Mobile AMR Converter 1.5.0
on 11 February 2013, reviewed by: Glenn


Works perfectly to convert my AMR voice recordings from my cell to something I can actually work with.

VLC can play them, but I needed them transcribed by Dragon, and this converter did the trick.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 9.7.5
on 07 February 2013, reviewed by: Poulpos


Excellent codec pack, has been my choice for more than 5 years, and I only had twice since that time to use VLC for a problem of subtitles handling on 2 rmvb movies. Except those very very rares exceptions, it has never failed, and MPC is a kick-ass player !!

Only deception : since a few packs, the tool G-Spot have been removed from the pack, it was a great tool to get every info you needed from the audiovideo files.

Keep on the good work (and please get back G-Spot :P)


VLC Media Player 2.0.5
on 07 February 2013, reviewed by: Poulpos


Pros :
.Easy to use
.Don't know your actual codec installation ? It comes with its codec files and will use them
.VERY efficient when playing damaged, corrputed, incomplete files
.Will defintitely save you time when your current player fails on some specific files

Cons :
.Well, if you DO know why you have your current choice of codec installation, VLC won't use them cause it uses its own files
.Ergonomy : inefficient when you want to get just a few seconds backward \ forward.

Just do like me : Use MPC-HC with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. When you have a problem on a specific file (let's say once every 2 years), VLC is the guaranted working alternative, saves me the trouble of seeking throw the net or trying to fix the file.

this is exactly what i do:Just do like me : Use MPC-HC with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

When you have a problem on a specific file (lets say once every 2 years), VLC is the guaranted working alternative, saves me the trouble of seeking throw the net or trying to fix the file.good advice!

on 19 Aug 2013, by 7huan


foobar2000 1.2.3 beta 2
on 07 February 2013, reviewed by: Poulpos


Foobar2000 is awsome !

VERY light in term of CPU & RAM usage
Very wide codec support
Highly customizable
Excellent at mass tagging and managing your audio library
Lots of extensions available if needed

Love you foobar2000, keep up the good work.


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 9.7.5
on 07 February 2013, reviewed by: malchick99


It is necessary to ensure all files are being opened and played properly when installing K-Lite.

Last time after installing 9.7.x, all files except transport stream files can play in MPCHC. Attempting to open a TS file will result in MPCHC error (even after switching splitters). Had to reinstall an older version (9.3.0) in the end to get the TS file playback working, but then weird RMVB playback issues occur (symptoms occur after repeated search, cue/review).

Definitely more debugging efforts are needed when releasing K-Lite updates.


madFLAC 1.10
on 06 February 2013, reviewed by: Luis


Just Great. Could not play some flac files downloaded from the internet in my WMP. Just installed the madflac, double clicked on the files and they were playing well.

Simple and effective. Love It.


Orbit Downloader
on 02 February 2013, reviewed by: Rohit Yadav


This is the greatest downloader in the soft world.


FastStone Image Viewer 4.7
on 31 January 2013, reviewed by: fast


Excellent !!

Thx FastStone !


Winamp MPC Plugin 0.99g
on 31 January 2013, reviewed by: Pete


Worked for me perfect on Winamp 5.581 x86, Win7 x64, AMD X2, 8Gb RAM, Geforce 8600 GT 1Gb.

Just copied to plugins directory and re-added all MPC files. Thanks!


TAudioConverter 0.7.3
on 23 January 2013, reviewed by: PePaXY


Now it works OK….

But time the same of song APE 4:56, OGG 4:56 and AC3 4:?!? Why?


FastStone Image Viewer 4.6
on 22 January 2013, reviewed by: coch


Excellent !!!

Does not appear any update ?


Helium Audio Joiner 1.5
on 21 January 2013, reviewed by: Generic


Nice and easy to use, big variety of format support.


Light Alloy 4.6.8 beta 4
on 20 January 2013, reviewed by: deepu amalan


It is a fantastic player for it is new and GUI looks fresh.

And not-so-light on the system resources.

I am impressed with such a smooth rendering of the video and audio.

It seeks through the High-Definition movie so fast.

Skins looks Alienware - like.

Nice one


BeLight 0.22 RC1
on 18 January 2013, reviewed by: Edwin


Muy buen programa para efectos sorround.


MeGUI 2237
on 18 January 2013, reviewed by: telep


Excellent GUI for transcoding needs, very powerful, lots of features, you can tweak (almost?) any of eg. x264's, Xvid's options, AviSynth-based encoding and filtering gives room as much as your imagination can come up with, and it uses the best tools in business!

A bit of a learning curve, but well worth it when you can have the latest bells and whistles to transform your whole media collection into pretty much any kind of usage scenario there is.

Updated regularly, and it keeps track of all the needed tools so you don't have to worry about old versions or incompatible tools.

I've used this for years, and can't remember a single problem in all that time.


EasyBrake beta
on 16 January 2013, reviewed by: Konstantina


I cant change the video and audio bitrate...

I want to change the video bitrate to 550 kbps and just can set it in 700 kbps, same with the audio bitrate i want to chage it to 64 kbps and just can set it in 128 kbps... please fix that :(


K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 9.7
on 15 January 2013, reviewed by: Eric


For some reason, when I install the Codec pack, it says that some registries are missing, so no codecs get installed. Is there a way to fix this?


TAudioConverter 0.7.2
on 14 January 2013, reviewed by: PePaXY


MP3 -> OGG ... fail
MP3 -> WAV ... fail


Daum PotPlayer 1.5.35188
on 13 January 2013, reviewed by: Marc


Great player, I like it better than the latest versions of KMPlayer (which has really gone downhill as of late).

Is there a way to contact the developer? (in English?)

And one question or feature suggestion: is there a hotkey or something to skip forward/backwards only a small jump, like ˝ or 1 second or so? (left/right by default does 5 sec back/forward, I need smaller steps)

Hi Marc, yes there is an option to skip according to your choice. You will find the option under Playback - Time Jump. Press F5 to bring up the Preferences menu. Thank you.

on 15 Jan 2013, by Pearl Black

Thanks PB, that works like a charm. Awesome!

on 15 Jan 2013, by Marc


AVI2Clipboard 2.18
on 08 January 2013, reviewed by: Randqall Green


It worked fine on widows xp pro sp3, but it will not work at all with windows 8 pro. It installs but that is all it does.


Daum PotPlayer 1.5.34860 beta
on 04 January 2013, reviewed by: Pearl Black


This is undoubtly an excellent player used with LAV filters, madVR, AC3 filter and Haali.

It would be great if the author keeps improving the player at regular basis.

For too long there has been a problem in playing the next file in a folder. Its not been solved yet.


ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
on 02 January 2013, reviewed by: fifi


Will always skip audio at start of play, no matter what settings.


3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.4
on 30 December 2012, reviewed by: Foxxe


a shareware codec? ridiculous, This is the US capitalist system gone to psychotic extents.

The work around? Uninstall after it fails, remove ALL 3ivx related Registry entries and Reinstall. Good for another month!


Sync iOS 2.03
on 30 December 2012, reviewed by: tokie


syncios 2.03 auf Win7/64
when connect Iphone 3G, on open syncios.exe terminated immediately


Freemake Video Converter
on 28 December 2012, reviewed by: OPODER


- Slow converter TS
- Presents syncronism and incorrect fps e problem when converting files in TS format with AAC audio.
- Presents artifacts (squared/blocks)the cutting point selected in video.
- There is no option to convert to Stereo/JointStereo with mp3 audio.
- There is no option to save you edited. If an error occurs and the program closes, you have to edit ALL again.

Regular converter. But be CAREFUL! It install lot of adwares, read and uncheck everything (including SpeedMyPC).


FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 2012-12-13
on 28 December 2012, reviewed by: OPODER


Good Codec Package, But some codecs doesn't work well... Like AAC :/


Freemake Video Converter
on 28 December 2012, reviewed by: Chris


Impossible to choose a specific audio stream from a multistream video (eg a VOB file).

Moreover it crashes a lot, leading to the till now forgotten nice old blue screen.

Just a bad software.


iPhone PC Suite
on 18 December 2012, reviewed by: Dr REDDY




uTorrent 3.4.28762 alpha
on 16 December 2012, reviewed by: Albert


Not what it used to be, it is buggy, always stop download and full of ads and other annoying stuff.
(not just talking about the alpha release but the latest stable one also)


VirtualDub 1.10.3 beta
on 14 December 2012, reviewed by: IlluzN


why vdub doesnt support .flv files :( maybe someone have an idea how to solve that problem?

Probably because theyre low resolution, low bitrate, and rarely used. If you want to edit the videos youre downloading from youtube, just convert them to avi first with something else.

on 23 Dec 2012, by Chico


LAV Filters 0.54.1
on 13 December 2012, reviewed by: tsjnachos


These codecs play just about everything under the sun. If you can play it with, eg, MPlayer, VLC, or any other FFMpeg-based player, you can use this to play it with Windows Media Player, or any other DirectShow player.

Seriously, even BD decoding technology is included, although I haven't tested this. If you have a stubborn video that should play, but won't, this is the solution.


LAV Filters 0.54.1
on 10 December 2012, reviewed by: MDSuave


I have a 1080p Avi file and LAV Filter installed in a KMPlayer. It is choppy with this HD file but when switched back to use a divx 6.10 codec, it played well. This is the only time that I have problem with LAV


AC3 Filter 2.5b
on 07 December 2012, reviewed by: Aden


Awesome. Had a problem with Divx saying that the video file requires AC3 audio and after installing this into my computer I didn't had to do anything but restart the video and it works.


AviDemux beta
on 04 December 2012, reviewed by: telep


Excellent program!

Can open a large number of different format/codec combinations, and can also write to many more than just the mentioned AVI/MPEG-1/2, eg. flv, mp4, mkv etc. (Could the moderators update the program definition?) Good support for x264 with lots of options.

Regularly updated, haven't had many problems and those I have had have been fixed soon.


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2.0
on 04 December 2012, reviewed by: PeterTosch


Works only on 32 Bit Windows, but needs a powerful machine. Excellent quality for Youtube coding.


x264 Video Codec rev. 2230
on 01 December 2012, reviewed by: humpty


h264 fails for old hardware and low performance energy saving machines.

Long Live XviD.

You are just a troll who love ancient machines.

on 30 May 2013, by masterkivat


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.5.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 30 November 2012, reviewed by: George


Could not view ordinary DVD on windows(xp) media player.
Downloaded the k-lite codec pack basic.

Installed all default setting, no problem.

Media player now runs DVDs perfectly. Thank you.

As far as I can tell, no virus, adware, scams or other crap.
Thanks again.


K-Lite Codec Pack 9.5.5 Full, Standard and Basic
on 27 November 2012, reviewed by: Izzieq


I have used this codec and its media player from years ago..
And i like the fast loading file, fast buffer, etc.

maybe its good idea, i hope the media player classic have some skins that can change like winamp.



ACE Mega CodecS Pack 6.03 - Professional Edition
on 26 November 2012, reviewed by: osirisgothra


It works great for those who know what they are doing. Like it said above, if you dont, then dont. You need to know what you already have installed and what you need to install before using, if you cant answer those questions then you have no business using this software in the first place.

Don't under-rate it just because you are ignorant... it is exactly what it says it is, a huge codec pack, 9 times out of 10 you are NOT going to be installing ALL of them...doh! and a note to the newbies who think they can just start encoding and sharing movies: PLEASE leave it to the pros, there is far too much crap out there thanks to you newbies thinking you are good at encoding just because you got it to work for you...

leave it to those that know how to actually give the best encoding for their byte,cpu and gpu cycle.


VLC Media Player 2.0.4
on 25 November 2012, reviewed by: sorbit_2


It is continually improved and is very versatile. I used it together with MPC-HC.

I feel that pound for pound,VLC player is probably one of the best Media players on the Net. Yeah? The sound needs a little help but other then that,I love it and I am never turning back.

Good work VLC Developers 5 STARS

on 26 Nov 2012, by Peter

  • CoreAAC filter

  • I've installed this codec for "SolveigMM Video Splitter" but doesn't work.
  • Orbit Downloader

  • this is the best and fasted downloader.
  • KMPlayer

  • everytime i install the the km playewr at the last moment of extaction it gets stopped automatically saying porunegud ...
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