Xvid is a powerful codec allowing you to compress video and store it more efficiently on your computer.
This MPEG-4 video codec also enables its users to send videos faster over computer networks.

The main advantage provided by Xvid is the extremely high conversion rate – 200:1.

By using Xvid, you are in fact archiving your videos and eliminating information that the human eye can’t perceive.

The software maintains a high quality of pictures and most users are satisfied with the results it delivers.

Compressed files can be played through apps like MPlayer or VLC Player and edited with various tools, including Virtual Dub and Auto Gordian Knot.

Furthermore, you can use Xvid for free and enjoy features and benefits that not even the most expensive products can offer. There are no restrictions in terms of features or testing period.

Xvid is often provided with the driver CD of various hardware devices like digital cameras. In these cases, Xvid is needed to exchange videos between the hardware device and the PC. Devices displaying the Xvid profile logo are Xvid certified and provide high compatibility with this codec and its quality standards.

Xvid can be used on the most popular platforms, including PC on Windows and Linux and Mac/iMac on Mac OS X.

Those who want to add interactivity features like menus or subtitles need to use third-party software which can enhance Xvid files, such as AutoGK for subtitles support.

Some extra features that make Xvid a reliable product are its assembly optimizations, the MPEG-4 video codec library, and the SP/ASP encoding and decoding support. The program is optimized to achieve the highest picture quality while also delivering outstanding archival results.

Xvid is an excellent choice for any computer user looking to reduce video size from 100 GB to as low as 500 MB while enjoying excellent picture quality and convenience of use.

- Jawor's stable builds are built on 24.06.2011 while the unstable builds are built on 13.07.2011.
- Jawor's patched build includes Xvid EncRaw while x86 & x64 version and x64 version have a 64-bit DirectShow decoder.
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Xvid Video Codec 1.3.4
on 13 November 2015 , reviewed by:

Always very good, good programe.


Xvid Video Codec 1.4-127
on 04 March 2014 , reviewed by:

Be aware that these files Download Xvid Video Codec 1.3.2 - x86 & x64 and Download Xvid Video Codec 1....

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