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DVD-Cloner 8.10
on 14 January 2011 , reviewed by: Brian Roland

# 1

Been using it for years to get movies on my hand-held devices.

It gets the job done.

Be aware that the DVDs it burns will be 'any region' DVDs. Most drives/players have no problem with this, but there are a few out there that just will not play them. If that's the case, you can still use DVD Cloner to rip the DVD to hard drive, and then use some other utility such as Nero to recode/burn the DVD. Or better yet...get a new DVD Drive that can play them...they're cheap these days :)

For those having problems with dvdcloner...

1. Very Important! Check that your dvd writer has the latest drivers and firmware!

2. In advanced options: Try dropping the write speed down to 4x. If it works better after that...look up your DVD drive and find out its max write speed.

3. In Advanced options: Try disc at once single session mode. Typically the Minus type DVDs MUST be burned in this mode or they don't work right on many players.
I've used the product for many upgrading from VII to VIII it did burn a couple of coasters. After upgrading the firmware on my LITE-ON DVD burner it all works great again.




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Installed within a sec. and works just fine. Thanks.
Does exactly what I want, Thanks!
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