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DVD-Cloner 7.20
on 15 April 2010 , reviewed by: Terry Dickinson

# 1

I wish I had looked at the reviews for this piece of &(&(*& .. I bought the latest version of DVD Cloner 7 and it doesn't work, on just to copy a simple DVD without any protection at all.. It copies the image and when it tries to burn it, it just says can't burn imagage, try another DVD and after using like 20 blank DVD's I give up.. What a waste of money and I will never buy from these people again and hopefully you won't eithe.. THeir support is basically the same, just try again and again so another three hours wasted..




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Sono passati circa due mesi dalla mia ultima recensione ma il risultato รจ sempre lo stesso. Non riesco a capire ...
Installed within a sec. and works just fine. Thanks.
Does exactly what I want, Thanks!
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