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Gom Player
on 30 September 2012 , reviewed by: lan2306

# 1

Pop-up after closing Gom have been removed and still having problem with playing realmedia (.rm .rmvb) video even after install Real Alternative.

But now I found a workaround to play .rm video as follows:
1. Open Gom Player.
2. Right click and choose "Preferences...".
3. Choose "Filter" from left pane.
4. Go to "Advanced Settings" tab.
5. On "Filter Rendering Method" check on Advanced.
6. On "Filter Priority", click "Add Filter".
7. Locate and choose "MPC-Real Video Decoder" before click OK.
8. Then set its "Condition" to Highest.
9. Finally close preferences and play .rm file.

MUCH obliged! Solved my problems!♥

on 15 Aug 2013 , by Agathe




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