Camtasia Studio 2024.0.0.1041

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Camtasia Studio, developed by TechSmith, is a comprehensive video creation and editing tool that simplifies the process of producing high-quality videos.

With screen recording, video editing, and an array of visual enhancements, it's a must-have software for those looking to create professional and captivating videos for various purposes.

Whether you make videos for marketing and sales, internal training, customer success, virtual or in-person learning, demonstrations, social media, or pretty much anything else, Camtasia Studio helps make your vision a reality.

New Features of Camtasia Studio 2024:

Camtasia Rev: Simplify Your Video Creation Journey
Camtasia now offers an effortless video creation workflow called Camtasia Rev. Now a part of Camtasia, Rev is designed to help you make great content faster than ever. With just a few clicks, Rev enables you to seamlessly blend screen recordings, webcam footage, and audio into captivating videos.

New recordings immediately enter the Rev interface where you transform the raw recording into a near-completed product with size, layout, background, effect, and filter selections. From here, you can send the video to Camtasia's non-linear editor for further editing and enhancements or export it immediately.

Grab Your Favorite Assets Directly in Camtasia!
Assets are now easier than ever to access and add to your projects! You can now browse over 20 million professional, royalty-free video assets directly in Camtasia. Add polish to your video with photos, videos, audio, and customizable digital content, without ever leaving the editor!

Edit Faster and Sound Better with Audiate!
Camtasia and Audiate now have improved syncing to help users edit video and enhance audio faster than ever. Seamlessly hop back and forth between Audiate and Camtasia to edit your video like text.

Changes in Camtasia Studio 2024.0.0:

- Powered by AI, users can now show every spoken word on screen as it is spoken. Use one of the preset styles or use the properties panel to create unique ones. Supports many different languages.
- Dozens of new behaviors, dynamic backgrounds, and audio visualizers.
- Make a static screenshot look like a video by adding a mouse cursor, then changing its position and adding clicks. Additional cursor effects include the ability to scale cursor clicks or add a glow around the cursor.
- Speed up your video editing. JKL brought the ability to play the video preview at slower (J) or faster speed (L) and now you can slow down (Shift + J) or speed up (Shift + L) without pausing (K) in between.
- New shortcut options to speed up your video editing.
- Click and drag to rearrange the items in the main toolbar.
- New AI technology that turns the audio of your video into closed captions on your video.
- Fixed an issue showing the wrong duration when adding an Extend Frame to the end of a media.
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Camtasia Studio 23.4.0
on 29 November 2023
best i show.