SopCast 3.8.3
on 28 July 2013, reviewed by: Marco


Be aware that even if you uncheck ask toolbar, it will still install the ask toolbar.
2 processes running in the background continuously.


And after trying to install Sopcast when it was already installed (to check the ask malware uncheck options), suddenly I got this process running twice:


Please remove this malware from free-codecs!



Daum PotPlayer 1.5.38932 beta
on 27 July 2013, reviewed by: Poxy Pig


This is an amazing player which appears to be able to handle anything thrown at it.

I would have given it 5* but for the confusing preferences, some of which are incomprehensible in the way they work (or not). Features such as aspect ratio are completely baffling in the way they are used.

Very similar to The KMPlayer by the same developer which also suffers from a confusing plethora of settings.


ACDSee Free 1.1.21
on 27 July 2013, reviewed by: Mohamed Eqbal


nice to see its FREE!


Media Preview
on 26 July 2013, reviewed by: gamerx


good software. I was looking for this a long time. hope it continues!!!


StaxRip 1.1.9
on 21 July 2013, reviewed by: mike


This is an excellent piece of conversion software.

I wanted to do a simple thing of converting the (6Gig) .avi file (from Premiere) to a divX file that would play directly on a TV.

With a little bit of practice I got StaxRip to give me a high quality (900Meg) divX file without errors, watermarks or ads that played perfectly on the TV.


Media Player Classic - BE beta
on 10 July 2013, reviewed by: Dipayan


It is awesome.....better than normal MPC-HC in looks & user experience....

also fixed the bug of not responding or crashing when trying to seek any video decoded by external decoder.....normal MPC-HC many times crashes when seeking frequently, but MPC-BE never crashes....

thanx for this nice player!!......

only one thing, requesting the uploader that try to update the MPC-BE player frequently when normal MPC-HC update itself...

looking for the next stable version, try to update the player..


AviDemux 2.6.4
on 09 July 2013, reviewed by: Carol


I use this program to convert from FLV, etc to MP4. It does a great job and is very fast.

My only complaint is, if I convert to AVI they will not play on any of my DVD players. I have to use another program to convert them to AVI, and those programs are much slower.


XP Codec Pack 2.5.5
on 09 July 2013, reviewed by: Perl


Great pack, the latest version helped me playing some files on Windows XP.

It would be nice to have file association with media files.


SUPER 2013 build 56
on 08 July 2013, reviewed by: PePaXY


Downloading, installing, run and EXPIRED!


DC-Bass Source Mod 1.5.2
on 07 July 2013, reviewed by: Maurice


It simply does not work on my system.

I am using XP Home Edition SP3 with LAV Filters and MPC-HC. It is hardly surprising that I was not be able to play Shoutcast streams with MPC-HC but when I attempted to open a URL with DC BASS Source Mod loaded in Graph Studio it still did not work.

It should in theory connect directly to the input of an audio renderer, but I tried it with four audio renderers on my system and Graph Studio could not find suitable intermediate filters to connect them.

After much Googling the only post in a forum about this decoder that I could find was made by the developer, so I assume no one else can get it working. I wonder what magic the K-Lite pack uses to get it working?

Use the original DC BASS Source instead.

I believe theres something seriously wrong with your system then, because DC-Bass Source Mod can handle SHOUT- and Icecast-streams no problem.

In MPC-HC too! Have you read the readme? To force the use of DC-Bass Source Mod in MPC-HC you could perform the registry trick, but perferring it as external filter might also be sufficient.

For Icecast-streams on http:dir.xiph.org you can simply copy+paste the m3u-url in MPC-HC.For SHOUTcast-streams on http:www.shoutcast .com that wont work.

You have to download the pls-file, open it in Notepad and copy+paste the direct url in MPC-HC.

on 16 Sep 2013, by CoRoNe


on 29 June 2013, reviewed by: Ben


Your thing blows, It wastes my damn time just trying to find the damn format needed to download. Im glad i didnt waste my money on this nutsty app.

I would just recommend going to www.keepvid .com and trying it out that way.


Gom Player 2.1.50
on 23 June 2013, reviewed by: vikrant


i was not able to get sound from the latest version of GOM, but then i right clicked on the fdd icon in the notification area and selected "dolby decoder". then the sound came.

to get the fdd*** icon in the notification area , select preferences, filter, Go to Advanced Settings tab.

then,on the "Filter Rendering Method" check the "Advanced" box. On "Filter Priority", click on the "Add Filter" and then chose fdd audio decoder.


AAC ACM Codec 1.9
on 17 June 2013, reviewed by: larsm


Works very well with gopro hero3 videos and virtualdub. If you use 32 bit virtualdub, install 32 bit version of this codec.


Cole2k Media Codec Pack 8.0.2 Advanced and Standard
on 12 June 2013, reviewed by: Matt


Don´t download crap, this Media codec pack is a malware container! I have a bad experience with this codec pack.

Use K-Lite codec pack, it has no malware inside and is better. I hope I have helped!

Greeting from Argentina!


Subtitle Edit 3.3.5
on 08 June 2013, reviewed by: telep


Best subtitle editor that Ive used, can do pretty much anything Ive ever needed! Also being updated regularly, so if you have a problem, its probably gonna get fixed pretty soon.


Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.64 beta
on 31 May 2013, reviewed by: xvir


worst Adobe product ever. Falls every 5min in FF, Chrome etc.


Freemake Video Converter
on 24 May 2013, reviewed by: Peter


The best fastest DVD ripper out there. This surpasses a lot of commercial DVD rippers in speed and quality.


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.9 Full, Standard and Basic
on 22 May 2013, reviewed by: Andrew


The official K-Lite installer does not contain Babylon or any other forced crapware. You must have downloaded a fake unofficial adware wrapped installer.


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.9 Full, Standard and Basic
on 20 May 2013, reviewed by: Nicholas Wright


I`m pretty sure this won`t be published but wanted to send you a heartfelt "up yours" for including the nasty piece of software called "babylon" with this install -

Even though I very carefully de-selected all the additional junkware attached to this install and SPECIFICALLY excluded "Babylon" - your installer STILL installed it, and it is a BUGGER to remove.

I do not want my surfing habits sold on to a third party and neither do I want this trashware hogging my processor time sending that information to god knows what shady people so After a long search removing it from my machine , registry and browsers I will not be using your service again and be taking strenuous steps to prevent anybody else making the same mistake.


LameDropXPd 3.1
on 16 May 2013, reviewed by: ali


great software :)


CCCP 11-11-2011 final is the best from all later codecs, because it still has ffdshow and you can use media player classic original from windows that is the lightest of all.


Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.42 beta
on 08 May 2013, reviewed by: Igor


Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.42 beta too unstable.
when you exit the full screen from youtube - crash occurs


Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.197 beta
on 04 May 2013, reviewed by: Azreal


Absolute trash and fails to function properly every time.


FLAC 1.2.1b
on 04 May 2013, reviewed by: OPODER


Ok, it not work wit 32 bit float files. Just convert to 24b Type 1. Don't worry it is perfect to lossless: 32b = 24b + 8b (exponent to manipulate, not really important) ;)

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_precision_floating-point_format

- Do you have problem to encode? Try to Disable Replaygain.
- I don't know why, but Once I had to disable the Add Tags to work...


ProgDVB 6.92.7
on 30 April 2013, reviewed by: OPODER


- It is a kind of SHAREWARE because if you want do something, you have to buy PRO version.

- Not so easy to configure.

does not work perfectly with the Brazilian system.

- Complicated tuning system (but has good options).

- The new look can work well for tablets, but it $uck$ on windows. Large Icons and waste of screen space.

- This new version freeze a lot and does not close completely. We have to finalize the task.


Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.191 beta
on 30 April 2013, reviewed by: Botnic2


Since last year I got nothing but troubles with adobe flash, can't wait until Youtube fully support HTML5


Local Subtitles for WMP 1.6
on 28 April 2013, reviewed by: Marc


It worked just fine. I installed the plugin, and subtitles popped up.


Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 Audio Decoder
on 26 April 2013, reviewed by: jolybwa


I've downloaded so many free audio codecs and decoders. Nothing worked!!! I get error messages such as "unsupported format" or "not a true layer-3 MPEG file".

These files were fine, don't know what else to do :(


Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.191 beta
on 26 April 2013, reviewed by: anvi


F**k This Flash Player!!! Sucks


ffvfw 20031028
on 25 April 2013, reviewed by: frogger


I was trying for hours to get virtualdub 32bit to load mpeg4 videos.

I installed and uninstalled numerous versions of ffdshow, tried pasting the plugin from ffdshow directory to the plugins directory of vd, tried playing with the options, enabling virtualdub etc, but no success.

The ffdshow codec would not load. Then I installed this one and it worked straight away. So for those who commented that ffdshow is the sane choice, they should think again.


VLC Media Player 2.0.6
on 24 April 2013, reviewed by: cdflyer


I have used VLC player for years. It either works great or it flat out causes major issues with your computer.

Version 2.0.6 cannot be scanned by my Anti-Virus, Vipre Internet Solutions.

It took many attempts to install it. When finally installed, it pretty much took over all audio and video, and the audio quality on playback was terrible, fuzzy and difficult to understand.

I will continue trying to make it work correctly, but in the meantime, Windows Media Server and GOM are my backups. I hope a new revision comes out quickly.

I use Windows 7 64-bit with a fast Intel cpu and LOTS of memory.

I just finished uninstalling VLC Media Player 2.0.6 because ever since I DID, I kept getting a High CPU Usage message, which would slow my normally fast computer to a crawl! VLC Media Player ALWAYS treated me well, but ever since the last upgrade did I EVER have issues!

I think it has something to do with either the codecs, the thumbnail issue with Windows... or both!

I will NOT try to install it again! :-(

on 18 Aug 2013, by Linus


Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin 1.0.3b (for Winamp)
on 22 April 2013, reviewed by: Sherif Ayad


The Tara codec is installed successfully with Winamp but could not work completely with Realplayer 16 I am sorry for saying that even after re-installing realplayer and winamp and nothing changed.

I am waiting for feedback and reply.

Best Regards,
Sherif Ayad


on 17 April 2013, reviewed by: Boramurdar


Still the best multimedia player out there!
The most advanced and yet simple to use. Using it for 5 years, had no problem!


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2013-03-12
on 15 April 2013, reviewed by: cvekla


When streaming after few days audio is DEsyncronised.
Solution is back to codec from 2011y or 2012y.


Sony RAW Codec 2.0
on 09 April 2013, reviewed by: DustBomber


Works great on Windows 8 64 bit! Hooray!

Pictures were taken on a Sony NEX-6, so it may not be limited to the DSLR series of Sony cameras.


Media Player Classic
on 07 April 2013, reviewed by: Jeff_K


This media player has 2 problems:

1st its the older version without Home cinema. . so why would download it.

Second in general there are just better free media players out there like VLC

VLC uses sub par codecs to render video on slow computers.MPC was picked up by another group that called their MPC, MPC Home Cinema.

It comes with Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) and is by far the best video player for Windows machines.

on 02 May 2014, by anon32492834723


Daum PotPlayer 1.5.36205 final
on 20 March 2013, reviewed by: pooboy


Currently, the best player out there. Try it.


FastStone Image Viewer 4.7
on 18 March 2013, reviewed by: xankazo


Simply the BEST! It beats even paid viewers, like ACDSee.


Media Preview
on 16 March 2013, reviewed by: Rick


Not having thumbnails to preview my video files is an annoyance I've lived with for 6 months. Media Preview solved this problem in less than 6 minutes.

All video files (with all codecs) are now displaying thumbnails on all 3 of my drives.


SmoothVideo Project (SVP) 3.1.4
on 13 March 2013, reviewed by: justsomedude


I am really amazed by how smooth my films are playing right now. Tried most common video formats and they all seem to work very well.

Recommended codec pack imo.

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