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Koepi's XviD Codec 1.1.3 final
on 22 March 2008 , reviewed by: slacker

# 1

Well...A good Codec indeed.
However, i noticed a stability issue - when playing a bit damaged video file (with some corrupted frames in it) and Codec faces one of these - it crashes my PC, instead of giving a player (WMP) error or just a distorted picture for a sec, which is a "standart" behaviour...
I have never encountered a PC crash, viewing a video file (even corrupted) before with other Codecs.
Despite this, i'm still using it - works completely fine with "healthy" videos.




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i have downloaded 1.1,5.7 and upgraded with my licence key from and it worked fine, but now it's crashed again. ...
El mejor pack de codecs para Windows. Lo he usado durante aƱos y funciona muy bien. Lo he ...
Many thanks for the updates. still using with virtual dub.
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