Screamer Radio 0.9
on 25 May 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


I give it one star for loading without crashing.

I cannot get any radio station to play.


Tixati 1.96
on 24 May 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


This version has only been out for nearly a year, LOLZ. BRILLIANT torrent client. You have got to try it.


Ogg Vorbis ACM Codec
on 23 May 2014, reviewed by: Joe Pistachio


Installing this 32-bits codec on a 64 bits OS is possible... sadly, it won't work if your media player is 64-bits. :(


Daum PotPlayer 1.6.47877 beta
on 21 May 2014, reviewed by: sheson


best ever..with ease in playing and excellent sound settings ...beautiful skin with best kind of audio booster..


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.5
on 19 May 2014, reviewed by: Donna


There are also often update packs available for versions in between the major releases.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 16 May 2014, reviewed by: Sam


@Donna, and where can I find 10.4.7 ?
Afaik, K-Lite versions are updated like this:


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 12 May 2014, reviewed by: Donna


Auto-zoom was fixed by MPC-HC developers in 10.4.7


Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52
on 11 May 2014, reviewed by: Mon


Unable to register DLL/OCX RegSvr3 failed with exit code 0x3: Win XP, WMP 11, Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.4.5
on 08 May 2014, reviewed by: Sam


K-Lite Mega codec pack is the best, been using it for 5 years and it's working perfectly.

There's something wrong with the last update, the auto-zoom isn't working at all.

I tried enabling/disabling it, but it's no use.


True Burner 2.2
on 07 May 2014, reviewed by: osman ESEN


This program is very good. Simple and functional


Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.2
on 07 May 2014, reviewed by: Gamel


an excellent player for the curious ear.


FLV Player 4.2
on 03 May 2014, reviewed by: tom smith


impossible to download, IT SEEMS LIKE A SCAM TO PAY.


Zoom Player 9.0.2
on 28 April 2014, reviewed by: Exalted Ruler


Installs snap.do without notification.
Hijacks IE and search links.
Uninstall leaves all the crap behind.
Forced me to a restore point - fixed.


it is a poor, piece of s!@# viewer.
Evidently, the only way to get installs on this lousy product is to sneak in Trojans. Therefore, the applications author is also a POS.


Active ISO Burner 3.0
on 20 April 2014, reviewed by: Jan van der Stegen


Version 251 works fine, but version 3.0 does not work on my Windows 8.1.1 x64 computer.

i got the same problem on 8.1 , how did u solve it?

on 15 Mar 2015, by david


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.4 Full, Standard and Basic
on 19 April 2014, reviewed by: drlurk


It will not load SRT files anymore.No more subs for me... Is this progress ore am i missing something here?

same here it was one of the best options ,which i frequently used

on 24 Oct 2014, by stijn


Pazera Free Audio Extractor 2.0
on 19 April 2014, reviewed by: nadun


Good programme. while installation it ask to change home page on IE and asks to install registry cleaning program therefore read carefully while installing.

I have worked it with mp4 and 3gp formats.
customizable settings and user friendly interface. I recommend it to every one.

Best thing is its free and no ads.

thanks for the programmer shearing it free.


Adobe Flash Player beta
on 17 April 2014, reviewed by: MUFTAKiS


see guyz the best version is 11.3.300.257 because this is the last version give online dolby digital output


Screamer Radio 0.9 beta
on 17 April 2014, reviewed by: nadun


Excellent Player. It works.

Now i can download all online streams without any hassle. no adds, no trails, no shareware but totally free.

thanks to the programmer for sharing it free.


Gom Player 2.2.57
on 16 April 2014, reviewed by: Daniel


You need to install CoreAAC- the latest audio codec for GOM player to fix the "inaudible" audio on the player. This works for me alright!


Helium Audio Converter 1.8.365
on 15 April 2014, reviewed by: paolo sierra torres


muy bueno ya qe ademas de convertir en varios formatos limita el audio


BluFab and DVDFab
on 12 April 2014, reviewed by: Andy Appleyard


While DVDFab is a great program for copying you can get better quality output for the ripping using other tools (such as Handbrake) due to better control over the settings.

BluFab on the other hand is of less use due to the removal of the decrypting routines. However this is due to the recent legal issues.


Adobe Flash Player beta
on 11 April 2014, reviewed by: Thom


Crashes, does not work. Dreadful upgrade.


CUE Splitter 1.2 final
on 04 April 2014, reviewed by: pqpqkid


under windows 8.1 pro k system, cue splitter 1.2 final not extracting....


VIA HD Audio Codec 10.5
on 04 April 2014, reviewed by: Userone


Is that a new Driver for VT1708B ???


Windows Movie Maker 2.6
on 03 April 2014, reviewed by: vibhav


i made one movie but cannot play on vlc or on any other player.


ADVANCED Codecs 4.5.4
on 03 April 2014, reviewed by: Zac


Was concerned at the agreement at the beginning dealing with Somoto. Going with another Codec pack.

"SOMOTO provides a software pack (the "Filebulldog Pack" or "Pack") that enables partners (as defined below) to distribute it browser toolbar. The Filebulldog Pack is available after authorization is granted from SOMOTO that can be contacted at support@somoto.com ."


MediaInfo 0.7.67-1
on 30 March 2014, reviewed by: Axel Foley


Comes bundled with Adware-OpenCandy.dll, which is left behind in temp folder after installation, which fortunately malwarebytes picked up and quarantined.

Adware:Win32/OpenCandy is an adware program that may be bundled with certain third-party software installation programs. Some versions of this program may send user-specific information, including a unique machine code, operating system information, locale (country), and certain other information to a remote server without obtaining adequate user consent.

There should be criminal consequences for both bundling, and distributing, spyware like this!


DivX Web Player 3.1.1
on 27 March 2014, reviewed by: PePaXY


Chrome reports when downloading a malicious file!


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.4 Full, Standard and Basic
on 27 March 2014, reviewed by: UnOarecare


As always, trouble free installation and work as a charm. Thank you from Romania!


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 24 March 2014, reviewed by: Thabiso


Best player ever!!! If you wanna play it, then Media player classic will definitely play it.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.3.5
on 24 March 2014, reviewed by: Donna



1. LAV Filters work better than ffdshow. Quality is same or better.

2. Deinterlacing is done by either the video decoder or video renderer. DirectVobSub is not able to forward interlacing flags to the renderer. So you have to enable deinterlacing in the decoder. LAV Video decoder offers YaDif option for that.

3. That is bug of renderer or driver.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.3.5
on 23 March 2014, reviewed by: Mishu


No doubt it's the best video player/codec pack available on www. I use it since 2007; started with older codec pack, different name but similar to this, then K-lite codec 2.88 then version 3... time passed and now voila, 10.3.5 :)

However, there are still some issues, hoping in the future it'll be even better:

1. I don't like those "lav codecs" default settings when installing. ffdshow is still way better generally speaking, regarding the quality of playback. Those guys working on lav codecs will have to prove first that they have the best stuff, and then it'll be okay to put those first
2. LAV splitter - yes, this is really good, Haali splitter had&still have lots of issues, especially on mpeg-2 playback. But: when the direct vobsub is active (subtitles), 25i fps videos have interlaced effects(the video becomes a bunch of horizontal lines, not watchable at all). With nero splitter - no problems at all. And yes, the de-interlace sett. I use is 'bob'-which plays real 25i fps. Is's a lav splitter issue. The reason I don't use nero is because of the interface. In lav is easier to change audio/subtitles streams. Hope they will get this fixed.
3. mpc-hc DXVA decoder - working fine, no problems on Win7. On XP, there's a horizontal black line (of maybe 20 pixles) on the very bottom of the screen. Not big issue though; at the same time I realize that most apps made today are tested on modern sistems: win7, 8... and less testing on sp3 xp.

Now, maybe some people will be telling me something like :"it's just you, you didn't adjust the correct video renderer, the x setting or the y setting". This may not be the case, it's been a while since I'm playing around with different playback settings & stuff, on both old & new computers ;)


DVD Audio Ripper 7.7.3
on 18 March 2014, reviewed by: Singbiker


Bought it, installed it, tried it. When attempting to extract the AC3 audio track from a DVD it runs for one whole second and then simply hangs there.

Contacted support and got no response. Just ripped off for $29.95 of my hard earned money.


on 11 March 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


DvDFab has been closed down by legal action it looks like.

I took it down.... against copyright laws. RIP DVDFab and followers

on 15 Mar 2014, by DocPofDeath

Not dead, Just using a Chinese web address now.

on 22 Mar 2014, by Psycho9


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.3.5
on 10 March 2014, reviewed by: Donna


The time scale changes if you click on the time indicator.

Bookmarks was fixed in latest MP-HC.


DFX Audio Enhancer 11.112
on 09 March 2014, reviewed by: Mark Moore


Far to buggy
I paid for the full version of this, and regret it.
1. Does not support multiple users on 1 PC, so when my wife logs onto her windows account, she has zero sound

2. Crashes spectacularly (over 100 dialog boxes) when I connect my bluetooth headset.

I have reported both issues to the developer, with no response. The first issue was reported over a year ago!!


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.3.5
on 08 March 2014, reviewed by: kalyanprodhan


The video timescale is given in reverse order. that means instead of give shown time it shows the pending time by default.

Moreover some videos are not playing smoothly like earlier.


Xvid Video Codec 1.4-127
on 04 March 2014, reviewed by: BarleySinger


Be aware that these files

Download Xvid Video Codec 1.3.2 - x86 & x64
Download Xvid Video Codec 1.4-127 - x86 & x64

...are x64 only (no matter what the descriptions say).

These two EXE files begin to run on x32...the program runs; then you select your language; then you get an error stating : "This program can only be installed on versions of Windows designed for the following processor architectures : x64


K-Lite Codec Pack 10.3.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 03 March 2014, reviewed by: Sio_x


This Codec Pack has all what you dont need. Some Toolbars and crappy other software.

With this codec pack i have more trouble as without it.


on 02 March 2014, reviewed by: DrTeeth


Brilliant app, though v0.9.9.1 has been out since May 2013

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