Reviews by Bloax

DivX 8.2.1
on 26 December 2011
I'll just give it a 2 since I haven't downloaded it.
Why 2, you may ask? Well, here we go then.

"The DivX 8 codec is the latest and greatest release of DivX, THE BEST COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY for high-resolution movies."

THE BEST, you say? Well, looking at tests, XviD is better than this.
And it's absolutely free. That's already something.

But saying "The Best" is really marketing gimme-gimme, as x264, THE BEST OF THE BEST, outperforms this by a whole league.
And once again, is absolutely free.

Don't get DivX, there are much better alternatives. And free too.
And yes, I do know that x264 is AVC while DivX is ASP.
But they still say the best, while XviD - a free alternative, is better.


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