Movienizer 10.3

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If you are a true movie lover, Movienizer will definitely attract you with its encyclopedia-like features.

Keep track of all the movies in your collection and never forget about DVDs you are not very sure whether you have purchased or not.

Movienizer is easy to install and displays a clean, well-organized interface, which loads the default movie database fast. Information is available in multiple tabs and movie details are within the user’s reach.

After getting familiar with the way Movienizer displays information, you can start sorting your movies using various criteria: genre, year, actor, director, IMDB rating and so on.

There is plenty of data you have access to with Movienizer: information about a particular movie, information about director, cast, screenplay writer, plot, studio, technical details, etc. Furthermore, you can list movies by actor, director, year, and so on, and you can download DVD covers and photos.

If you are really meticulous about your movie collection, you can specify the exact location of every movie you have, no matter on what support: DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, video cassette and other media. This way, you can always select a movie you are interested in instead of searching through all of your physical media. Just mark the movie you’d like to see in the future and plan your movie watching evening in advance.

Other important features of Movienizer are the built-in media player, adding DVDs using barcodes, taking snapshots from movies, and the loan management system.

With a fast response time and running low on system resources, Movienizer is strongly recommended to any movie enthusiast looking to organize and sort their collection of favorite movies, while also generating reports and statistics the easy way.

Changes to Movienizer 10:

- Improved speed: works with the large database several times faster.
- New field is available in reports: comments.
- Interface scripts updated.
- Bugs fixed.

Reviews & Comments
Movienizer 10.3
Joe R
on 21 December 2022
NO support. This is the second time my "lifetime subscription" has stopped working.

This is nothing but a scam. PLEASE do not purchase this product.
Movienizer 10.3
on 15 December 2022
The software has stopped working and there is no support for it. Do not buy this.
Movienizer 7.0
on 22 February 2014
It was a great program until they switched to subscription license model. Switched to All My Movies, they license fee is one time.