Wavosaur 1.0.7
on 07 November 2012, reviewed by: Andrew


Tried to open a 600Mb .wav file. After 100 seconds of huffing and puffing Wavosaur opened an empty window, although other editors show this file with all waveforms intact. Garbage.


x264VfW - H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec 37.2200
on 04 November 2012, reviewed by: ijpeaar


Why not make a ffdshow api in virtual dub? this is very good and handy software but has still vfw.

is not vfw video for win?pls name 4 me the next technology other than ffdshow that comes to replace it in windows

on 07 Oct 2014, by paul


iPhone PC Suite
on 31 October 2012, reviewed by: woody


do this program supports ios 6 as yet, i need to know if am gonna upgrade my phone


DVDFab beta
on 29 October 2012, reviewed by: william


I know that version 9 is a beta, but why release something with less features than the last version? Can not split or customize split.

Think they should have waited before releasing beta.


HandBrake 0.9.8
on 27 October 2012, reviewed by: S L


Have been using handbrake for quite sometime now as a casual user not professional or anything. Such a pity they remove target filesize from its option due to certain somebody ranting about it. I really liked that option.

Recently I tested both HandBrake (nightly build svn 5026) & XMedia Recode ( Let me tell you Handbrake is definitely getting competition from XMedia Recode.

Test 350mb avi to 150-160mb mkv
Handbrake = 15mins
XMedia Recode = 7mins
Handbrake = Constant Quality RF 22.5
XMedia Recode = Constant Quality RF 25

If based on my target filesize range Handbrake has superior quality due to better RF but XMedia Recode is way faster! Handbrake needs to improve encoding speed.

Test with same settings and give your results. Both uses x264 and same software do not work different when set to same settings

on 25 Feb 2014, by PB


XMedia Recode 3.1.3
on 26 October 2012, reviewed by: S L


As a casual user not a professional or heavy user, I loved handbrake as was among the best I used so far. I recently tested XMedia Recode and quite impress with it so far. Couple of things to say about difference I found between latest XMedia Recode and nightly build HandBrake svn 5026.

For a 350mb avi movie using same settings for both encoders, XMedia Recode took just 7 mins to get it into 160mb mkv while handbrake took 15 mins to get to 155mb. But there is slight quality difference, handbrake uses Constant Quality RF 22.5 while XMedia Recode needs Constant Quality RF 25 to achieve the target filesize I wanted that was 150-160mb range. If based on target filesize Handbrake has superior quality but if based on encode speed XMedia Recode is way faster.

Faster encoding than Handbrake
Bigger filesize than Handbrake


Windows Live Movie Maker 2012
on 25 October 2012, reviewed by: andres


es excelente por que ayuda a otros para poder editar sus videos


DirectShow FilterPack 5.1
on 24 October 2012, reviewed by: bitoolean


This is the only DirectShow codec collection you most probably need. Clean too, "no-nonsense" indeed.

Thank you! I needed this to preview / stream MP4 videos while downloading them with Free Download Manager.


Sony RAW Codec 2.0
on 23 October 2012, reviewed by: Jerry


I gave this a "good" as it probably works great in Windows 7, but will not work in XP - period.


VSO Downloader 2.9.12
on 21 October 2012, reviewed by: sorbit_4


It would be great, but it's not free! After some download it limits downloading 2 Mbyte.

I have to correct it. Streaming is not free

on 27 Oct 2012, by Takacs Gabor


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.3 Full, Standard and Basic
on 17 October 2012, reviewed by: padmasomu


Mine is a very interesting experience with K Lite Codec Pack.I am using this since very long.But after 7.5 version a problem cropped up.

I am using Boilsoft video splitter and cutter also.They started showing video screen with blue and green stripes with audio.So i reverted to 7.5.But now i upgraded to latest 9.3 and problem is same.Struggled whole day with various tweaks but no use.

The most surprising turnaround solution i found is starting K lite codec pack player with a video.Keeping it in pause and minimize to tray.Then i opened "Boilsoft" software.To my utter surprise the problem is vanished and it is showing well video.Once it is ok closing k lite has no problem.

I am sharing this for the benefit of others.


on 16 October 2012, reviewed by: valentine


the km player is no1 media player in the world i hope the whole world downloads id and use it---------

yes i believe km player will capture the world...with new features like cyber dvd real 3d..............

love you guys who made km player a great player


AMCap 9.21
on 15 October 2012, reviewed by: Globomidia


Just what John said... fully functional that Noel´s ass. Only after down and install we find out the shut down after couple of minutes. thank you John for the Dscaler tip! Fk this Noel pregnant dog.


iPhone PC Suite
on 11 October 2012, reviewed by: alman


the software will only allow to connect through wifi, the usb is not responding even after connecting my iphone it does not respond.

what should i do to connect through usb?


madFLAC 1.10
on 09 October 2012, reviewed by: Dave Rogers


I just wanted to say thanks for MadFlac! I am running Windows 8 Pre-Release and have tried a couple of other codecs that said they would work, but MadFlac works flawlessly!

I installed it, restarted WMP, created a playlist of nothing but flac files, rebooted and all was good!

I am impressed! Thanks a lot!



PlayFLV 1.00
on 09 October 2012, reviewed by: Hank


Messed up my PC completely, causing it to crash when installing PlayFLV, which stopped when 90% installation was completed; thereafter I experience problems on start-up.


DVDStyler 2.3 final
on 09 October 2012, reviewed by: Artie


The DVD not playing issue has come up on many posts. You can attempt to change the IFO files to NTSC but this is not where the issue is!

I have looked at this for a long time and what I found was that DVD -R will burn just fine but use DVD +R and DVDSytler does not like it. I noticed that PAL was on any DVD +R IFO and when I verified that in one instance it was not PAL but NTSC it still would not play on my DVD player. I wonder if PAL standard requires DVD +R?
This behavior is odd.

I am using version 2.2 of DVD Styler for MAC as version 2.3 will not allow buttoms etc. to be placed on the background.
Also, the location for buttons can flag errors usually in the Y direction. I'd like to know where buttons can be placed if anyone knows. Experimentation tells me that buttons cannot be too close or this error occurs.

All this said, DVDStyler is really very good!


Realtek HD Audio Codecs 2.70
on 03 October 2012, reviewed by: christopher bowman


I have download Realtek HD Audio CODEC at least 5x only to find their is no driver component in the driver download.

Come on guys when we ask for a driver we expect to get one, not go around in circles looking for the right download group to have a driver. Is false advertising.


Gom Player
on 30 September 2012, reviewed by: lan2306


Pop-up after closing Gom have been removed and still having problem with playing realmedia (.rm .rmvb) video even after install Real Alternative.

But now I found a workaround to play .rm video as follows:
1. Open Gom Player.
2. Right click and choose "Preferences...".
3. Choose "Filter" from left pane.
4. Go to "Advanced Settings" tab.
5. On "Filter Rendering Method" check on Advanced.
6. On "Filter Priority", click "Add Filter".
7. Locate and choose "MPC-Real Video Decoder" before click OK.
8. Then set its "Condition" to Highest.
9. Finally close preferences and play .rm file.

MUCH obliged! Solved my problems!♥

on 15 Aug 2013, by Agathe


Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11
on 28 September 2012, reviewed by: Dave Newman


Yep - works a treat on Windows 7 - IF you use custom install and uncheck the Web Browser box.

How exactly do you do a custom install of this?

on 24 Jan 2014, by Spencer Magnuson


madVR 0.83.5
on 26 September 2012, reviewed by: Duc


The new update is excellent :)

Anti-ringing filter work great while upscaling :p


AC3 Filter 2.5b
on 25 September 2012, reviewed by: impressed


It worked like a charm! recommend it for windows 7 computers.

I had the problem with divx player talking about some missing audio codec and after installing this and restarting divx player the sound now plays ! perfect


DirectVobSub (VSFilter) 2.41
on 25 September 2012, reviewed by: LordStriker


Guys, any plans to make it stop breaking Hardware Acceleration on Windows Media Player?

That would be greatest feature along with the resolution/quality change.


DFX Audio Enhancer 11.102
on 19 September 2012, reviewed by: Petros



use older DFX version. I think version 8 supports ffdshow audio through Winamp plugins.


ZVR Converter 1.0
on 16 September 2012, reviewed by: Leonardo


working as expected : )
just converted a 26 MB file in seconds.
many thanks


Windows Movie Maker 2.6
on 14 September 2012, reviewed by: rachel


free and awexome!!


Combined Community Codec Pack ( CCCP ) 2012.02.25 beta
on 13 September 2012, reviewed by: Not Hater


As far as I want to say that this is once one of the best codec pack, well, not anymore.

While it's certainly not that bloated compared to K-lite, the codec is rarely updated, which means some bug solved recently may still persist by using this.

K-lite has newer, bug-fixed codec, while this provides less bloated but older codec. Manual installation of codec is certainly the best but I doubt those reading these would be doing that. So think twice before you install this.


LameXP 4.05 final
on 12 September 2012, reviewed by: Juergen


Great to see that the new version has added support for the Opus audio codec. I think Opus is a very promising format (it sounds great already) and it will replace MP3/AAC/Vorbis in the near future.


DFX Audio Enhancer 11.017
on 09 September 2012, reviewed by: Aleksandar


How can use new DFX on Media player classic ????


dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.3
on 07 September 2012, reviewed by: Mr_Roboto


dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.3 is solid and works great. The developer is saying this will be the last release of version 14. Beta testing for version 15 will come around christmas.


GeoVision CCTV MPEG4 Codec 8.1.2
on 04 September 2012, reviewed by: Eduardo


GeoVision CCTV MPEG4 Codec 8.1.2 worked for me, Win7 32b


DFX Audio Enhancer 11.015
on 02 September 2012, reviewed by: petros


Program itself is good though you can find also freeware alternatives.

Problem is with the constant upgrades for which you have to pay yearly. Eg I upgraded for version 10 this year and now I have to pay again to upgrade for 11. Also upgraded from 8 to 9 and 9 to 10.

A free upgrade wouldnt hurt. It is a sound enhancing programm after all.

this policy makes it very expensive.


AC3 Filter 2.5b
on 31 August 2012, reviewed by: Uncle Beardude


Easy download. Do be careful of add-ons. Works great.


LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100 alpha
on 31 August 2012, reviewed by: Wire Jig


The best sounding MP-3 audio encoder out there.

I did a fresh windows 7 install before re-ripping all of my CD’s I installed the 3.99.1 lame_enc.dll into the Windows\System32 folder audio grabber found it and my other audio programs use it as well. Hay for you audio files out there the Windows 7 has a problem with there Sample Rate Converter I have tested it with a spectrum analyzer the converter creates artifacts into the converted audio.

You can find the Hotfix at http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Windows%207/Windows%20Server2008%20R2%20SP1/sp2/Fix389997/7600/free/441951_intl_i386_zip.exe

Ok before any update back up your files.


DVD43 4.6.0
on 29 August 2012, reviewed by: shiny


It is much easier for DRM to be relatively impervious in 64-bit Windows. DVD43 came up with this stopgap method buy I believe DirectShow now operates as a kernel mode API and so video cannot be sampled off a DVD like original DVD43 did so well.

Anyhow, here's their link to the best effort: http://www.free-codecs.com/download_soft.php?d=5753&s=136&r= . This is DVD43 v1.0.0.5 and it's old. Make sure you are burning with "burnproof" and/or "simulate mode" on first, or just do a dry run before each title with a DVD-RW.

I have the Hunger Games (store bought) in my possession right now and it 5 2-hour "chapters" listed in the menu system. The copy protection is not getting easier!

My other suggestion is to use linux for this and other tasks. If you can get Linux Mint or Debian or Fedora to PLAY the actual content in VLC or mplayer, etc ... that means the stream (the demuxed mpeg2/VOBs are be written to display software in the clear.

That means that stream can be grabbed by anything: VLC, AcidRip, Lives, even Brasero. This is part of the reason why playing HDCP Blurays in most linux distros is difficult: the stream is not protected end-to-end.

Let me know if you have any more questions :)


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
on 23 August 2012, reviewed by: Leslie


I have one problem with this -- it won't play my low-quality videos.


madFLAC 1.10
on 21 August 2012, reviewed by: Lightman


At first this did not work for me also - Windows 7.

I saw the review below that said to first do the filter install (when you install it, it will just pop up a window that says information and some other nonsense) and tell win7 it installed OK..then hit install.bat.

Now I get flacs playing in windows media player. Baller!


K-Lite Codec Pack Update 9.1.8 2012-08-06
on 16 August 2012, reviewed by: kotuwa


are those videos x264? (MKV, MP4 etc)
Me too get stuck when seeking x264 repeatedly when using LAV.
If so, First try enabling DXVA if you have a good VGA. ( For newbies Options, Internal Filters Tick H264 DXVA)
Else try disabling LAV codec.
Or when playing go filters, LAV settings, uncheck x264.
Then it will use DivX x264 or FFDSHOW wich is better for me!


AC3 Filter 2.5b
on 16 August 2012, reviewed by: steve


This version working well with Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.
It is one of the few audio codecs I get to work right with the AMD/ATI video decoder to compress HD Television recordings.


Winamp PowerPlayer II 2.40d
on 04 August 2012, reviewed by: iamaf0rk


Any ETA on a Win764bit release?

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