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XMedia Recode
on 17 June 2014 , reviewed by: vinckles

# 1

I found your review of Xmedia Recode video converter very usefull but there is one big almighty problem: The converter boasts a whole host of impressive tools to truly enhance video footage but the failing is the video viewing screen at 4 inches "square" is much too tiny to properly view what you are doing to the picture, ie Deblock; Denoise; Sharpness and Colour Correction.

I do wish the maker would have had the sense to make the viewer enlarge on the pc screen, then it all would have been ideal. As it is one has to guess the subtle settings blindly, which is very difficult to do.

Also the latest version, does not have Colour Hue whereas older versions did. If you can get through to the German developer, (many have tried, but he does not email back), then please ask him to improve these points.




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