WebP Codec 0.19.9
on 11 November 2018, reviewed by: Martina


Did not install properly and the webp pics do not show up at all. Win 8.1 64 here. disappointing.


Alcohol 120% 2.0.3
on 12 October 2018, reviewed by: Luis D


Long time using it, best image software.


Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta
on 06 October 2018, reviewed by: thexfile


Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta is what i'm testing. Memory 52.7 MB CPU is bouncing between 0.0 - 0.3 %.


PotPlayer 1.7.14566 beta
on 06 October 2018, reviewed by: memex


i just love pot player, a great solid player i use about 75% of the time.


on 29 September 2018, reviewed by: Andrew


Been using XMPLAY for over 10years.. its a small and compact mp3 player.. never saw the need to use winamp or anything else.


Not so difficult to uninstall it, if you want to uninstall Adobe Flash Player first you have to find "Adobe Flash Player"in the program list, double-click to open the uninstall dialog check your browser,if you are using Google Chrome also includes a built-in version of Flash Player.

Editor's note: some promotional links have been removed from this post.


Adobe AIR 31.0.96
on 13 September 2018, reviewed by: Nana Fred Gyansie


Adobe Media Player is the best.


on 08 September 2018, reviewed by: pepa


Antivirus program Avast called the program a virus and moved it to a viral chest!


VLC Media Player 3.0.3
on 18 August 2018, reviewed by: Berman


I have been a VLC user for quite some time and believe it to be the best video player available. Videolan recently released the latest version (3.0.3). I was pleased to discover that it supports closed captioning.

I sometimes have trouble hearing what people say, particularly when they have an unfamiliar (to me) accent or they mumble (which happens a lot in TV shows and movies).

One minor downside of the new version is that fast-forward at 8x doesn't work any more -- it worked perfectly in version 2.2.6. Fast-forward at 4x sort of works. It trundles along for a few seconds, then the picture freezes. If you wait a while, it will restart, but not where it left off. It restarts where it would have been if it hadn't frozen.

Another option is to quickly backspace 3 seconds when the picture freezes and, in most cases, it will get by that freeze point. It's a fairly minor point (after all, how often do you want to fast-forward at 4x or 8x?) but I do use it from time to time to catch reception errors on recorded TV programs that I haven't yet watched at normal speed before passing the program on to someone else.

Going through a one- or two-hour program at 8x takes long enough -- 4x obviously takes twice as long. Anything less than that is pretty much not worth the time. I hope that they correct this in the next version -- but that could be a long time coming.

They tend to leave a rather long time between versions. Nevertheless, VLC is a terrific video player and that one quirk is not enough to lower my rating.

They fixed it. I got version 3.0.4 today. 4x, 8x and even 16x all work.

on 05 Sep 2018, by Berman


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100
on 22 July 2018, reviewed by: Dayro


Gracias por permitirnos descargar estos codecs, indispensables para obtener el mejor sonido en nuestros equipos.


LAV Filters 0.72
on 04 July 2018, reviewed by: GNAStar


Best until recent 0.72, said to further fix MKV playback end up causing lag issue for MPC-HC.

Rewinding now pause a second before continue play. Doesn't occur in 0.71.


SUPER 2018.74
on 28 June 2018, reviewed by: Melani


I'm using this video converter, simple and extremely efficient.


x265vfw 2.8
on 19 June 2018, reviewed by: Andy


With latest version of X265vfw 2.8.0 (June 2018) resizing a video with function "Sample Aspect Ratio" SAR width and Sar height value entries other than 1 has no effect to processed video.


AIMP 4.51.2077
on 02 June 2018, reviewed by: audiophile


amazing algorithm with proper decoders turn a poor .wav cd into stunning enhanced audio MP3.


XMedia Recode
on 29 May 2018, reviewed by: 4lex4


Supports the most effective HEVC (H.265) and VP9 video encoders, AAC and Opus audio ones.

In contrast to other converters it allows to adjust video and audio encoder parameters in detail.


thanks for the update beta 3642 works great with smooth video player 3.17 & madvr.


Monkey's Audio 4.34
on 08 May 2018, reviewed by: Toaru Neko


The only advantage over popular FLAC that MAC files are
~2% smaller in side.

And there's a cost: MAC is very slow and less supported.
If you need small size no matter of speed, use OptimFrog which is also less supported by soft/hardware.


Opus Audio Codec 1.3 beta 31
on 08 May 2018, reviewed by: Toaru Neko


Thank you, oh great Lord Mulder, for Opus updates.
Please continue your good work.

Please don't compress files with UPX, use 7z solid archiving instead.

Please make Linux x64 builds if possible.


VirtualDub2 19.41867
on 08 May 2018, reviewed by: Toaru Neko


VirtualDub2 is a must-have. The main features are:

1. extract single or sequence of images from video.
2. encode video from any format to neraly any format.
3. deinterlace DVD video from 29.97i into 59.94p.
4. many other.


ALLPlayer 8.0
on 01 May 2018, reviewed by: dede999


Very poor video player.


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 29 April 2018, reviewed by: Zul


This is superb....thanks made my day complete.


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100
on 24 April 2018, reviewed by: Imteyaz


LAME3.100 is the best MP3 encoder for trimming or converting audio files to MP3 format @ 128 KBPS CBR.

Nope. Fraunhofer still sounds considerably better at 128kbps CBR compared to LAME. Much better using VBR encoding.

on 16 Sep 2018, by Fraser


DivX H.264 Decoder
on 12 April 2018, reviewed by: wonderboy


Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated.


VLC 3.0.4 for Android
on 03 April 2018, reviewed by: Ramoram


VLC player is the best player in my opinion.

It is capable of playing offline as well as online streaming video. It even records videos. It can record your activities on the computer.


x265 Encoder 2.7.20
on 02 April 2018, reviewed by: sig


nice product, well developed.


Plex Media Player
on 16 March 2018, reviewed by: Katarina


This app is really cool but , Kodi is one of the best live streaming apps around.

Much better than Plex of Netflix, i have been using Kodi for years now and i don't think about replacement, i suggest you to give it a try you'll forget about Plex or Netflix, i visited a site yesterday it has explained all the installation and updation process of kodi.


VirtualDub2 19.41462
on 12 March 2018, reviewed by: memex


well i was testing this out and i found this very cool glitch (i think it's a glitch)

using a dual monitor 17 inch and 40 inch lcd

primary is 17 inch open vdud drag to my 40 inch lcd

open file for testing all good now the neat thing, i

doulbled clicked on the open file it launched on my 17

inch at full screen (neat full screen editing)

to get back image on dub just double click on image

i hope this makes some sense tried to explain best i know

happy editing memex ._. :)


myFFmpeg 3.3.3
on 08 March 2018, reviewed by: Stefan Bosu


One of the best, if not the best UI I ever used for ffmpeg. Awesome support too.

Very highly recommended when you need a pro level media handler.


LameXP 4.16 beta 8
on 02 March 2018, reviewed by: Katerina


great thank you very much for the free download, its really nice.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 01 March 2018, reviewed by: mibby


I've always liked MPC but this will not run on XP 32 bit.


FxSound Enhancer 13.019
on 22 February 2018, reviewed by: Nekochan


it's 168 hours trial version!


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 13.8.2 beta
on 19 February 2018, reviewed by: Jason


You guys are the best. Thank you for your hard work.


VirtualDub FilterMod 18.41106
on 16 February 2018, reviewed by: memex


I like a lot, makes cutting x264 & x265 files simple as pie, using the export stream copy. (SWEET)

nice work indeed!


XMedia Recode
on 05 February 2018, reviewed by: Cedesse


Roughly put, Xmedia Recode is your 'Handbrake+' solution. Unlike the very popular Handbrake video recoding tool, Xmedia Recode also has a video passthrough (aka. video remuxing or rewrapping) option. Some other nice bonus features are:
- Simple chapter editing
- Simple metadata editing
- Simple visual timeline editor for trimming/cutting out parts
- Extensive output format support

Xmedia is Windows only. Other OS users, who are afraid of ffmpeg's command line interface, can use an equally powerful free GUI tool like Hybrid (www.selur.de), if they wish to remux use other features that Handbrake doesn't offer.


Windows Live Movie Maker 16.4
on 04 February 2018, reviewed by: ann


Soo slow installing,but isn't so bad its okay!


madVR 0.92.11
on 16 January 2018, reviewed by: memex


tested on smooth video_project 4.1 pro works AWSOME

I Tested it with some 720p rips. it brought wonderland

the new series to life :)

just overwrite files in svp folder

SVP project is awesome. once you get it to work (learning curve)


DivX 10.8.5
on 16 January 2018, reviewed by: Frank


DivX at one time was a great 'codec' and I loved it using Dr.DivX to convert files into DivX Home Theater files. I purchased DivX starting at version 4 and continued to upgrade from there.

DivX 6 was great with Dr DivX 2.0 converter. However, DivX network ended Dr DivX (and later ended support for Dr DivX 2.0) while pushing their crappy DivX Converter that did little to nothing. The Dr. allowed for 'one click' DivX conversion to 'limit the file size'. Even though the DivX Converter claims it will, it will not. I've sent at least 4 complaints about this and they have never fixed that issue. Why? Probably because h264 is better than the DivX codec. However, not everyone needs, or even cares for HD 1080, or UHD 4k video.

All I want is to create DivX files that are DivX Home Theater compliant, burn them to a 'single 700MB CD' like I could easily do with a 'single click' in Dr DivX and play them in my stand alone DivX Home Theater Certified DVD Player. Lastly why do they continue to call it DivX when they removed the DivX codec from DivX?

If the file is not being encoded using DivX codec, but rather h264, Xvid, or some other codec, then it cannot be a DivX file.

I would not recommend DivX 10 to anyone.


x265vfw 1.7
on 13 January 2018, reviewed by: MEMEX


very nice - I use it with virtual dub, it works great a nice add on also u can use x264vfw with dub.


Cucusoft Video Converter Ultimate 8.18
on 07 January 2018, reviewed by: Les Miles


Do not buy it as when the newest Windows 10 came in, it stopped working and cannot get past the no copy code and no one to assist you to get it fixed.

I loved and now think they are no longer a good program to use.

I used to recommend it to many that bought it so I now apologize for how they are now that I could not anticipate.

I used it for years and now it is a dead program on my computer

Thanks Les for your comments. Im now having the same issue. Have you found a good replacement program yet?

on 14 Jul 2018, by John


Nero 2018
on 07 January 2018, reviewed by: David rathan


I bought Nero 2017. It promised 4K. It did not work. O got a refund. I figured they fixed the problem. I bought Nero 2018. Same problem.

I would not burn a regular DVD. I tried in Blu-ray. It worked but the disc would not play in my Blu-rays player. WFT.

Did not install properly and the webp pics do not show up at all. Win 8.1 64 here. disappointing.
Long time using it, best image software.
Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta is what i'm testing. Memory 52.7 MB CPU is bouncing between 0.0 - 0.3 %.
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