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LameXP 4.02
on 06 August 2011 , reviewed by: Korey Sundkvist

# 1

This is a fake "free" program. It will only run for a short time then it will abort unless you "update" the program. There is a "Disable Update Reminder" under "Advanced Options" but that setting is ignored.

Last time i "updated" a "free" program (Revo Uninstaller), the only thing happend is that a nag screen got installed urging me to by the "Pro" version of the program instead. This is obviously the same sort of scam.

Users of "free" programs have no rights - just imagine a commercial program aborting every start up unless you "update". (Not that I could update anyway - not all 'puters are connected to internet. I can only "update" the program by installing a new version of the program which would then only work for a short time)

This review definitely is WRONG!

LameXP is free software released under the GNU license, the source code is freely available. There is no time limit. And if there was a time limit, everybody could easily remove it from the source code, because... well.. its OpenSource software. Maybe that guy who wrote this review got confused (either that, or he intentionally is spreading FUD).

There are some BETA (experimental!) versions of LameXP - intended for testing only - which ask for update after 30 days. If you dont want to help the development by testing BETA versions, then dont use the STABLE version and thats it. There is NO time limit in STABLE version for sure.

on 26 Aug 2011 , by Chintu

agreed, this review is nonsense

on 02 Jun 2012 , by me

Korey Sundkvist was wrong. I use this program for years. Only beta version is limited in time (probably for good reason).

on 05 Sep 2012 , by McIan




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This is now my video renderer of choice. HDR support is far better than madVR.
Thank you very much
Doesn't work! I payed gomplayer plus. On their site I didn't find a way to ask back the money! ...
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