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I downloaded the ffdshow software recently and read through the instructions, still did not find any info how to apply it.

Do I need to select the video to play through the ffdshow software, or it is not necessary at all to open and run this software as the programme once installed, will be effective in the background ?

If you insist on playing back videos that are encoded in codecs that have jpeg-trash in them or are distorted from being encoded at a low ksec, then you will find this program a definite blessing.

Not only does it have an option to run directly with Media Player Classic and do block-deinterleaving and other pre- and post- production outputs that can blur and filter out video artefacts but the codec is also a video encoder allowing you to encode multiple formats including .AVI using WMV XviD DivX Mp4 and several other popular formats as its backboard.We are rapidly entering an age where a video codec is not so much based on the quality it can compress a video but the quality of its output through pre- and post- filters that clean it before it plays it back to be viewed by an audience.

Modern XviD already has a pop-up that appears in your taskbar to clean your video by adding interleave and noise to remove artefacts.FFDShow does just that and can work with a large variety of video playback software and ultimately any video format to clean the video before being seen, Media Player Classic just being one of the programs it can work directly work.

You owe it to yourself to examine this incredible combination codec and filter that cleans and removes artefacts from your videos as they play back notwithstanding what video codec they were originally encoded in.I am rating it Very Good, not Excellent, because the interface is HUGE and may appear cumbersome and complex to some, such as myself. bot you in james natasha go thed ese we faot

on 20 May 2011 , by nathan

I have the same question Where is the answer???

on 18 May 2011 , by jeff




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it works very well.
The x64 version offered for download here is actually a Portable release. No installer is used.
My biggest complaint is that no matter which classical music station I pick, CALM radio takes over with its ...
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