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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 6.6.0
on 27 November 2010
1) Install K-Lite Mega Codec Pack or Real Alternative first. You\'ll see the following directory:
C:\\Program Files\\K-Lite Codec Pack\\Real\\Codecs

2) Save a copy of this [Codecs] directory. Because it\'ll somehow disappear when RealPlayer is installed, or you install K-Lite after RealPlayer, this folder won\'t exist (I don\'t remember clearly).

3) Then, install RealPlayer. As expected, WMP and MPC cannot play rmvb/rm properly (without sound, missing RealAudio COOK)

4) Go Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> [Environment Variables] -> edit Path

Add the following path:
%path%;C:\\Program Files\\K-Lite Codec Pack\\Real\\Codecs

Adding the above path, [Codecs] folder is visiable to Windows. Now you try to play rmvb/rm with WMP and MPC, it will play smoothly again.

Source: http://oraclesoon.blogspot .com/2010/11/k-lite-cannot-play-rm-rmvb-file.html

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