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This program is a clear winner when it comes to the quality of the video and audio output and the ease of using its various tools, WHEN IT WORKS. However, it's expensive ($45), and I found that it can't decode more recent DVD releases (in my case, Ratatouille (2007) and Shrek The Third (2007)). The program fails to upload the DVD title/chapter info, you never get to start ripping, the program freezes, followed by your computer, requiring a "hard reboot" to restart. ImToo's customer service was totally useless on this issue, other than saying "try another DVD, and have a nice day." As I felt the program was defective, I asked for a refund. I didn't get it.

As an aside, the trial version of "#1 DVD Ripper" from Apollo Multimedia was able to rip the titles that ImToo's program could not, and their full version costs $10 less than DVD Ripper Platinum ...




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MPC-BE Portable Works Great.....Odd size exe, now Bright clear videos. Thanx
ya lo use antes, buenisimo...
The best subtitle encoding program. broken literary every time but still export best video quality.
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