DFX Audio Enhancer 12.014
on 08 January 2016, reviewed by: terry nicolay


is this free to use, full version?


AC-3 ACM Codec 2.2
on 19 December 2015, reviewed by: Dan


I got the message error: No audio decompressor could be found .... error tag:2000 :(


Gom Player 2.2.74
on 15 December 2015, reviewed by: Phlip


GOM player deosnt support mkv files...im trying play them but the audio is missing..


Codec Tweak Tool 6.0.3
on 08 December 2015, reviewed by: Lupa


Fixed a DirectShow error I had while trying to write an Audio CD from a generated CUE sheet in IMGBurn.

Just run as administrator and clicked FIX after using the Backup button to save current settings.

Sorted the problem with no other input. Excellent.


K-Lite Codec Pack 64-bit 9.9.9 beta
on 02 December 2015, reviewed by: joseph martinez


I'm having a hard time installing K-lite. I kept getting a virus.


on 24 November 2015, reviewed by: chris


/super, but without a dl how can i know?


Tixati 2.26
on 17 November 2015, reviewed by: Hipoalergeniko


Best bittorrent client ever, imagine utorrent on steroids but much more organized.

Powerful, very configurable, great rss support and ad free. Does not require java, .net or any other framework non sense.

32 & 64 bit windows builds and linux versions available too.


Xvid Video Codec 1.3.4
on 13 November 2015, reviewed by: Paco


Always very good, good programe.


AVI ReComp 1.5.6
on 31 October 2015, reviewed by: spartacus


I was happy and..... virustotal found: Win.Adware.Outbrowse-1168 ,TrojanDownloader.Delf.aejf and Downloader.Silent Install.Win32.95.

What now?

Admin's Note: it's a false positive. AVI ReComp's installer is clean.

You have virus in your head.. Buy better antivirus.

on 04 Nov 2015, by Marcelo


madFLAC 1.10
on 29 October 2015, reviewed by: Ruben


Excellent! It just works, just install it as it says in the readme.txt. It works by its own. You just play your files in the WMP after that.


AVI ReComp 1.5.6
on 24 October 2015, reviewed by: Ines


Gracias por permitirme descargar este programa, es muy fácil de manejar y da excelentes resultados tanto la conversion a AVI como pegar subtítulos, estoy usandolo desde hace mas de cinco años.

Muchas Gracias¡¡¡


PotPlayer 1.6.56691 beta
on 15 October 2015, reviewed by: minosax


PotPlayer is the best one I have ever used. It has simple UI but best for my any complex purpose.


Mp3tag 2.72
on 12 October 2015, reviewed by: ezgoin


Truly an excellent piece of software in my opinion, very intuitive. I use mint cinnamon. booya


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100 alpha 2
on 06 October 2015, reviewed by: Over Yonder


the name describes it all - lame... blurred sound, poor stereo.


MKVToolnix 8.4
on 01 October 2015, reviewed by: Ocean


Perfect. I love this site.


ADVANCED Codecs 5.46
on 30 September 2015, reviewed by: Andrew


Installs a lot of unwanted crap. Stay away from this.


MPV Decoder
on 26 September 2015, reviewed by: matt


This let me get live tv working on my next pvr setup!


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 14 September 2015, reviewed by: MTouseef


Works Perfect, All done in less than 10 seconds.


Subtitle Edit 3.4.8
on 12 September 2015, reviewed by: Josiel


mto bom esse programa,ajuda mto,parabns pelo desenvolvedor...

Meu problema que fui lengendar um video no formato wmv,legendei e tals,mas na hora de salvar,o formato ficou diferente,tentei converter mais no deu certo,queria que me indicassem um formato bom,ou um video explicando como fazer.

Obrigado !


K-Lite Codec Pack 11.4
on 05 September 2015, reviewed by: Josip


Solved all my problems with HEVC or x265.

Uninstall everything regarding codecs, and just install this.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 04 September 2015, reviewed by: mr savvy


uncompatible with window 10 32 bit sometimes getting errors, i love this player from years ago but now ill leave this.. thanks


x265 Encoder 1.7.442
on 27 August 2015, reviewed by: AlienTech


I have been trying the 1.7 release and each version speeds up the encode.

From my own tests, the x265 encode at medium is faster than the x264 encodes while giving a file size that is 50% smaller.. All this is subjective ofcourse.. But it does look like the developers are doing a great job and maybe the experiences from the x264 project helps them a bit here..

It took much longer for updates to come out with x264 to show similar achievements and although it is missing functionalities of the x264 encoder, it now has pretty much everything to go head to head with the older codec.

I was skeptical at first but cant beat the speed and quality increases the new x265 brings to the table. As it took almost a decade for x264 to mature, we can start seeing wide spread use far sooner here as the gains are substantial.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 20 August 2015, reviewed by: tai kotok


im still getting error in this version beta 677 in window 10. broken to play webm, avi format.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 15 August 2015, reviewed by: baso macky


good player but not working perfectly in window 10. a few format video was broken when i play. please fix that.. thanks for developer..


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 15 August 2015, reviewed by: baso macky


great player can play all format with small size. but skin very old. skin will make downloader interest, i recommend status or time toolbar remove move to around of volume. thanks..


1Click DVD Copy Pro 5.1
on 11 August 2015, reviewed by: Tom Hanlon


Positive: Love the program have been using it for many years had great support over those years with rapid response from support.

CONS: Installed windows 10. Corrupted drive loss all my license which was stored on the drive. Have sent 7 emails requesting a re-send of licence since it happened and to date have received no response. Licences for my other software from various other support request were promptly dealt with.

I still have time before renewing my 1clickCopy Pro but until I receive an answer cannot use or renew my licence. At that point I will then look for an alternative. Support use to be great - so disappointed with current treatment. Something need to be done else they will loose loyal costumers and sales in the future. What a pity such a great program yet a greater let down by support.


PotPlayer 1.6.55739 beta
on 11 August 2015, reviewed by: David Teng


There is no english version of potplayer I can find only Korean version only. What is happening?


MLC Codec 1.2
on 11 August 2015, reviewed by: Aaa


This codec has the best compression ratio of all lossless codecs.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 09 August 2015, reviewed by: master com


this is good player in windows 7 and 8 but in windows 10 i agree with savvyteng. this player broke to play webm avi and another format sometimes and mpc-hc smooth for window 10. thanks..


K-Lite Codec Pack Update 11.3.7
on 08 August 2015, reviewed by: Jim


My anti-virus marks this as a virus and deletes it automatically.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 06 August 2015, reviewed by: savvyteng bau phis anh


broken in window10 when i play webm n avi video format. please fix.


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41.322
on 02 August 2015, reviewed by: Richard38


Guys, when will make you DirectVobSub compatible with Windows 10?

Hey Richard I am trying to make it work but with no success...

on 04 Aug 2015, by svsking


K-Lite Codec Pack 11.3.2 beta
on 01 August 2015, reviewed by: jjsjjs


No Audio on MKV movie. Switching back to former version.


Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) 2015.05.04 rc
on 24 July 2015, reviewed by: Master Baitor


Has been my only choice on any windows (including xp, vista and win 7) for playing media. Had .mkv hd video support before it was a standard.

Have encountered minor config problems, but always solved from within the filters settings.


DVD Chief 2.2
on 23 July 2015, reviewed by: Cuelebre


Not freeware.


Zoom Player 10.5 beta 2
on 13 July 2015, reviewed by: Steve


NO VIDEO. In spite of many emails to tech support and extremely complex and technical suggestions, still no video. Worthless product.


K-Lite Codec Pack 11.2 Full, Standard and Basic
on 10 July 2015, reviewed by: Yix01


Lists of Menu are not all translated in Chinese_Traditional Form.


Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 03 July 2015, reviewed by: phil


Reserving judgement at this point...no instructions...assuming the files go in the filters folder of Audition 3. Mine version of Audition is running x86.

MP4 still not supported for video multitrack sessions. Is there another place I should put the Nero files? Thanks


AMD Catalyst 15.5 beta
on 19 June 2015, reviewed by: Edvaldo de Oliveira


Som esta otimo p/esta hora quer escutar musica.


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 12 June 2015, reviewed by: vaibhav gupta


it is completely useless.

  • DFX Audio Enhancer

  • is this free to use, full version?
  • AC-3 ACM Codec

  • I got the message error: No audio decompressor could be found .... error tag:2000 :(
  • Gom Player

  • GOM player deosnt support mkv files...im trying play them but the audio is missing..
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