PotPlayer 1.6.49775 beta
on 06 September 2014, reviewed by: Medenyx


Simply the Best.
For beginners, as for professionals too.
No codec needed, but can be implemented as one wish, could not be more personally.

Attention - Do NOT download from any site !

Recommendation - Use 32bit version on x64 bit Windows too !

PS - Very often is upgraded and it is evolving very quickly!


Helium Audio Converter 1.8.365
on 24 August 2014, reviewed by: Tennessee Tuxedo


Helium software does exactly what it says it will do - and does it ALL well.

Plus no crapware, spy ware, upgrade ads etc. I use their ripper, splitter and audio encoder.


x265 Encoder 1.3.18
on 22 August 2014, reviewed by: Dale Davidson


I get a warning saying that this is not a valid executable file.


ProgDVB 7.06.5
on 17 August 2014, reviewed by: OPODER


ProgDVB 7.06.5 x64:

+ Easy to set up.
+ You can choose portable installation and normal.
+ The beautiful interface.

- The channel menu is not very practical.
- I uninstalled because the application CRASH a lot.


x265 Encoder 1.2.513
on 12 August 2014, reviewed by: Melloiguana


I have not tried out this software yet, but if it is a good encoder, then maybe someone can implement it into the Handbrake video encoding software.

That would probably make X265 encoder the new "norm" to encode anime videos and the like.

That is just my opinion so please, take it with a grain of salt.


Freemake Video Converter
on 12 August 2014, reviewed by: Disappointed


I first wanted to give freemake cudos for starting out with a product that has so much potential, its incredibly fast, great on hd conversion, really nice features such as bitrate, aspect ratio, and a really simple interface to use.

WOW!!!!, NO I DONT WORK FOR FREEMAKE, and whats with the 2 rating, well I have an Nvida card and Freemake uses CUDA and DXVA, apparently when the cuda is being used from the graphics card if your watching a video the same time your using freemake it will conflict from time to time and give you the BLue Screen Of Death, BSOD, and power off your pc, I have had to reinstall my windows op sys several times due to this happening as I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and verified it happening several times, apparently with someone else in this forum as well, I kept getting a graphics card error in windows, or conflict instructing me to dele and reinstall my video driver, since i have removed freemake no more problems with graphics card and have never had a problem with Nvidias products and have been using them for years. My driver was up to date and ok by the way.

Freemake needs to figure out how to use cuda without conflicting with the graphics card while it is in use.

I hate to see a program with so much potential go to waste, and its free. :( ps I have intel i-7 quad core, 16 gbts ram ddr3, 3.4 ghz system almost fairly new, so its not the pc. Oh and the subtitles should be free but come in a giant size while asking for money on this product.


PotPlayer 1.6.49343
on 08 August 2014, reviewed by: kani20


The new version (1.6.49243) can not decode DTS audio . Please help.

I am getting
Built-in MKV Source::English (Audio 1)
Built-in AVIAC3/DTS::XForm Out


Adobe DNG Converter 8.6
on 04 August 2014, reviewed by: Zaxaz


Only for Windows 7 ? Not for XP ! :-(

Why are you still using an OS that is over a decade old, and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

on 09 Aug 2014, by Xerrion


DVD Decrypter
on 03 August 2014, reviewed by: Ralph Schauber


This software will not exit or close.

Have to use Crtl-Alt-Delete to shut down the application.
I consider this as CRAPWARE !

p.s. I am a Retired Software Engineer


Gom Player 2.2.62
on 24 July 2014, reviewed by: lyndon


Gom does not play mkv files subtitles.

While gom definitely looks the best of all players, you will one day realize that certain subs are missing while watching stuff. i find this very risky.

I use CCCP (combined community codec pack)and mkv subtitles work just fine for me.

But now... the last version of GOM cannot be used on your computer. I am done with GOM.

on 14 Sep 2014, by eijiwolf


jetAudio 8.1.2
on 19 July 2014, reviewed by: zipmmcs


The player itself is excellent and fancy. Unfortunately the newest one (8.1.2) comes only with web installer and with a lot of unnecessary addons (tune up utility, search addons, etc.).

Always pick the custom install choice during install!

It is sad to see another good software falling like this.


on 19 July 2014, reviewed by: Glenn


Been using it for 10 years. Excellent for dvd.

However, last week, could not make back up of The Wolf of Wall Street.


AMD Media Codec Package 14.4
on 18 July 2014, reviewed by: Maurice


The download links are dead. Even if they worked I doubt that these packages would contain AVIVO.msi and AVT.msi. These encoders are depreciated by AMD and are no longer available at their website. Instead they are promoting OpenCL and Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP). If you are still interested in trying AVIVO you need these installers:


Admin's Note: Both links are working here and we've uploaded the files recommended by you.


DVDx 4.1.3
on 12 July 2014, reviewed by: techie


adds a bunch of crap to your computer and changes settings ,task bar, etc


AC3 Filter 2.6b
on 28 June 2014, reviewed by: Dutch


Divx wanted me to download a 75mg converter file....this was just 4mb and works fine...thanks!


Nero DiscSpeed 7.0.2
on 24 June 2014, reviewed by: Steven


I have two SH-224DB (sata) writer in my system and this software is only seeing 1 writer.

OptiDrive 1.7/ KProbe (and others) see both drives no problem.


on 20 June 2014, reviewed by: H4rDw4rE


Just piece of crap after update to latest version. Can not remove stupid adds, toolbars and other s..t.

Just stick with older version and never update.

Once was best app, now it is just adware...


XMedia Recode
on 17 June 2014, reviewed by: vinckles


I found your review of Xmedia Recode video converter very usefull but there is one big almighty problem: The converter boasts a whole host of impressive tools to truly enhance video footage but the failing is the video viewing screen at 4 inches "square" is much too tiny to properly view what you are doing to the picture, ie Deblock; Denoise; Sharpness and Colour Correction.

I do wish the maker would have had the sense to make the viewer enlarge on the pc screen, then it all would have been ideal. As it is one has to guess the subtle settings blindly, which is very difficult to do.

Also the latest version, does not have Colour Hue whereas older versions did. If you can get through to the German developer, (many have tried, but he does not email back), then please ask him to improve these points.


MediaHuman Audio Converter 1.9.1
on 12 June 2014, reviewed by: Axel A


Il contient "Search Protect" qui installe BING en moteur de recher ! :(
It contains "Search Protect" that installs in search engine BING! : (


VideoPad Video Editor 3.51
on 12 June 2014, reviewed by: tim


Not Freeware!


ISO Workshop 5.4
on 06 June 2014, reviewed by: PePaXY


Important Notes:

- ISO Workshop installer is bundled with "OpenCandy". However, you may continue the installation process without installing it.

ISO Workshop can not be installed without OpenCANDY!!

It is S-H-I-T!

Admin's reply: Click on "Custom installation (advanced)" and uncheck "Install..." box. It works fine here.


DVDFab 9.1.5 and BluFab
on 31 May 2014, reviewed by: Shane


I am waiting for a software update to get the protection from cinavia out of the bluray or dvd.

I know it`s a safety device from Sony, and a few others, but i only have the blurays for use in my private home.

It`s a bummer sometimes, after 20 minutes....i am in the movie...the sound is gone and there comes a message on the screen with the words "Mute....and more ofcourse, but it is in dutch......


Zoom Player 9.0.2
on 29 May 2014, reviewed by: James


Zoom Player has a place so you can control the speed as well as video.

I do wish they would make one change.

If you have a music video that someone is saying playing a bass and is playing it toward the side that it would turn it so you could see it right from the front.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.5
on 28 May 2014, reviewed by: The Jube


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.5.0

Very good pack. Supplies all the extra codecs needed for encoding and decoding a huge range of formats and file associations can be configured for all your Media Players. Media Player Home Cinema and LAV provide excellent quality.

I recommend custom installing using the Extras + Media Player Home Cinema setting and disabling all the Tray Icons for LAV, ffdshow, etc and Codec News during install. You can leave the other settings how they are except toolbar/adware and the end of install setup.

DON'T FORGET to deselect the TOOLBAR and other ADWARE at the end of the installation setup, accomplished by selecting the "No Thanks" check-mark to avoid the installation of adware! The separate update packs, or "quick update" option for new versions then won't install the adware junk if you remember to select the "No Thanks" option for the junkware/toolbar at the end of the install setup the first time you install K-lite Codec Pack.

If you also use Winamp as a seperate music player (I'm using Winamp 5.65x86 currently), download the Winamp plugin MatrixMixer_0_9_163d from SourceForge, open the extracted folder and copy "out_mixer.dll" into Winamp's plugin folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins) for surround sound on analogue or digital speaker setups. You can configure MatrixMixer from Winamp's Preferences>Plug-ins>Output settings. You can configure Output up to 5.1 or Dolby/Pro Logic II, PCM to 24bit (even 32bit for studio gear, stick to 24bit though), and up to 192kHz audio. Plus there is SPDIF and passthrough settings if you need them, though most decoders will not need you to adjust the SPDIF settings.

http://sourceforge .net/projects/winampmatrixmix/

MatrixMixer is especially helpful for owners of Creative Zx/ZxR sound cards to replace the missing Stereo Surround feature which is no longer found in the Sound Blaster Control Panel.
Set MatrixMixer Output format to 5.1, (PCM 24bit and 192kHz if you like also), then on the Mixer tab you can set Bass redirection (80Hz for Cutoff frequency, 110Hz or whatever you like).

Only problem with MatrixMixer is you have to set the settings again each time you start up Winamp, but it gives you back stereo surround if you have a Creative Zx/ZxR. I set my Logitec Decoder to 4.1 for stereo surround, but I must leave MatrixMixer still set to 5.1 or it will crash if I set it to 4.1. This provides excellent quality stereo surround with bass redirection.


QuickTime Alternative 3.2.2
on 27 May 2014, reviewed by: JW01


I am on Windows XP SP3 and since I installed Quicktime Alternative several programs have been aborting with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library message: “Runtime Error! R6002 –floating point support not loaded”.

I have tried uninstalling your product and taken various other steps including a system restore but the problem doesn’t go away.

Do you have any ideas?
Many thanks.

Apple is a bastard, and stops all the universal non-Mac users from completing their works.

Apple is the biggest evil enemy against all Microsoft users. If you are a Microsoft user, dont ever use Apple, otherwise your computer will go to garbage at most 1 year from today.

on 12 Sep 2014, by sean


GOM Audio 2.0.7
on 27 May 2014, reviewed by: Fahmi


Is the best Audio Player, Memory Usage very small than AMP or winamp.

And I can Enable Equalizer "Boost Lows" for my headset.


Screamer Radio 0.9
on 25 May 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


I give it one star for loading without crashing.

I cannot get any radio station to play.


Tixati 1.96
on 24 May 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


This version has only been out for nearly a year, LOLZ. BRILLIANT torrent client. You have got to try it.


Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec
on 23 May 2014, reviewed by: Joe Pistachio


Installing this 32-bits codec on a 64 bits OS is possible... sadly, it won't work if your media player is 64-bits. :(


Daum PotPlayer 1.6.47877 beta
on 21 May 2014, reviewed by: sheson


best ever..with ease in playing and excellent sound settings ...beautiful skin with best kind of audio booster..


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.5
on 19 May 2014, reviewed by: Donna


There are also often update packs available for versions in between the major releases.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 16 May 2014, reviewed by: Sam


@Donna, and where can I find 10.4.7 ?
Afaik, K-Lite versions are updated like this:

www.codecguide .com/download_mega_old.htm

on 11 Jul 2016, by Nemecsek


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 12 May 2014, reviewed by: Donna


Auto-zoom was fixed by MPC-HC developers in 10.4.7


Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52
on 11 May 2014, reviewed by: Mon


Unable to register DLL/OCX RegSvr3 failed with exit code 0x3: Win XP, WMP 11, Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 08 May 2014, reviewed by: Sam


K-Lite Mega codec pack is the best, been using it for 5 years and it's working perfectly.

There's something wrong with the last update, the auto-zoom isn't working at all.

I tried enabling/disabling it, but it's no use.


True Burner 2.2
on 07 May 2014, reviewed by: osman ESEN


This program is very good. Simple and functional


Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.2
on 07 May 2014, reviewed by: Gamel


an excellent player for the curious ear.


FLV Player 4.2
on 03 May 2014, reviewed by: tom smith


impossible to download, IT SEEMS LIKE A SCAM TO PAY.


Zoom Player 9.0.2
on 28 April 2014, reviewed by: Exalted Ruler


Installs snap.do without notification.
Hijacks IE and search links.
Uninstall leaves all the crap behind.
Forced me to a restore point - fixed.


it is a poor, piece of s!@# viewer.
Evidently, the only way to get installs on this lousy product is to sneak in Trojans. Therefore, the applications author is also a POS.


Active ISO Burner 3.0
on 20 April 2014, reviewed by: Jan van der Stegen


Version 251 works fine, but version 3.0 does not work on my Windows 8.1.1 x64 computer.

i got the same problem on 8.1 , how did u solve it?

on 15 Mar 2015, by david

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