewed by: Steven Phan


real player cloud is suck. whenever I download my video ,it is always said incomplete downloading..

it s really suck .it is not use to be like old an real player......


Subtitle Edit 3.4.2
on 04 October 2014, reviewed by: soham


Why does it come back saying "no subtitles found" with my .mp4 or .mkv file, tho on playing I do see the subs clearly!


Subtitle Edit 3.4.2
on 04 October 2014, reviewed by: telep


@soham: Check if the files have actual subtitle streams with MediaInfo (can be found here at codecs.com), and if there are, You need to import them into Subtitle Edit.

If MediaInfo says there are no subtitle streams, then yours are probably hard-coded subs, meaning they are encoded as part of the video stream, and can not be extracted (You would need to use OCR/Optical Character Recognition software, and doing that on a video stream might be a lost cause, quite a lot of work in the best case..).


Microsoft MPEG-4 V1/2/3 VKI Codec
on 26 September 2014, reviewed by: marek


Probably it is the best thing ever, which I had download to my personal computer.


Hotwire Codec Bundle 1.0
on 18 September 2014, reviewed by: muhammad nadeem


nice pack for all pcs and computer systems for a life


KMPlayer beta
on 13 September 2014, reviewed by: How Ironic


With every update it gets worse and worse, needless to say, Its pretty sad that the positive customer reviews for any site rating the new versions of KMP are predominantly generic and unoriginal.

Maybe the bakers should stop making fake review accounts to bump up the ratings and use the time to instead to actually bring this piece of software back out of the gutter.


x265 Encoder 1.3.119
on 08 September 2014, reviewed by: Chuck


Syas it is not a valid Win32 Application


PotPlayer 1.6.49775 beta
on 06 September 2014, reviewed by: Medenyx


Simply the Best.
For beginners, as for professionals too.
No codec needed, but can be implemented as one wish, could not be more personally.

Attention - Do NOT download from any site !

Recommendation - Use 32bit version on x64 bit Windows too !

PS - Very often is upgraded and it is evolving very quickly!


Helium Audio Converter 1.8.365
on 24 August 2014, reviewed by: Tennessee Tuxedo


Helium software does exactly what it says it will do - and does it ALL well.

Plus no crapware, spy ware, upgrade ads etc. I use their ripper, splitter and audio encoder.


x265 Encoder 1.3.18
on 22 August 2014, reviewed by: Dale Davidson


I get a warning saying that this is not a valid executable file.


ProgDVB 7.06.5
on 17 August 2014, reviewed by: OPODER


ProgDVB 7.06.5 x64:

+ Easy to set up.
+ You can choose portable installation and normal.
+ The beautiful interface.

- The channel menu is not very practical.
- I uninstalled because the application CRASH a lot.


x265 Encoder 1.2.513
on 12 August 2014, reviewed by: Melloiguana


I have not tried out this software yet, but if it is a good encoder, then maybe someone can implement it into the Handbrake video encoding software.

That would probably make X265 encoder the new "norm" to encode anime videos and the like.

That is just my opinion so please, take it with a grain of salt.


Freemake Video Converter
on 12 August 2014, reviewed by: Disappointed


I first wanted to give freemake cudos for starting out with a product that has so much potential, its incredibly fast, great on hd conversion, really nice features such as bitrate, aspect ratio, and a really simple interface to use.

WOW!!!!, NO I DONT WORK FOR FREEMAKE, and whats with the 2 rating, well I have an Nvida card and Freemake uses CUDA and DXVA, apparently when the cuda is being used from the graphics card if your watching a video the same time your using freemake it will conflict from time to time and give you the BLue Screen Of Death, BSOD, and power off your pc, I have had to reinstall my windows op sys several times due to this happening as I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and verified it happening several times, apparently with someone else in this forum as well, I kept getting a graphics card error in windows, or conflict instructing me to dele and reinstall my video driver, since i have removed freemake no more problems with graphics card and have never had a problem with Nvidias products and have been using them for years. My driver was up to date and ok by the way.

Freemake needs to figure out how to use cuda without conflicting with the graphics card while it is in use.

I hate to see a program with so much potential go to waste, and its free. :( ps I have intel i-7 quad core, 16 gbts ram ddr3, 3.4 ghz system almost fairly new, so its not the pc. Oh and the subtitles should be free but come in a giant size while asking for money on this product.


PotPlayer 1.6.49343
on 08 August 2014, reviewed by: kani20


The new version (1.6.49243) can not decode DTS audio . Please help.

I am getting
Built-in MKV Source::English (Audio 1)
Built-in AVIAC3/DTS::XForm Out


Adobe DNG Converter 8.6
on 04 August 2014, reviewed by: Zaxaz


Only for Windows 7 ? Not for XP ! :-(

Why are you still using an OS that is over a decade old, and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

on 09 Aug 2014, by Xerrion

  • CoreAAC filter

  • I've installed this codec for "SolveigMM Video Splitter" but doesn't work.
  • Orbit Downloader

  • this is the best and fasted downloader.
  • KMPlayer

  • everytime i install the the km playewr at the last moment of extaction it gets stopped automatically saying porunegud ...
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