3D-Subtitler 2.7.1

Updated: 24 May 2011

3.75 from 4 Reviews

With 3D-Subtitler you can convert common SRT subtitles to IDX and SUP subtitles which are compatible with 3D movies.
There are various options you can access with this subtitle converter.

The character table lets you choose between Thai, Central European, Western European, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Baltic and Vietnamese.

Those needing character sets for foreign languages outside Western Europe will definitely be pleased with this application and so will be users looking for a way to make their subtitles more visible. For instance, you can create depth effects and position the subtitles differently from default settings.

3D-Subtitler also features an option to choose for SBS and Over/Under. The last uses 720p.
Whenever you want to convert a subtitle with 3D-Subtitler, you have to select the source folder, the output destination, and the size, which can be 720p or 1080p. Other options you can handle are the framerate, the language, the position (vertical or horizontal), the output format (VobSub idx/sub or Bluray sup) and the 3D type (Side by Side or Over Under).

You will have your subtitle converted within seconds and the application will need a low amount of system resources no matter what Windows version you use. Your computer performance is not affected at all and the user experience is satisfactory as well, as the interface is simple and intuitive.

The last version of 3D-Subtitler was launched in 2011, and some new features have been added, such as changing text color and its contrasts and added Korean and traditional Chinese characters.

This compact application is exactly what you need in order to convert your subtitles for 3D formats and apply a variety of editing options.
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3.75 from 4 Reviews


on 02 March 2013 , reviewed by:

3DSubtitler is crap. It crashes when I double-click it. "3DSubtitler has detected a problem and must close". There is no ...


on 22 April 2012 , reviewed by:

3Dsubtitler does change the time for the Subtitle. the Subtitle comes later or earlier than the scene. in my case ...

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