Is AVIF better than JPEG and WebP?

AVIF is a newer image format that has several advantages over JPEG. It uses advanced compression algorithms to produce smaller file sizes without compromising image quality, resulting in faster loading times and reduced storage requirements.

AVIF format

AVIF also supports higher color depths and transparency, allowing for more vibrant and detailed images.

On average, AVIF is considered to be the superior lossy compression format for photos, performing even better than WebP with a 10% advantage. 

While JPEG can provide comparable quality to WebP and AVIF at low compression rates, its performance drops off significantly with more aggressive compression.

On the other hand, PNG is widely regarded as the worst format for photos, as reducing the number of colors results in a significant loss of quality.

However, since AVIF is a relatively new format, some older devices and browsers may not support it.

- you can open AVIF files using Chrome (version 85 or later) or Firefox (version 93 or later)

- to view AVIF images on Windows using the Microsoft Photos app, you can install the AV1 Video Extension. This extension enables the Photos app to support the AVIF image format, allowing you to seamlessly view and enjoy AVIF images on your Windows device.

Converting existing JPEG images to AVIF can be a time-consuming process. But, you can do it here: JPEG to WebP and WebP to JPEG - the bulk conversion feature is available!

AVIF has the potential to become a better image format than JPEG, but it will depend on its widespread adoption and support.

Check What Is the AVIF Image Format, here and here.

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