Winamp Community Update Project 1.9.20

4.23 from 43 Reviews

Winamp is a widespread and extremely popular music player for Windows which can also render video files.

Winamp has been around for many years due to its easy-to-use interface, flexibility and high fidelity play-back.

Winamps plays a variety of audio files (MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, MOD, S3M, XM, MIDI) and the next types of video files: AVI, MPEG, NSV and ASF.

For those users which only listen to music in Winamp, they should know that this reliable piece of software offers a wider range of features than expected.

Install the latest version of Winamp and explore visualization and audio effect plug-ins; organize your contents in the advanced media library provided by Winamp; enjoy radio and TV support and even perform CD ripping and burning.

Despite of viewing more and more contents on the Web and storing our information in the cloud rather than on our computers, Winamp still has its place on any computer and it has not lost its usefulness.

Changes to Winamp Community Update Project 1.9.20:

- Added an import folder option onto the root local library navigation tree node so it's more obvious & consistent with other menu actions
- Added an option to the import folder dialog for the local library plug-in to control if the chosen folder will also be added to the Folder Monitor
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+ Changes to Winamp 5.9:
* Improved: Windows 11 compatibility
* Improved: Playback of https:// streams
* Improved: Updated and tidier generate html playlist code
* Improved: [in_flac] Hi-res playback support (24bit/192kHz, etc.)
* Improved: [in_mkv] vp8 support
* Improved: [in_mod] Playback of .itz, .mdz, .s3z & .xmz compressed modules
* Improved: [ml_rg] Added message throttle and other optimizations
* Improved: [ml_wire] New working Podcast Directory
* Improved: [out_ds] Display device information correctly in Unicode format
* Fixed: [in_midi/in_mkv/nu/pfc] memory leaks
* Fixed: [in_mp3] id3 empty genre displayed as Blues or Psychobilly
* Fixed: [jnetlib/ml_online/ml_wire] JSAPI2 JavaScript API
* Fixed: [ml_rg] Calculate ReplayGain for Ogg Vorbis files
* Fixed: [out_wasapi] Volume resets to zero on track change
* Fixed: [out_wave] Crash when playing module/tracker formats
* Misc: lame_enc & libsndfile now static links instead of dynamic dll
* Misc: libmpg123, libflac & zlib now static links instead of dynamic dll
* Misc: Major compiler refactoring work
* Misc: Many more general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: Minimum required OS is now Windows 7 SP1
* Misc: New online Help section and articles

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Reviews & Comments
Winamp 5.623
on 24 December 2011
confirming that there is a general problem with winamp not closing properly; application need to be killed in task manager; tried removing plugins, having clean install with only basic components to play music but still it doesn't work right. more and more problems... disappointing!
Winamp 5.622
on 27 October 2011
winamp is awesome since ancient times, too bad it is very bloated and full of crap this days, you need like 2 minutes unticking all the crap from setup,

after that you need to config a litthe, disable internet, but in the end the player is great

it was epic in the 2.xx era,
Winamp 5.61.3133
on 04 April 2011
Winamp is the best - if you install it properly it is not bloatware.

Use it with enhancer 0.17 plugin - it is an old plugin but once you install it, it changes all your mp3s to pure sound bliss. windows 7 needs an enhancer wrapper - google it - not big only kb.

been using winamp+enhancer and never change - dont even bother about foobar or other -you can't match the combination