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Help please!

Can't see H.264 codec in Encoder list.
Enabled ffdshow to H.264 durng installation process.

Only can see in Encoder List:
-HuffYuV [FFmpeg variant]

Installed/Reinstalled last version of ffdshow - no result.

Installed ffdshow alone and via K-Lite Codec Mega Pack. No result!

Asus P5LD2

Thanks! jung..I had the same problem...but the problem is the version of ffdshow nothing else...use ffdshow 2008... it includs h.264

on 13 Sep 2011 , by iraqi kurdistan




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it works very well.
The x64 version offered for download here is actually a Portable release. No installer is used.
My biggest complaint is that no matter which classical music station I pick, CALM radio takes over with its ...
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